Republicans to the Jobless: Drop Dead!

Jim Bunning: Major league pitcher. Major league asshole.

It’s real easy to find out what it feels like to be unemployed.   All you need to do is have a job.  Then the next day you don’t.

Welcome to your new life.  Your new job is to wake up every morning trying to find one.

Maybe it’s because you weren’t doing your job well.  Maybe it’s because you’ve become too expensive, too old, too hard to retrain or too inflexible.   Maybe it’s none of those things.   Maybe it’s just because the company up and moved to another country and took your job with them.  Or maybe one day you go to work and the parking lot is unusually empty,  the door doesn’t open, everything’s dark inside and  it suddenly hits you: You don’t work here anymore.

You have no job and you don’t know where your next dollar is going to come from.

Does Jim Bunning get how devastating that feeling of shock and helplessness is?    Does he care?

Or does he just say “tough shit?

Bunning, a particularly moronic Republican Senator, is blocking an extension of unemployment benefits until he’s satisfied  it is paid for.  An estimated 200,000 people will soon see their last check with no prospect for either a job or relief.   Despite pleas from fellow Republicans and to the exasperation of Democrats like John Kerry, Bunning, a former pitcher in the major leagues, stubbornly refuses to allow the extension come to a vote.

“I’m trying to make a point to the American people,” Bunning said.

We got the point Senator.  You’re a flaming asshole.

Speaking of flaming assholes, Bunning’s colleague,  Jon Kyl (R-Az.), piled on saying unemployment insurance was a disincentive for the jobless to find work.

“because people are being paid even though they’re not working.”    Kyl further criticized paying benefits saying doing so “doesn’t create new jobs. In fact, if anything, continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work.”

As of December 2009 the unemployment rate in Arizona was 8.8 percent.  In Kentucky, it’s 10.4 percent.  Right here in Ohio where I have a son and a brother both out of work, it’s 10.7 percent.  Maybe they should move to Arizona?

Get dressed. Look for work. Can't find any. Repeat.

Every so often guys like Kyl and Bunning let the mask slip and they make it clear how much they hate working people.  Are you out of work?  Can’t find a job? Gee, that’s tough shit.  It must really suck to be you. Looking for some “compassionate conservatism?”    Keep looking, because you won’t get any from Jon Kyl or Jim Bunning.

I’ve been unemployed and taken unemployment applications from people who worked all their lives. People are first shocked when they see how little they’re going to get on unemployment, then they’re grateful for the help.

I will never forget the man who called crying because of some bureaucratic snafu had his benefits cut off. I was able to help reestablish his eligibility and he was so grateful. Being able to get his check meant he would be able to buy a Christmas present for his little girl. I’m sure Jon Kyl and Jim Bunning would sneer that he shouldn’t be wasting federal money on toys.

ALL an unemployment check is is a life-preserver until you can find another job. Are there some lazy people who game the system, yes there is, but so what? The vast majority of people whom I spoke to hated having to accept help and want to find work as soon as they can.

Unemployment works differently in every state, but in Ohio, you only receive benefits for two children. It doesn’t matter if you have four, five or six kids; any extra money will only cover two of the kids and after that you’d better be able to make those dollars stretch.

Ohio was also one of the states where if you were collecting Social Security, your unemployment compensation benefits were reduced accordingly. Oh, and you’re enrolled in a state job search program where they try to match you with positions. Doesn’t matter if you were pulling down $80K or more in a job. If there’s a job in your field that’s only paying half as much, you have to apply for it.

Anyone who thinks unemployment subsidizes an extended vacation for lazy people has never been on unemployment. It ain’t no joke.

Every person who loses their unemployment check due to Bunning’s posturing and Kyl’s callous cheerleading must file this away in their memory banks until the November elections and ask themselves one simple question:   Who stood with working families and who stood on their necks?   These obstructionist Republicans need to lose THEIR jobs.

Waiting in line or just waiting in vain?