Hillary’s Finest Hour (give or take 30 mintues)?

If I were a Hillary supporter, I’d be pretty pissed off right about now.

Not about Obama beating her.  That’s old news.  What is new is where the hell has this Hillary been?  She was gracious to Obama, hard on McCain and looser, funnier and more relaxed than I’ve see her in over a year.

THIS Hillary could have been won the nomination and maybe even the whole thing in November.

Too bad she’ll have to wait four more years for her next swing at the ball.

Hillary gave a great speech last night.  Maybe the best one she’s even given.  Too bad.  Had she given that speech sooner she might be the one being nominated instead of Obama.

When she asked “Were you in this campaign just for me?” she gave the die-hards vowing they would sooner vote for McCain than Obama a wake-up call.  We’ll see how many actually heard it.

Hillary tells her supporters to get on board with Obama.

Hillary tells her supporters to get on board with Obama.

That line about “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits” was pretty funny too.

Clinton, in effect said, “If you’re one of my supporters, join me in supporting Barack Obama for President.  He’s far more receptive to the issues important to me than McCain.”

The only ones who can ignore that invitation to return to sanity and Democratic Party unity are the fanatics, flakes and total losers who are determined to go out like the last of the Japanese soldiers who wouldn’t surrender even though the war was over.

Game over Clintonistas.   Your girl lost and she’s moving on.  Isn’t it about time you took the thumbs out of your mouth, your heads out of your ass and get with the program.

Princeton professor of political science and a committed “Mama for Obama,” Melissa Harris Lacewell put it best.  Writing on her blog, the former contributor to The Root  broke it down:

Obama will serve himself, his party, and his country best by standing still making a case for his own positions, and letting the voters come to him…or not. This is a democracy and the people must decide what kind of country we want. We cannot have something better than what we are ready for. November will tell us if HRC supporters are willing to sell out the future of their daughters in order to soothe their hurt feelings and nurse their personal arrogance.

In the meantime: no more concessions and no more chasing white women.

There’s only ten weeks until Election Day and Obama can’t waste any more time trying to kiss up to spoiled brats who threaten to hold their breath and turn blue.

If they love Hillary so much they’re convinced ignoring her strong message of support of Obama is the way to go, those White women are too far gone and nothing is going to bring them back until the wake up to the sad reality that Gramps McBush is not their friend.

Hard heads make for soft asses my daddy used to say.  This wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but if he were still alive he’d still be saying it.  He’d be right too.

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