Never take your foot off a snake.

Wanted: Dead (hes already lived too long).

Wanted: Dead (he's already lived too long).

While supposed “news” outlets were breaking their necks to be the first to report Jon and Kate were divorcing  (and this matters to me…why exactly?) they missed a story perhaps a wee bit more significant.

Al Qaeda offered the United States a truce.

Yep.   That Al Qaeda.  The same guys who brought you September 11, 2001 and the worst act of terrorism on American soil.

Abu al-Yazid, also known as   Abu Saeed al-Masri, said al Qaeda will continue “with large scale operations against the enemy” — by which he meant the United States.

“We have demanded and we demand that all branches of al Qaeda carry out such operations,” he said, referring to attacks against U.S.-led forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The militant leader said al Qaeda would be willing to accept a truce of about 10 years’ duration with the United States if Washington agreed to withdraw its troops from Muslim countries and stopped backing Israel and the pro-Western governments of Muslim nations.

Asked about the whereabouts of al Qaeda’s top leaders, he said: “Praise God, sheikh Osama (bin Laden) and sheikh Ayman al-Zawahri are safe from the reach of the enemies, but we would not say where they are; moreover, we do not know where they are, but we’re in continuous contact with them.”       — Newsdaily

Got a message for you al-Masri.

I can see you working here.  When Bush was in office he decided to turn the CIA loose on Al Qaeda and The Taliban by unleashing missile strikes against them.   Obama took over and he hasn’t backed off at all with the bombing campaign.  Surprise. Surprise.

So tell Osama and Ayman this the next time you’re chatting about the weather in the mountains this summer.

The hell with a truce.

When your enemy is down flat on his back, with your foot on his throat as his eyes bulge, allow him a moment to gasp out a plea for mercy as he swears he will lay down his arms and “negotiate.”

Then remember one day in September when innocent men, women and children found to their horror the airplanes they were on had become lethal missiles that fanatics were employing to send thousands of their fellow citizens to their deaths.

Think about the people in the Towers who faced the impossible choice of being burned alive or jumping to their deaths and chose to fall and the sickening sound their bodies made as they hit the ground like bags of wet sand.

The Falling Man

The Falling Man

Remember those passengers on Flight 93 that knew they were probably going to die, but chose to fight back rather than meekly submit to their tormentors.

Recall how you felt that night after that morning was done.

Then don’t press down on his windpipe. Stomp on it.

When you have a snake trapped under your foot, you don’t negotiate with it. You kill it.

No truce. No negotiation. No betrayal. No mercy.

Not with Al-Qaeda. Not ever.

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