Happy Father’s Day. You deserve it.

Family Man

Today is Father’s Day.  Normally, that would mean like most fathers I would be entitled to sleep late, expect a hot breakfast or brunch depending on when I rolled out of bed and probably two unusually quiet teenagers and a wife willing to cater to my carnal desires.

However, since I work nights and sleep days, almost none of this will happen.

And I’ve pretty much accepted this.  I’ve had too many Fathers Day in the past where I had no job, no money and not much of a chance of changing either circumstance.  So,  you’ll just have to understand that while I’m getting into bed while the rest of the world is getting out of theirs, that’s a trade-off I find remarkably easy to accept.

To every man holding it down and taking care of his family and responsibilities, this is your day.  Don’t let anyone tell you being a father isn’t among the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day. You deserve it.

  1. Happy Father’s Day Jeff.

    Since this is the first Father’s day since our father died, I think this should be one to remember. While we miss our dad, we should recall how he was in life and what he meant to us. He wasn’t Ward Cleaver and certainly not Homer Simpson. I miss his humor, his subborness, intelligence and his warmth. I wish he could see Obama’s run. I wish I could talk sports with him, cut his hair, watch him with my kids. I wish I could just sit with him saying nothing. But those days are over and we have the responsibility to build memories our children will reflect on in the years to come. Sleep well Jeff.

    Happy Father’s Day



  2. I was reading your fathers day dedication, it felt good for someone to preach for us fathers that does family first. not to get off trac but i normally dont use the computer but i was googling? and found your name.a couple of years ago my father passed away and we didnt talk much so i dont know many people on his side of the family. im the only child, so i was wondering if you know a man by the name of clifford jones. my father said he was my uncle. he passed away about 6-10years ago but he was from columbus,ohio. if you know anything what im talking about please email me: leebopp@optonline.net if youthink this is out of the box im sorry to waste your time. thank you for reading alphonzo winbush jr morris county,new jersey


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