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Jeff Winbush:

Some things are not a tough call. Some things are simply a matter of what is right and what is wrong. THIS is WRONG.

Originally posted on Latino Communicators:

Rhonda Lee

The firing of Rhonda Lee is the topic journalists of color are talking about across the country. The African-American meteorologist at KTBS-TV in Shreveport, Louisiana, was fired for responding on Facebook to a viewer for his racist remark.

Lee told blogger Richard Prince of Journal-ism that she was fired for defending a comment about her short afro. Apparently a viewer suggested on Facebook that “the black lady” could wear a wig or grow it out. He also wondered if she was sick with cancer.  She did what many of us would do–she responded.  She told him on Facebook that she was healthy and was happy with her “ethnic hair.”

This was the second time she had responded to a viewer who had used racial overtones in a Facebook post. The other was about the station choosing too many kids of color for a station project. The viewer said…

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