Rush Blows It.

Why, yes, I DO enjoy sucking on large, brown, phallic objects.

"Why, yes, I DO enjoy sucking on large, brown, phallic objects."

Rarely, (as in never) have I felt any need to comment on the same subject in consecutive blog posts, but I’m making this up as I go along and there are no rules to break.

The circus has left town and poor Mr. Limbaugh won’t be getting that NFL franchise he had his heart set on.  He’s been dropped as an investor in the group Dave Checketts was putting together to put together a bid for the wretched St. Louis Rams.

Boo-hoo. Wah, wah.

Rush will pontificate and pout for the next few days over how he was a righteous man besieged by a vast left-wing conspiracy. He can rant and rave and rage against all the usual suspects. He’ll warn of dark acts of vengeance against all that have plagued him. e’ll get the opportunity to wax poetic about his favorite subject—Rush Limbaugh—and the faithful will eat it up like little kids to ice cream.

All I care about is grubby little fingers won’t befoul any NFL team, even one as horrible as the Rams.

Ummm...I like em long, round and brown.

"Ummm...I like 'em long, round and brown."

It’s been a splendid sport watching how people play fast and loose with Rush’s obvious, deliberate and repeated acts of racism. Apparently, unless you’re wearing a sheet over your head and burning a cross in someone’s yard, anything short of that isn’t racism. Anyone can spot the overt bigots. It’s the subtle, sneaky ones that couch their racism and hatred upon the front of being “entertainment” that isn’t as easy for some to spot, if they can spot it at all.

I’m trying to envision a scenario where the guy who publicly proclaimed he wants the nation’s first Black president to fail then turns around and tries to entice players in a predominantly Black league to come play for his dogshit francise.

I got nothin’.

I’ve already seen on CNN some radio show mook describe what happened to Limbaugh as “a high-tech lynching” (and that’s a phrase that can now officially be laid to rest). It’s repulsive to even suggest Limbaugh being hoisted on the petard of his own words is comparable to the thousands of African-Americans who were slaughtered by lynch mobs.

Limbaugh makes for the world’s least likely and most unsympathetic martyr.

But it is a pretty impressive accomplishment for a guy who’s never held political office, holds no degrees and really doesn’t know much about 90 percent of the things he spouts off about but doesn’t let his monumental ignorance slow him down.

If Limbaugh is such a jock-sniffing, sports nut, maybe he should buy a NBA franchise and try to field an all-White team. He would only have to come up with 12 players as opposed to 53. The odds are much better.

It’s that or hockey.

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