There’s a story here, but I’m not going to tell you what it is.

Every woman should own a little black dress

It’s been a long week.   Most of it has been spent doing research and talking to lawyers.   Explaing why what made it that way is something I’d just as soon not get into now.

I’d rather look at a pretty woman in a little black dress.  Why?  Why the hell not?  

The lady in the picture  is Carla Gugino who was the best thing about Watchmen, but this isn’t about her.  This picture of her wearing a little black dress is what it’s about. 

And while  I think Gugino is pretty hot I don’t know her.  The picture of her in a little black dress brings back a pleasant memory of someone I used to know who could rock a little black dress the same way but for now, a private memory is what it will remain.

Gugino said in an interview for Women’s Health, “The people who are the most beautiful are those who do what they love to do – who have love in their lives, and laugh a lot, go to good movies, read good books, and have great sex.”

There’s someone I know that fits that description to a “t” but I can’t tell it.  One day when I  figure out how to tell it without getting myself into  trouble I will.

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