What a difference a day (or four) makes

Its all a matter of perspective

It's all a matter of perspective

Chicago rocks.

I never understood why Chicago is called, “The Second City.”   Comparing Chicago to New York is like trying to compare an apple to a tomato.  They’re both similar yet unique.

In my last blog entry I said I strongly believed UNITY ’08 was to be my last journalism convention.   In fact, I only rejoined the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) so I could attend this one.   I am a great believer in advocacy journalism, a stance that isn’t always popular in a mainstream organization such as NABJ.

But that’s another fight for another day.   I’m at peace with myself right now.  There’s always time enough to wage war.

I can’t be around intelligent, passionate and professional people without feeling I have to step my game up to meet theirs.  UNITY ’08 was everything I hoped it would be and then some.

It was enriching.

It was educational.

It was entertaining.

It makes me feel very good about being a independent, freelance journalist.

It makes me proud to be a Black man and knowing there are so many other accomplished and charismatic people.

It inspires me to meet and greet all the Asian, Hispanic, Latino and Native Americans that I did in Chicago.

Today I sat down and sent a personalized “hello” to every person whose business card I accepted.   Most of these people I will never meet again or speak with.  But for five days in Chicago we were colleagues and brothers and sisters brought together as a community with shared interests and goals.

I don’t care if they don’t remember me.  I remember them and right now I want to–need to–reach back and let them know they played a part in helping to reignite the flame.   Before time darkens my memory and I recall things differently than they actually occurred, I gotta get it right.

Which means just saying, “thanks” for making UNITY ’08 a total success for me and giving me a reason not to give up on my journalism dreams just yet.

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