Glenn Beck: Stupid White Man of the Week.

Wing-nuts are not funny or cute.

A Stupid White Man doing what he does best: Be Stupid.

Okay, this “Angry White Man” is getting a bit out of control.  It was never cute, but now it’s just tired.

The wing-nuts have stumbled into yet another truth: Barack Obama hates White folks!

Glenn Beck, right-wing talking head on the radio and his own television show on Fox, showed up one morning on another conservatives-on-crack show, Fox and Friends to comment on President Obama’s statements about the Cambridge police department in the arrest of Henry Louis Gates.

Beck said the president is a “racist” and believes Obama harbors  “a deep-seated hatred for white people or the white culture.”

Right. White people like his mother, his grandparents, his vice-president and most of his Cabinet, advisors and aides. He hates their stinking, rotten guts.

You have got to be a special kind of a flaming asshole to think any Black man could have risen this far this fast with the support of so many Whites while all the while secretly despising them.

Or you could be Glenn Beck. But I repeat myself.

Playing the Angry White Man is Glenn Beck’s thing. Same as it is for Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’ Reilly, Lou Dobbs and Michael Savage on the right and Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz on the left.

These guys don’t debate or reason with cool logic and dispassionate objectivity. They jab their fingers, wave their arms, pound the table and raise hell. Beck might be a decent human being when he’s not playing the fool in front of a camera or microphone, but it’s so much more profitable to babble incoherently about stuff he knows nothing about.

Playing the Angry White Man who’s mad as hell and isn’t going to take it was foreshadowed by Peter Finch as the insane Howard Beale.

It still seems pretty relevant today as guys like Beck are channeling Howard Beale, when they aren’t just stealing his riff outright.

The difference is Beale was stark raving mad.  Beck knows exactly what he’s saying when he calls the president a racist.  He just doesn’t care.   That makes him far more than  just another Angry White Man.  He’s a  Stupid White Man with a extra crispy bucket of crazy on the side.  

As far as loony tunes go, Beck is still a small-timer compared to major league assholes such as O’Reilly or Boss Limbaugh.  He’s down there in the barrel floundering around with the scuzzy likes of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and all the other crabby conservatives.   Every so often one of them scrambles out and draws some undeserved attention to themself.

Back into the barrel, Glenn with all the other Stupid White Men, but move over.   Lou Dobbs is on his way down.