Obama Bum Rushes the Country Club.

Barack Obama meets four of the 43 White guys who screwed things up so bad.

Barack Obama meets four of the 43 White guys who screwed things up so bad.

The five living presidents of the United States got together for lunch at the White House.

Wonder what was on the menu.  Since George W. Bush Jr. is such a dick,  I’m betting fried chicken and watermelon.

The Washington Post reported:   The meeting originated with a suggestion from Obama during his first private meeting with Bush in December, and it marks the first such White House meeting since October 1981, when then-President Reagan had cocktails with former presidents Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon prior to a state funeral for slain Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Today’s gathering brings together a disparate group of strong political rivals, with the Republican Bushes outnumbered by their three Democratic opponents. During a brief photo opportunity, the men stood, from right to left: Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama and Bush’s father. Carter and Clinton wore red ties, while the rest wore blue. All dressed in dark suits.

Obama met one-on-one with Bush for about half an hour prior to joining the ex-presidents for lunch, officials said.

Obama probably asked Dubya to refrain from passing gas at the dining room table,  try not chewing with his mouth open or start any new wars over the next few weeks.

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