Michael Vick: Out of jail and back on the field?

Out of jail, but back in the NFL?

Out of jail, but back in the NFL?

Michael Vick is out of jail and back in the NFL…maybe.

For those hardcore Vick haters he will never be sorry enough or punished harshly enough to their liking.   Killing pit bulls is a heinous act of cruelty, but it doesn’t rise to the level of murdering a human being, no matter what the ASPCA or PETA says.

In this country once you’ve served the time for your crime you’re allowed to come back out and pursue a livlihood.    Yes, even those who have killed humans.  Defensive end Leonard Little got drunk, took the life of a woman in an automobile accident and he’s currently drawing a paycheck from the St. Louis Rams.  There are gang-bangers, drug users and abusers, alcoholics, wife-beaters and all other kinds of riff-raff  playing in stadiums across the NFL any given Sunday of the season.   Where are the protests against them?   Why isn’t anybody upset about those guys?

Since Commissioner Goodell reinstated Vick,  general managers around the league are tripping over their feet to rush to the microphone and declare they have “no interest” in signing the quarterback.   But saying “no interest” isn’t saying you never will have any interest.   Football has a way of chewing up its own and sooner, not later,  a team will see a starting QB or his backup go down to a season-ending injury.   That’s when “no interest” can turn into “Get me Michael Vick, quick!”

The NFL is a conservative institution and right now you can see teams testing the waters.  Before they go out and sign Vick they want to get a sense of how the public is responding to Vick be allowed to play again.   If there’s a furious backlash to a QB starved franchise like my San Francisco 49ers signing Vick  team officials will (excuse the expression) run like scalded dogs from the mere suggestion.

Some people think these are Vicks peers.

Some people think these are Vick's "peers."

If Vick is truly repentant for his crimes and he has learned from everything he lost, then like anybody else who pays their debt to society he should be allowed to resume his career (if he can).

There have been plenty of sportswriters smashing their computer keyboards in fist-pounding indignation that a dog killer like Vick should ever be allowed to sully a NFL locker room again.  A lot of them are the same guys who though Vick was a punk before all the trouble started and couldn’t have been happier when his life turned into crap.

A better judge of Vick’s character is a man such as the recently retired head coach of the Indianapolis Colts,  Tony Dungy.  Dungy met with Vick while he was in prison and wrote on his blog this week:

“I think Michael deserves the chance to show people he has changed and learned from past mistakes, but my true hope is that he will make sound decisions about his future and, at the same time, let people know more about the person that I’ve come to know recently. I know the public will be skeptical, but I think, over time, people will find there’s a different side to him than what they’ve seen so far.”

Vick, like too many other young Black men had to go to jail before his reckless and foolish ways came to a sudden stop.  As he returns to the normal world outside prison, Vick is going to find it hard enough to pick up the pieces of what could have been a brilliant career in pro football.

Without being in an environment with structure, rules and discipline, Vick is at risk to backslide into bad habits and bad company.  A strong-willed coach such as Mike Singletary of the 49ers, who demands respect and professionalism from his players would be perfect for Vick.

Vick may not be among the Top 10 or Top 20 quarterbacks in the league.   But there are 32 statrting quarterbacks and another 32 guys warming the bench behind them.   It’s a no-brainer that he’s still among the best 64 guys at his position.

He has enough obstacles to clear that he put in his own way.  He doesn’t need people whom are unwilling to forgive his past blocking him from pursing his future.

Playing for Mike Singletary might be the best thing for Vick.

Playing for Mike Singletary might be the best thing for Vick.

2 thoughts on “Michael Vick: Out of jail and back on the field?

  1. Let me be the first to say that Vick committed no major crime! This coming from someone who was never a Vick fan by the way.
    But what I mean by him committing no major crime is this: he killed pit bulls for God’s sake!
    Pit bulls!
    Are there any stats for the number of children and elderly that these beasts kill every year or how many others they maim?
    Every summer you can’t go much past a day without hearing some local report of a pit bull attacking someone unprovoked.
    A good friend of mine was attacked unprovoked by a next door pitt bull a year ago as he was cutting his grass. The dog jumped the fence and bit him on the arm.
    So for me I don’t understand why these silly-ass white folk are getting all in an uproar about it when most of them don’t and NEVER would own any damn pit bull.
    They act as if Vick abducted their yorkshire terriers, labrador retrievers and shitzus and threw them into a dog fighting pit to fend for themselves against bloodthirsty pit bulls.
    Pit bulls are dangerous period no matter what some so-called experts suggest that they can be trained to be civil.
    When the Feds find pit bulls that have been used in dog fights what do they do? Execute them themselves.
    That’s what Vick’s crew had done as well. But oh I forgot–they’re not the “LAW.” They’re “outlaws” being young, Black, rich and ignorant in America.
    I am not defending dog fighting at all. I know of no one who engages in it and personally think it’s a dumbass hobby.
    But what I can’t stand are these sanctimonious crackers trying to put a Black face on animal cruelty.
    They made Clarence Thomas the poster child for sexual harrassment, Michael Jackson for child molestation, O.J. for domestic violence and murder, Mike Tyson and Kobe Bryant for rape and now Vick for animal abuse and cruelty.
    Anyone see a pattern here?
    PETA is wildly inconsistent in their harrassment. I found zero internet or news stories of them actively going after Sarah Palin as they have with Vick.
    And I haven’t seen or heard of them going after Minnesota Vikings DE Jared Allen for wearing moose, deer and bear hats publicly of the wildlife he so proudly shot down in his rural environs.
    Brett Favre can brag and joke about killing wildlife like it’s normal behavior yet again Vick is a diabolical animal killer.
    And don’t come with that there’s a difference between wildlife and a domesticated animal either.
    Pit bulls are no different than wolves as far as I’m concerned and it’s why most well to do persons don’t own them.
    It’s mostly lower-class blacks and whites who do.
    How often do you see them in Bexley, Worthington, Upper Arlington–very little to none at all.
    But go on E. Livingston Ave., the south end, the Hilltop or in the hood portion of the short north and they’re abundant.
    Some owners get them for protection and to feel tough.
    Personally I believe pit bulls should be outlawed and so if Vick and anyone else engaged in the activity is only doing most of us a favor by keeping more and more off the streets and instead in their natural habitat–a dogfighting cage.
    So let me in closing say that I don’t condone dogfighting nor animal cruelty but when it comes to pit bulls I don’t have much empathy.
    And that’s what we’re discussing here–pit bulls and nothing else.
    So PETA bring it on. I’m waiting on you with a long explanation and a double bird right back at ya!


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