Dumb Jock of the Week: Michael Crabtree

If ego were money Crabtree would be a millionaire.

If ego were money Crabtree would be a millionaire.

When the San Francisco 49ers drafted Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree with the 1oth pick in the NFL Draft, the consensus was they were getting a pass catching machine.   From California to Columbus, every long-suffering member of the 49er Nation thought we were getting the best wide-out since Terrell Owens and Jerry Rice played in the crumbling stadium by the bay.

Instead of a perennial All-Pro it looks like we drafted a fucking idiot.

Crabtree is holding out of training camp because he hasn’t got his contract negotiated yet.   Fine.  Nobody’s got a gripe about a guy wanting to make sure he has his financial house in order before he puts on the pads.    NFL players have  short careers and that first contract with the signing bonus that comes with it is often their biggest payday and the only guaranteed money many will ever get.

Crabtree’s problem is he thinks he should be paid like a top five pick , instead of the tenth pick where he was picked.  His particular bitch is because in mock drafts he was expected to be the first received selected, but Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders chose Darrius Hayward-Bey at seven and Crabtree fell to the Niners instead. 

Now Crabtree is pissed.  His ego is telling him he deserves more than Hayward-Bey and like a dope, he’s believing it.

Some nobody named David Wells (identified as Crabtree’s cousin and “adviser”) told ESPN if Crabtree doesn’t get more money than Heyward-Bey he will sit out the entire season and re-enter the draft next year.  “We are prepared to do it,” Wells said. “Michael just wants fair market value. They took him with the 10th pick and you have Darrius Heyward-Bey getting $38 million? This week is crucial. Michael was one of the best players in the draft and he just wants to be paid like one of the best players. This week is very crucial.”

What’s crucial for Team Crabtree,  including his agent Eugene Parker (who denied Crabtree would hold out and try to re-enter the draft to be selected by another team) is to snap out of their mass delusion.  Instead of trying to play hardball with the Niners and demand a contract Crabtree doesn’t deserve, they need to face a few inconvenient truths.

The Mike and Mike Show has been delayed by the bay.

The debut of The Mike and Mike Show has been delayed by the bay.

The 49ers retain the exclusive rights to negoitate with Crabtree.  No other team would be able to speak with him, work him out or otherwise touch him with a ten-foot pole in fear of being accused of tampering.

Other NFL teams will come down on the 49ers like the wrath of God if they give in to one greedy agent and his diva client and pay a Top Ten pick like a Top Five.   If Crabtree is rewarded with millions more or equal to a higher pick, the already ridiculous rookie salary scale will run right off the rails.   Even as bungling and incompetent as the 49er front office are, they can’t give in to Crabtree and Parker’s absurd demands.

This isn’t the best time for Crabtree to pull this stunt.  For the first time in years, the Niners are well-stocked at wide receiver with Isaac Bruce who is aging but still productive, free agent acquistion Brandon Jones who is lighting up training camp, speedy Josh Morgan and Jason Hill, veteran Arnaz Battle  and the promising Dominque Ziegler.  

The team will probably keep five or six receivers.   As the first-round pick , Crabtree is guaranteed a roster spot, but missing a good chunk of training camp and the possiblity of the exhibiiton games means he’d be pretty much useless to the Niners this season.

A wide receiver is only as good as the play of the quarterback and nobody has confused the two incumbents, Alex Smith and Shaun Hill with Joe Montana and Steve Young.

But what Crabtree and Company really might want to think long and hard about is even if their screwball strategy works and they call the Niners bluff by sitting out the entire season to re-enter the 2010 NFL Draft, there’s no guarantee Crabtree will be picked any higher next year.

Every year the needs of NFL teams change.  What if nobody in the Top 10 needs a receiver who gives every indication of being a “me first” baller, a entitled, pampered spoiled brat who’s accomplished nothing in the pros, and who has previously flipped off one franchise that didn’t kiss his ass?   If Crabtree ended up the 15th pick in thenext  draft would he next demand Top 10 money?

At least Owens waited a few seasons before he turned into an insufferable, arrogant prick.  Crabtree seems to want to start off from the jump as a dick even before caught his first pass in the NFL. 

I’m tired of prima donna athletes who walk around thinking the world owes them something because they’re here.  Michael Crabtree can take his demands and shove it.   It’s been 15  years since the Niners were in a Super Bowl and they’re tied with the wretched Detroit Lions for the most losing seasons over the last six years.

The 49ers are perfectly capable of sucking without Michael Crabtree.   You can’t miss what you never had and thus far Crabtree hasn’t done a damn thing except prove how stupid and selfish he is.

Will MADDEN '10 be the only place Crabtree plays this season?

Will MADDEN '10 be the only place Crabtree plays this season?