An Evil Prayer for the President.

This is a threat, not a prayer.

As long as there have been presidents there have been good people who have prayed for his safety and for the president to be blessed with wisdom as he attempts to lead the country.

Then there ‘s this: PRAY FOR OBAMA  PSALM 109:8 Well, ain’t that sweet?    It is—right up until you read Psalm 109, verse 8.

Let his days be few; and let another take his place.

That’s a little less than benevolent.  But verse 109 cuts to the chase:  Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

There’s two ways of looking at this.  If you read just verse 108, you might be able to make the case, well these are just people who are counting the days until Obama is out of office (thought that line about “let his days be few” could be misinterpreted).

But there’s nothing ambivalent about the suggestion Malia and Sasha grow up Barackless and Michelle start wearing black.

It can be said that the t-shirts (and bumper stickers, hats and teddy bears with Psalm 108 stuck on them) are not hate speech and do not reflect a direct threat against the president.   However, when that is contrasted by reports that threats against Obama have risen 400 percent and the Secret Service is stretched too thin, it is legitimate to worry whether or not some fanatic might not think it’s God will for him to try and kill the president.

Whenever someone like  Major Nidal Hassan screws up and goes nuts, every Islamic cleric in the United States rushes to the microphone to reassure the nation that this is one loner who has misinterpreted the Koran and Islam is not a violent religion.   Where are all the good Christian conservatives when someone is peddling violence, sedition and hatred toward the President of the United States?   Why aren’t they called to account for the idiots who deliberately misinterpret the Bible to make a buck?

It only takes one motivated nut with a gun to stick a rifle out of the window of a school book depository, or the bathroom a dilapidated boarding house or park a Ryder truck loaded with explosives next to a federal building to kill and change the course of history.   It’s not beyond belief and certainly not beyond possibility that someone might think killing President Obama to be the will of God.

There is an hardcore, extremist and dangerous strain within the conservative body politic that sees the president as not merely a politician to be defeated, but the Antichrist who must be destroyed.

I’ve always said I don’t have any problem with God.  It’s some of his Believers that scare me.

3 thoughts on “An Evil Prayer for the President.

  1. This must be unintentional evil, like pro-lifers consoling themselves to perforated uteri after the partial birth abortion ban was ruled constitutional, wickedmoxie. They don’t mean anything by it. They’re loving Christians, with the best intentions for Obama and slutty women. ::eyeroll::


  2. Well as you very eloquently pointed out, it’s the hardcore, extremist, dangerous strain, that makes things like this really something to think about, especially in light of the internet and its ability to disseminate information quickly. People actually believe this stuff, and it can very well provide the impetus that someone needs, albeit a very disturbed someone, who happens to take things way to literally and who fancy him- or herself to be the hammer of God, and you’ve got the makings of some really frightening prospects. Like I said before your post is funny, and I would like to add that I agree with it, and that it’s really very salient especially since every day that goes by seems to ramp up the whole 2012 thing. I find it interesting that you mentioned that threats against Obama have increased 400%, I don’t doubt that for a minute, and would venture to speculate that will continue to increase as the fanatics start to come out of the woodwork even more as 12-21-2012 approaches.

    As for slutty I guess they probably do need to be prayed for, but I can’t really comment too much on that not being one of them, but again I can see that they could probably use some well intentioned prayer… 🙂

    Outside of my blog, which is just my alter ego coming out to play and rant about things, and the means by which to conduct an experiment for a potential treatment for a book, I’m a well-educated lady, with several degrees, and several businesses, and I don’t typically pepper my speech with four letter words at every opportunity or wax poetic about things sexual in nature.

    In any event, I enjoyed your blog and will definitely enjoy reading more of it, and although I might not particularly agree with everything you say I can appreciate the merit of a diverse opinion and will take away any kernel of wisdom and truth that I might find in it regardless of whether I agree with it. Cliche as it might sound, I’m a big believe that you can always stand to learn something from someone regardless of whether you agree with their point of view on any given subject… 🙂


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