Lighting Candles, Cursing Darkness

Every so often Mother Nature serves up a big steaming dish of humility and all you can do is choke it down as best you can.

In the wake of Hurricane Ike, Columbus was whipsawed by a burst of 65-miles per hour winds that knocked out power for most of the city and surrounding area.   My power went off around 4:30 pm in the middle of a dull 49ers/Seahawks football game.

Four days later it came back on at 4:00 pm.  By then my daughter’s entire week of high school had been canceled,  the plan to finish the last minute shopping for my son ‘s move to college was wrecked as we spent a couple of hundred dollars eating fast-food and at crowded restaurants.

I’m all for togetherness, but four days and nights bumping into each other in rooms illuminated only by candles and flashlights gets very old, very quickly.

This is what humility looks like.

This is what humility looks like.

It’s also no fun to throw away a refrigerator full of food.   That was a good $200 to $300 blown to hell and gone.

You spend a lot of time moving around in the day because at night it’s just too damn dark and creepy to roam far from home.   At least we got to reintroduce ourselves to a lot of our neighbors.  Misery and company do go together.

I’m not really complaining.  Sure it sucks to find out how accustomed we’ve become to flipping a switch and there’s instant illumination.   As crappy as television can be, it can be a bit disconcerting to not have the option of turning it off.   I spent a lot more time at the library waiting to log onto a computer for an hour, most of which was spent e-mailing editors that I wouldn’t be able to work on that assignment this week.

When you’re sitting in the dark feeling bored and sorry for yourself, thinking about those whose lives were impacted far worse by Hurricane Ike helps put things in perspective.

It just doesn’t make you feel any better about sitting in the dark.

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