Evil Dick keeps picking the scabs.

Would you trust your government to this man?

Would you trust your country to this man?

Evil Dick Cheney gave a speech today lauding the anti-terrorism steps undertaken by The Cheney/Bush Administration and blasting the Obama Administration for following their policies including harsh interrogation methods.

The more Cheney talks the more likely it is there will be either a Congressional “Truth Commission” to investigate what went on or at least the prosecution of the Cheney/Bush Justice Department lawyers that provided the legal justification for waterboarding and other torture tactics.

It’s a pretty sick joke that Evil Dick Cheney, the same cold SOB who failed to protect the nation from the worst terrorist attack on American soil wants to puff up his chest and crow like a rooster of how good of a job he’s done since then.

It’s like a poor student who got a “F” on their first exam bragging about the “D” he brought it up to.

Bush/Cheney failed on 9/11. Failed in Afghanistan. Failed in Iraq. What can you expect from two chickenhawks who avoided war but gladly send thousands of Americans to die in a war against an enemy that had nothing to do with the attack on America.

The more Cheney tries to defend the record of the Cheney Administration the more he reminds us of how piss-poor of a job he did on September 11, 2001. All his revisionism, excuses and bullshit can’t change that.

A smart man would stop reminding the world how badly he screwed up.  A humble man would allow history to set the record straight.   Evil Dick was never humble and he isn’t being very smart.

Cheney isn’t engaged in a war against terror. He’s waging a war against Obama.

See this Dick?  YOU didnt prevent it.

See this Dick? YOU didn't prevent it.

 Cheney is such a fundamentially dishonest and deceptive human being that he lies even when he knows his lies will be swiftly discovered and debunked. Why anyone would trust a man whom is both a habitiual liar and a coward is a continued source of wonderment to me.

Isn’t it interesting that a man who hid out from the majority of his tenure in office in a bunker emerging only to give a few speeches before friendly hand-picked audiences now has become a  media whore who won’t  go away or shut the hell up?

I’m willing to agree that there is always a possibility for another terrorist attack in a country the size of America within the next  four years, four months or four weeks.

But an excellent chance? No. I’m not as willing to buy into the line of bull Evil Cheney and his felllow travelers are trying to sell the American people (as they have continually through four Congressional and two presidential elections since 9/11).

Political dynamics are not changed easily. The voters didn’t punish Bush and Cheney in 2002 or 2004 despite their failure to protect the nation on 9/11. They rewarded them with majorities and eventually total control of the White House and Congress. Remember Karl Rove prediciting a permanent Republican majority? Whatever happened to that wet dream?

The assumption is if we get hit again it will be President Obama’s fault or at least that’s the narrative Cheney is trying to create. It’s politically astute to do so even if it positively Machivellian in it’s crass cynicism.

But Richard B. Cheney never was a stickler over putting the interests of the nation over gaining a political advantage.

Scaring the shit out of people has worked very well for Republicans and obviously Evil Dick thinks there’s some life still left in the tactic.Not since Tricky Dick Nixon has there been a politician who is so hopelessy treacherous, unprincipled and a habitiual liar as Evil Dick Cheney.   When a man lies as repeatedly, consistently and with such contempt for truth and honesty as Cheney does he is never again entitled to the benefit of the doubt. 

The smartest way to handle Evil Dick Cheney is to assume he’s guilty of lying until proven differently.