Thankful, Thoughful.

A Sesame Street Thanksgiving

Now THAT's a big bird!

Things I’m thankful about this Thanksgiving.

Thankful for the health, well-being and relative sanity of my family.

Thankful for a job and a paycheck that takes care of my needs and some of my wants.

Thankful I don’t know Jon or Kate , Adam Lambert, Paula Abdul,  the Octomom, or Rep. Joe Wilson because they all suck. 

Thankful for President Obama.

Thankful there’s no more President Bush and Evil Dick Cheney.

Thankful that I’m not a Cleveland Browns fan.  I’m a San Francisco 49ers fan.  I got enough problems already.

Thankful for a new car and hoping I don’t have to put it through a rough winter.

Thankful baseball season is over and we’re close to the NFL playoffs and college bowl games.  Baseball bores me numb.

Thankful I’m not getting up early to watch the Green Bay Packers/Detroit Lions football game today.  Zzzzzzzzzz.

They don't suck. Now they just stink.

Thankful as H.L. Mencken said that in this world of trials and tribulations I can be grateful I’m not a Republican.  I mean if the scurvy likes of  Sarah Palin, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, David “Diaper” Sanford and Evil Dick Cheney are your leading lights of the Grand Old Party,  then turn the lights out ’cause this party is over.

Thankful I understand what critical thinking is.  Something  you wouldn’t have a clue about if you listen to Glenn Beck, Boss Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly or any of the other mind-melting drivel Fox News and right-wing radio spew out.

Thankful I like jazz otherwise I’d have almost nothing new to listen to. 

Thankful for   Korey and those other fools never fail to make me laugh and they make me think too.

Thankful Living Colour is still around because The Chair in the Doorway kicks maximum ass.  Now would someone please nudge Sade and tell her to get on the stick?

Thankful that after a summer full of movies I had no interest in at all, the fall has some films  I’ want to see such as Precious, The Road and Sherlock Holmes.

Thankful I shall never see a Twilight movie.  Or listen to Lady GaGa or Rhianna or Adam Lambert or Susan Boyle.

Thankful I came in second in my fantasy football league last year because I’m not going to get anything close to a sniff this year.

Think Obama feels thankful for what he's got?

Thankful that I live in a country where even a skinny Black guy with a funny name and ears that stick out can become president and along with Michelle, Sasha and Malia  (and Bo the dog) bring a sense of family, warmth and class to a White House that has been seriously lacking in all three.

Thankful God made me a writer. 

Thankful I have a blog and you just read it.   Happy Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Thankful, Thoughful.

  1. I’m thankful you’re a writer with a blog, too, because I got to start off Thanksgiving by reading it. By the way, I have a dog named Bo. Can I be president next?


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