A Strong Wind Would Blow Her Away

I don’t have any deep or profound thoughts about the vice-presidential debate between Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin.  There are more than enough professional pundits who are well paid to tell people what they just heard really meant.

Two fighters in different weight classes.

Two fighters in different weight classes.

Since the bar was set so low for Palin a turtle with three sore feet could have cleared it, I guess the best she could have hoped for was a tie and the Republicans will spin a tie as a win.

I defy anyone to tell me Palin would be better suited to send as the president’s representative to negotiate with our European or NATO allies.  Would she be the woman for the job if she were required to engage in a delicate round of high-level negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians in Middle East peace talks?

Clearly, if the main criteria to be the veep is perkiness, then Palin gets the nod over Biden.  If the idea is to have someone ready to step in for an ailing or dead Chief Executive, Biden is ready and Palin is not.

It’s easy to see a President Obama turning to a Vice-President Biden for advice on a matter of international importance.   It’s impossible to conceive of a scenario where Vice-President Palin can do likewise for President McCain.

Unless he wants to find out the best way to field-strip a moose.  Then Caribou Barbie is your go-to girl.

Palin had to demonstrate in the debate that she could forge a thought without a total brain spasm.  Biden just had to not be mean or condescending towards Palin, but not let her float by unscathed when she went on the attack.  She tried to drive a wedge between Biden and Barack Obama, but he wasn’t playing along.

If being cool under fire and showing grace and poise without the relentless attacks on the other person’s running mate means anything,  Obama should be very pleased with his choice of running mate.

Moderator Gwen Ifill didn’t display any overt favoritism or deference to Biden or Palin.   But she did ask the most relevant question of the evening when she put to the two contenders what they would do differently than McCain and Obama should they become president.

Naturally, neither one eagerly said, “Oh, I’d do this, this and this differently.”   But only one of them looked as if you could realistically envision them as the President of the United States, and it wasn’t Sarah Palin.

Palin still comes off a nice lady way in over her head and fighting out of her weight class.  She is a political and intellectual lightweight.   She came into the debate as a rigid ideologue totally devoid of a deep thought.  She leaves the same way.

A strong wind would blow her away.

One thought on “A Strong Wind Would Blow Her Away

  1. Disclosure: I used to be a staunch Republican until this last Bush term.

    You make good points. I would have to respectfully disagree, however.

    Sarah Palin looked fresh and ALIVE.
    Biden looked like a worn-out suit.

    When Sarah spoke, she connected with the middle-class Mom in me.
    When Biden spoke, he made me think of a teacher who’d collar you in the hallway for sluffing.

    Sarah’s closing comments brought a lump to my throat.
    Biden’s closing comments sounded uncertain.

    I think I will not be alone when I say Sarah Palin impressed me that night. Even Biden, looking dazed after the debate, seemed impressed, too.

    Star Power, Barbie-ness, great shot at being VP, whatever it is…that girl has got the IT factor.


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