Don Imus and Pacman Jones Should Get a Room.

Don Imus

From the L.A. Times:

During a report this morning on his nationally syndicated show about Jones, who has been reinstated by the NFL after several scapes with the law led to his suspension during the entire 2007 season, Imus asked, “What color is he?”

When told Jones (who recently requested that that announcers no longer use his nickname when mentioning him) is African American, Imus responded, “Well, there you go. Now we know.”

Can I get a big cup of “Who Gives A Damn?”

For the record to criticize Don Imus for his typically brain-dead remarks indirectly absolves Adam “Don’t Call Me Pac-Man” Jones for his brain-dead behavior and that definitely should not happen.

The fate of Imus should be left in the hands of the marketplace, his bosses, his advertisers and his fans. If he got run over by a tractor-trailer tomorrow, I could care less. I don’t need any explanation from Imus. I don’t need anything from Imus. I don’t even need him to draw another breath.

This guy is yesterday’s news. He’s a racial terrorist. I’m bored by the whole “racist rant of the week” thing. Michael Richards one week. Mel Gibson the next.   It’s just another dull summer rerun.

Long story short, Pacman Jones is a bag of dirt. His biggest hits have been off the field, not on it.

The following sorry event was his biggest hit so far:

Susnar recounted the events leading up the shooting based upon his interviews with employees and club surveillance video. He said Jones and his entourage of a half-dozen people had been in the club earlier that night and left without causing any problems. The trouble started when they returned sometime after 4 a.m.

Jones had tossed hundreds of $1 bills on the stripper stage, an action known in street slang as “making it rain.” When one of the strippers started grabbing the money without Jones’ permission, he got angry, grabbed her hair and slammed her head against the stage, Susnar said.

That’s when security guard Aaron Cudworth, a mixed-martial artist with professional fighting experience, intervened and stopped the assault, he said.

“At that point, Pacman said, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ ” Susnar said.

Cudworth, who was shot in the chest and arm, was released from University Medical Center on Tuesday. Urbanski remained at UMC in critical condition. He was expected to live, but a bullet severed his spine and paralyzed him below the waist, his father said. link

This guy should be in jail, not in the NFL. Urbanski is paralyzed for life due to this irresponsibility, immaturity, recklessness and criminality of this thug. Jones should have been banned from pro football. Let him go play arena football or up in Canada. At the very least he should get back in the NFL at the same time when Tom Urbanski is able to walk on his own.

Remember that this season when he runs on the field for all you Dallas Cowboys fans.

For the rest of us it’s just another reason to hate the Cowboys.

pacman jones

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