A Good Little Man Beats a Bad Big Man.

My daughter thinks one of these guys is cute.

My daughter thinks one of these guys is cute.

Jason Whitlock, a sportswriter for the Kansas City Star and Fox Sports doesn’t believe you should kick a man when he down.  Maybe just stomp on his groin just a bit.

A week after I had my say about Allen Iverson, Whitlock gets his digs in.  Or more accurately, gets out a baseball bat and starts whacking away.

Time for another typical drive-by hit from Whitlock.  Let’s go down the checklist and see if he hits all his usual targets.

1.  Take a cheap shot at a dead rapper?

Mentioned Tupac Shakur who’s been dead for 13 years.  Check.

2.  Makes a wild leap in logic comparing an athlete to a greater social problem?

“We’re a nation of Allen Iverson, and the unchecked Wall Street greed that has us on the brink of collapse is nothng more than our chickens coming home to rot.”

Chickens come home to rot?


3.  Demonstrates he knows little to nothing about the sport he’s writing about?

“…Anthony and the Nuggets sitting at No. 2 in the West and the sexy pick to win it all.”

The Denver Nuggets the pick to win the NBA Championship?  Current Vegas odds say the Nugs are no better than 12 to 1.  What’s sexy about that?


4. Instead of adding anything close to a sober and reasoned analysis of Iverson’s career, Whitlock pulls out his butcher knife and starts carving.  Among his schoolyard taunts and insults are “Loser”, “the victim of a dysfunctional upbringing” and “ghetto warrior”.

You can’t pay for incisive analysis like that .  Which is probably a good thing you don’t have to.


Five years ago before he got canned from ESPN, Whitlock was singing a different tune about Iverson when this supposedly supremely selfish baller gave up his summer to represent his country at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

This team is being discussed unfairly in the media and being treated unfairly by American sports fans. There’s a lot of convenient denial going on. No one wants to deal with the truth because they’re having too much fun blasting a bunch of black millionaires for being lazy, unpatriotic and stupid. With the exception of adding the word “millionaires,” this is a very familiar tune.

What bothers me most are the charges that Iverson and Co. aren’t trying and don’t care. First and foremost, they do care and they are trying. They’re competitors. They know what’s at stake. They don’t want to be ripped at home.

The criticism of USA Basketball is borderline racist, is definitely unsophisticated and exposes a lot of super patriots as hypocrites. Allen Iverson is wearing our jersey — our red, white and blue — and playing the game the way we taught him to play it.

We owe Iverson support when he’s representing us abroad. Save the hatred for when he’s back home skipping Sixers practices and boring us to death playing a two-man game with Glenn Robinson.

...guess which one?

Guess which one?

That was Whitlock in August 2004 in an article entitled, “The Haters Can’t Handle the Truth.”   Two years later he would be fired from ESPN for publicly criticizing two other sportswriters.   He landed at Rupert Murdoch’s FOX Sports.com where he would reinvent himself as the Alan Keyes of sportswriting and go on television to blast other Black men with remarks such as this, “Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are domestic terrorists lighting fires and picking everyone’s pocket on the way out of town. Jackson should be down at Duke apologizing to those lacrosse players – he owes them an apology for stirring up that mess. Black America is tired of Jackson.”

Don’tcha just love it when guys like Whitlock who’s never put his big butt on the line for nobody steps on those that have?

But the most disturbing image isn’t the idea that a guy who was suspended from his column by his employer and was fired from ESPN is suggesting A.I. is a loser, it’s this deeply frightening and disturbing sentence:

“Picture me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.”

Jason Whitlock is one jelly donut away from 350 pounds (and that’s a estimate that’s probably kinder to the less than svelte Whitlock than he deserves).

Laughing his ass off? That’s a lot of ass.

If I had the millions of dollars needed to start up a newspaper or buy a pro basketball franchise, I’d hire Iverson to play ball before I would employ Whitlock to write crap.