“Observe and Report” explores the funny side of date rape?

I’m not a big Seth Rogan fan so the odds of me seeing Observe & Report are about as good as me seeing it’s predecessor, Paul Blart: Mall Cop.  Slim chance.  No chance.   He was okay in a supporting role  in The 40 Year Old Virgin, but as far as stuff like Knocked Up, Pineapple Express or Zack and Miri Make A Porno, I’m not in love enough with the guy to put down  money to see him as the star of the show.

Anna Farris is kind of cute, but the plastic surgery makes her look like a younger Courtney Love.  Farris  plays the  dumb blond in a lot of her movies.   However, maybe she isn’t playing.   In the film, after a night of downing shots of tequila and the meds Ronnie takes to keep him functioning, Farris’s slutty dimbulb character is barely conscious as Ronnie is humping away on top.  

“It’s like date rape — that’s funny, right?”   Farris said in an interview.

If you have to ask if something is funny, odds are it’s probably not. 

Observe & Report is passing itself off as a “edgy comedy” where  Paul Blart meets Taxi Driver.   If you like your mall cops racist, sexist, bipolar and one bad day from going postal, Rogan’s Ronnie Barnhardt is your boy.    The reviews have been decidedly mixed, but it’s a scene of possible—no—likely–date rape that’s got the attention of movie critics and the blogosphere (and probably the top slot over the Hannah Montana movie too).

Look, I don’t know if this is just another weak attempt at “humor” by a bunch of brain-dead, talent-deprived, hack screenwriters whom unable to tell a joke, think body fluids and molesting semi-conscious bimbos are  real knee-slappers.   I do know that this bullshit scene from a bullshit movie is getting a LOT of free publicity and that my friends, is great for it’s box office haul.  

The director of  Observe &  Report says Taxi Driver was the inspiration for his movie.   Yeah, sure,  because we all remember how freakin’ funny Robert DeNiro’s Travis Bickle was when he was gut- shooting pimps and blowing their hands off as blood splattered his face.

It annoys me when directors compare their forgettable farces to cinema classics. 

Audiences will laugh at horny teenagers screwing apple pies and being impaled by blade-wielding psychopaths.   Drugging and raping hot chicks was bound to come up as a gag at some point.    

It’s been said in politics, nothing happens by accident.  When a sudden “controversy” pops up out of nowhere over a slob comedy, you don’t have to be a cynic to believe the same principle applies to the marketing and advertising of a otherwise forgettable piece of Hollywood trash out to may a quick buck.

Bipolar mall cop seeks makeup counter bimbo for night of drinking, drugging, and deviant sex.

Bipolar mall cop seeks makeup counter bimbo for night of drinking, drugging, and deviant sex.

UPDATE:  Observe & Report pulled down a rather anemic $11 million and finished its opening week in fourth place,  pistol- whipped by Hannah Montana: The Movie.    

Which only goes to  show  America prefers their mall cops to be funny, not psychotic.