“Kick Ass” totally lives up to it’s name.

"Do I look like I want a #$%* Barbie, you mother#@&"


This is not a review of  Kick Ass (shouldn’t there be a hyphen?).  As much as I’d like to write a review of  the movie, I can’t write one yet without spoiling it  Rather than give away a plot point to someone who’s thinking about seeing it,  I’ll hold off a little longer.   What I can say is it’s fast, funny, and very, very violent.  Not like  mad slasher flick violent, but unless you enjoy watching hundred of gangsters die in painful and bloody ways at the small hands of a 11-year-old psycho killer, you’re going to want to give Kick Ass a wide berth.   

 Fortunately for me, I love that kind of stuff.    

Just know this:  in no way, shape or form is Kick Ass for small children.  Spring for a babysitter and don’t bring the kids.   Don’t warp their impressionable little minds.   Have a little common sense and take them to How To Train Your Dragon instead.   Be a responsible parent, okay?   

I read the first two issues of Kick-Ass the comic book and hated, hated, HATED it.  It’s a tough trick to get readers to care about all-new characters and when they’re either clueless screw-ups or psychopathic killers it’s difficult to work up any interest or much sympathy for the situations they get into.  

So I was happy to find that Matthew Vaughn improved Mark Millar’s gory mess of a comic, and turned it into one of the most fun times I’ve had in the dark with a “superhero” flick since the end credits of The Dark Knight rolled two years ago (sorry, Watchmen fans, but 2009 sucked for comic book based movies).    

The problem with the comic book was there was plenty of blood and violence but absolutely no humor.  The funny books aren’t so funny anymore and Millar has never demonstrated any interest in making anyone laugh.  Given a choice between making people laugh and making them smack their foreheads with gratuitous, graphic violence, Millar will always opt for whatever gives him the biggest body count.  

How fortunate that in the process of turning Kick-Ass into a movie they noticed the glaring weakness of Millar’s story and vastly improved upon it.   Kick Ass is the superhero movie for people who hate superhero movies.  


Took my two kids (19 & 16) and they dug it as much as I did. Whether or not they make a sequel only matters if it’s The Further Adventures of Hit Girl. She kicks major ass.  

I read a comment where someone quipped, “this is what it would be like if Tarantino decided to make a superhero film.”  I think that’s as good a description of this movie as any. There is a certain Tarantino flavor to it because at no time does this movie take itself seriously.   

An Unexpected Bonus:  Who knew Nicholas Cage had it in him to make a movie that didn’t make me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty fork?

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