Falling In and Out of Love with Sandra and Halle.

"Yeah, I'm Black, she's White. Get over it."


It’s not enough to be rich, talented, beautiful and adored by millions.  You have to add a little drama  just to keep things interesting.  Break up and don’t make up.  Steal a magazine cover from Julia Roberts.  Kick out your old man for screwing around with tatted-up Nazi skanks.   Something along those lines help break up a dull week.  

Halle Berry and Sandra Bullock share the distinction of  both being winners of Oscars for Best Actress and Razzies for Worst Actress.   This week they also shared the end of their relationships as Bullock filed for divorce from her cheating husband, Jesse James and Berry called it quits with her Canadian boy toy, Gabriel Aubry.    

Bullock’s split was no surprise because with every drip-drip-drip of bad news about James screwing around with a Michelle “Bombshell” McGee,  a tattooed tramp with a fetish for dressing up in Nazi gear and a fondness for racist symbolism, it was evident that Bullock needed to put maximum distance between herself  and this idiot.   McGee, who denies she is a racist or not has the initials “W” and “P” on each leg, which allegedly stands for “White Power”.  

The same day Sandy gave Jesse his walking papers, she also showed up on the cover of People magazine with her brand spanking new adopted 3 1/2  month-old  Black baby boy.   Yes folks, in a bid to reprise her role in The Blindside, Bullock has joined the Adopt-A-Colored Kid Club along with charter members Madonna and Angelina Jolie.       

All snark aside, I’m not going to give Sandra Bullock grief over adopting a Black kid.   Bullock is one of the most likeable stars in Hollywood for the reason that she seems so damn likable.   Baby boy Louis is an definite upgrade over Jesse and she’s had an extremely rough last few months and she deserves a little happiness.  For that reason, I’m going to cut her a little slack.  

Young tatted-up Nazi morons in love.


I still have a feeling that this White celebrities and Black babies mania is equal parts a trendy novelty as much as is true compassion,  but I have nothing to base that upon but my own suspicion.   Black children make up 40 percent of those waiting to be adopted so if a Tom Cruise, Hugh Jackman and Steven Spielberg are willing to step up and offer a child a home, how can I gripe about it?   If there were more African-Americans willing to step up and follow the lead of Courtney Vance and Angela Bassett who adopted two beautiful little girls, there might not be a need for White families to adopt Black children.    The adoption process is not quick, easy or inexpensive.  A lot of hurdles have to be cleared before you can become a mommy and daddy to a kid in need of a home.  Before we had our own children my wife and I looked into adoption.   I’ll leave the final determination to adoption experts, but given a choice between waiting for a Black family to come along and going home with Sandra Bullock, I guess that’s not the worst option you could offer a kid.   

Speaking of options, Halle Berry opted not to renew her five-year relationship with model Gabriel Aubry and the couple apparently agreed to split with Aubry asking for their Canadian home and visitation rights with Nahala, their two-year old daughter.  Berry is single again after two previous marriages (to baseball player David Justice and singer Eric Benet).   She and Aubry never married and Berry has indicated she has no plans to ever wed again. 

 So why am I reading stories and hearing people saying, “Poor Halle.  She’s so unlucky at love.  Why can’t she find a good man?”  

That makes no sense to me.  

Has anyone ever considered Halle Berry has such bad luck at finding a good man because she just might not be a good woman?  

I don’t know Halle Berry.   Neither do  any of the other folks posting on Facebook and gossip websites, Twittering and blogging.   None of us know Berry and certainly not as well as Aubry, Benet and Justice.   Maybe she’s not unlucky.   Maybe she’s just not someone built for long-term relationships.    

Just because a woman is beautiful doesn’t mean she’s interesting.  It doesn’t even mean she’s nice.  For all we know Halle Berry has lousy luck at love because she’s not all that loveable.  

This is still one incredibly gorgeous woman.  I haven’t gone blind. That doesn’t mean she’s any fun to live with.   I don’t know and I can’t even make an educated guess.  Neither can anybody else who just assumes if a man can’t live with Berry he has to be the one who’s got the problem.  

Halle Berry may look like a dream come true when we’re sitting there in the dark watching her on screen, but the only ones who know what she is really like haven’t shared that knowledge with the rest of the world. 

Being easy on the eyes doesn't mean you're easy to live with.

4 thoughts on “Falling In and Out of Love with Sandra and Halle.

  1. I am 100% in agreement with you about Halle Berry. I’m not sure what it is that leads us to think that if someone is beautiful/handsome and their relationship has failed (again), the problem is with the other party. To fail at one marriage is unfortunate, two is terrible bad luck. But by the time you get to three or more, you have to ask yourself, if you dare, whether the common denominator may just be you. That would be the time to start changing your habits, or your choice of partner.


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