A Quick Lesson in Leadership.

Mr. President, I know you’re from Chicago and you aren’t exactly an amateur at this, but by any standard, you and your pals in the Democratic Party got served by the Republicans this week.

Now some people are saying you need a Jimmy Malone from The Untouchables to ask, “What are you prepared to DO?”

I think you need a visit from Alec Baldwin.   And some brass balls wouldn’t hurt either.

Wherever you get your inspiration from, you need to get it together.  Like right now.   You can sit around scratching where you don’t itch and asking “What happened?”  or you can get mad and get motivated and get back to work.  The need for reform is still there.  That hasn’t changed even if the math in the Senate has.

So what?  Crying time is over.  The other side smells blood.  Time to remind them what you came to Washington to do.  Bring about change we can believe in.

Let’s get to it.