Stupid White Man of the Week: Rep. Joe Wilson


If Representative Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) had chosen to wait until after the President spoke to go before the microphones and cameras and say, “You lie” he would still be the sub-story to the larger one of Obama regaining the initative in the debate over healthcare reform.

But who the hell is Joe Wilson and why would any newspaper or television station  outside of South Carolina give him the time of day?

This is the letter I sent to Rep. Wilson’s e-mail address via his website before it was shut down (or crashed):

Dear Congressman Wilson,

I must confess; prior to last night I had no idea who you were and despite my considerable interest in politics, your name had not caught my attention.

You have my attention now.

Your behavior last night to call The President of the United States a “LIAR” before a nationally televised speech before a joint session of Congress was boorish, disrespectful and ill-mannered, sir.

Such a lapse of civility is appalling behavior for anyone to engage in and particularly unforgivable coming from a member of Congress. I would have had more respect for you Congressman Wilson had you simply kept your hands folded, withheld your applause or curled up with a good book until the President finished his speech.

In the military I was taught to always respect the office if you can’t respect the man. You sir, apparently fail to grasp this concept.

I will be contacting my own Congressional representatives to urge they censure you for your contemptible actions and disgraceful behavior.

I was a lot more respectable to Wilson than he was to the president.

That a backbencher nobody like Rep. Joe Wilson can shout out “LIAR” to the President of the United States during a nationally televised joint session of Congress proves beyond a shadow of a doubt how contemptible the opposition to President Obama truly is.

Democrats may have sat on their hands or yawned or scratched where they didn’t itch when George W. Bush was addressing Congress, but they didn’t disrespect the man in such a blatant fashion.

There is no excuse for shouting “You lie!” at the President of the United States in the chamber of the House of Representatives during a nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress. NONE.
"Hey baby, I'd love to caucus with you."

"Hey baby, I'd love to caucus with you."

Wilson personifies the pitbull meanness, blind partisanship and total lack of civility, respect and plain good manners of the Southern White Far-Right Republican Party. He should be censured by Congress for his boorish behavior, but he probably won’t be.  The Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi are too wimpy and weak to make an example of Wilson.

An apology is “weak” when it comes after you’ve just made an ass of yourself on television and you had to be buttonholed by leaders of your party to suggest you make an immediate mea culpa.
An apology is “weak” when it comes from somebody who comes from a background where he should have known better than to act like a total dick in public.
An apology is “weak” when you’ve behaved like a jerk and it’s not sincere.

The president showed class and accepted Wilson’s half-hearted apology.  Why wouldn’t he?  Wilson not only made an ass of himself, he gave a face and form to the Republican Party’s negativity and do-nothing approach to governing.

How are you going to conduct yourself like a thug at a town hall meeting or a obnoxious drunk at a bar then expect to be taken seriously?  Clowns like Wilson don’t care about the millions of Americans who need healthcare reform.  He’s just trying to grab his 15 minutes of shame.   Mission accomplished.

Wilson is a dinosaur.  He’s part of a dying and poisonous strain of cheap politician:  the good ol’ boy White Southern Redneck.  The sooner he and his rotten ilk are out of power and sinking in the tar pits, the better off the whole damned nation will be.

One thought on “Stupid White Man of the Week: Rep. Joe Wilson

  1. I didn’t know that you were in the military Jeff.

    As for this guy, he’s a schmuck.

    While I’m sure that Democrats wanted to yell all sorts of things out at George W. Bush during the lead-up to the War In Iraq, they knew that basic decorum had to be the order of the day.

    It’s obvious that Joe Wilson’s parents failed somewhere. I was raised by a Southern woman. This exhibition would have gotten me smacked upside the head because it would have embarassed her by making others believe that I had no home training. If nothing else, you get home training from Southern women.


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