Bad Times, Good Journalist.

Farai Chideya reminds us why we still need for good journalists.

Farai Chideya: The Color of Our Future.

Lately trying to find any good news in contemporary journalism is like trying to find intelligent life at a Republican convention.   Today though I had the chance to interview Farai Chideya who has been bringing the noise loud and proud ever since I read her first book about fighting cultural misinformation about Black Americans,  Don’t Believe the Hype.

Farai, who recently lost her gig at National Public Raido when they cancelled the program she hosted, News & Notes, is back with her fourth book and first novel, Kiss the Sky.   I interviewed her today for The Daily Voice and I throughly enjoyed the conversation.  She’s a strong and dynamic sista with some deep thoughts on a lot of important issues.

She did surprise me how cooly disapassionate she was about Barack Obama.   Anyone thinking every Black journalist is kissing Barack’s presidential butt would do well to listen to Ms. Chideya.   She isn’t a hater, but neither is she drinking the Kool-Aid.

It’s always nice to meet people who are such consumate professionals they keep their head while everyone is losing theirs.

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