Brett Favre: The Bitch is Back

Theres no crying in football--BITCH!

There's no crying in football--BITCH!

Like herpes, there’s no getting rid of Brett Favre.

Motivated by money ($12 million for one season) and a hard-on against the Green Bay Packers that finally got tired of his act and got rid of him, he’s back in the NFL as the new starting quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings.

There are two things I wish for:  the first is for Favre to keep playing long enough that he and Terrell Owens become teammates.  Then you’ll have the two most arrogant and selfish players in the league on the same team.  The second is for a linebacker to come barreling in on a blindside blitz and blow him up.   Just totally drill his sorry ass.

Does that sounds vicious?  I’m sorry, but not really.   I am so sick of seeing Favre, hearing about Favre and being exposed to 24-7 news coverage of Favre on ESPN.  I’m sick of this punk’s lies.  Sick of his need for the spotlight.  Sick of seeing him run yet another team into the ground.

Last season as a New York Jet, Favre threw 22 touchdowns which sounds impressive until you add the 22 interceptions he also threw including four that were returned for touchdowns.

The Favre groupies and brown nosers will probably be humping their pillows tonight with happiness at the thought of their unshaven hero dragging his butt out on the artificial turf of the Metrodome for  one last shot at glory.   But this egomaniac turns 40 in October and he doesn’t handle the pass rush as nimbly as he once did.

Preview of coming attractions...

Preview of coming attractions...

For all those Viking fans booking  on Orbitz  for a trip to the Super Bowl, slow your roll.  Look at that beard/not beard that Favre is sporting and you’ll see a lot of gray in that thatch.   This is the Brett Favre of  2009, not 1999 .  He’s older.  He’s slower and he’s not among the Top 10 quarterbacks any longer.

The thinking is Favre will fatten up on the Browns, Lions on the road and 49ers at homein the first three games and then in Game Four he gets his first shot at the team he hates, The Green Bay Packers when they come for a visit on October 5.   It’s a Monday night game on ESPN and you can smell the hype already.   ESPN will be looking at game  for huge ratings and great expectations.

I’ll be waiting for that blitz coming from the blind side.

Meanwhile, all you suckers in Minnesota dreaming of glory now that the unshaven Jesus of football has come to town remember this:

Brett Favre is the NFL career leader in touchdown passes (464).

And interceptions. (310)

3 thoughts on “Brett Favre: The Bitch is Back

  1. Favre has always been white America’s hero. He’s to them what Muhammad Ali and Jim Brown were once to us.
    He represents that rugged individualism–that hunter, farmer and fisher and NASCAR fan, dirty lid and all.
    Yet they all will deny it such as the ever hating Skip Bayless.
    But I think even now some of his most loyal white supporters have grown a little weary of sports’ #1 Drama King.


  2. Are you serious? Can you be any more jealous? Brett Favre is the ultimate football player – he has fun with it and makes it about the team not just himself. I have loved the man win or loose Packers – Jets and now Vikings. He loves the game if you were that good you wouldn’t hang it up just yet either.


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