The Continuing Craziness of KFClarence.

Kentucky Fried Clarence

Kentucky Fried Clarence: Call us for all your House Negro needs.

There was in days gone by a time when I would toss around the insult of calling another Black man a “Uncle Tom”  with little regard and less restraint.   With age comes maturity (or so it is rumored) and now I no longer  casually fling that pejorative around.   Today, I pull the Uncle Tom card  for only the most egregious and malicious examples of Uncle Tomming, crawfishing, tap-dancin’, skinnin’ and grinnin,’ wannabee, sellout chicken stealing, biscuit eatin’  House Negroes.

For over two decades, this particular monument to mediocrity has made it his life’s mission to  turn the clock back to a day happy darkies toling in the sun singing Negro spirituals as Mr. Charlie and Miss Ann sit on the veranda sipping mint juleps and watching with approval as the woolly-headed golliwogs sweat for their enrichment and entertainment.

I refer of course to one Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court or Kentucky Fried Clarence as I like to call him.

KFC Thomas is a lifetime member of ” House Negroes R Us” and membership has its privileges.   Not the least of which is how KFC Thomas comfortable feels in staking out his own ideological turf no matter how out of the mainstream of judicial thought it might be.

In his remarkably undistinguished 20-year stint as a Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas has rarely called attention to himself for original jurisprudential thinking. But if Thomas had had his way with Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission, in which the court decided this week to remove critically important limits on campaign financing, an already horrible decision would have been made far, far worse. Crazy worse.

Thomas went along with the majority in agreeing that corporations and unions can once more be permitted to spend freely on political issues, thus driving a stake through the heart of the democratic process in the United States. But he dissented in part, because he didn’t think the ruling went far enough. Specifically, he argued that the court was wrong to continue requiring that the sponsors of political advertising disclose who paid for them.

That’s right. Thomas came out against the principle of transparency, and for the right of corporations to spend millions of dollars to influence public policy without having to tell anyone what they were up to. It’s hard to imagine a less democratic stance.


This should be called The Pinocchio Decision because what we have here are five conservative Justices breathing life into corporations and giving them the rights of real human beings.

If there’s anything good about allowing an Exxon, Citibank or Glasco SmithKline to pour millions of dollars into political campaigns to help their preferred candidates and defeat the ones they oppose, I’d like to know what it could be. All the Roberts Court has done is allow corporations to be even more blatant in the buying of politicians.

So McCain-Feingold was a boon to incumbents everywhere? This decision will be a boon to Republican incumbents (and challengers) and that was precisely its intent.   This may be the worst decision the Roberts Court has handed down as it once again proves it never met a corporation it didn’t feel sorry for.

KFC Thomas. George H.W. Bush’s affirmative action hire and worst joke on America continues his reign of terror.  The man who both plunges new lows in ethnic self-hatred while dreaming up  brand new ways to give Black people the finger, thinks corporations should be able to spend however much money they want to influence the public and advocate for policies and politicians of their liking and no one has the right to know they’re doing it.

There’s conservatives like John Roberts, Sam Altio and Fat Tony Scalia and then there’s buckwild crazy and that’s where you find KFC Thomas.    Out-righting the right-wing of the Supreme Court.

On the weekends, Clarence likes to pick up a few bucks renting himself as the Negro friend of White nerds.

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