Hey Kids! Sex, violence and comic books!

What sells in today’s $2.99 and $3.99 comic books?

Not Batman or Spider-Man beating the snot out of a costumed criminal.   That’s sooooo back in the day.

It’s the same thing that always sells.




…and violence…

…and more sex…

I’m too old and read too many comic books to be bothered much by sophomoric sexy art or cruel and sadistically over the top violence.     The comic book genre is no worse than torture porn flicks like Hostel and the Saw series or video games like Grand Theft Auto.

The thing is comics have to depend on cheap titillation because they’re in competition with and losing ground to video games.   I’m really bothered more by the bad art, lazy writing, general contempt for the fans by the publishers,  and high prices of today’s comic books  than the occasionally objectionable content. 

Things ain’t what they used to be, but were they ever?