One Hot Mess in Paris

I see England, I see France, Venus, where's your underpants?

When Venus Williams isn’t playing tennis does she ever cross your mind?   Probably not, but she sure gave everyone something to talk about at The French Open.   Parading around in pseudo-lingerie and flesh-colored undies that show off  her butt crack is such a subtle way of saying, ‘Hey sailor!  Look at MEEEEEEE!”

Let’s not over think this.  Venus wore that outfit for one reason: to give everyone something to talk about.  Her play isn’t enough to get it done (when was the last time you saw either Venus or Serena on the cover of Sports Illustrated?), so give people an optical illusion and see what that does.

OF COURSE it looks like hell.  It’s supposed to.  But showing off your lady parts works for Lady Gaga and Erykah Badu, so why wouldn’t it work for Venus?

On a slightly unrelated subject, Christina Aguilera dropped a new video, “Not Myself Tonight” where she works really hard to shock and awe the viewer.  Too bad for her all she does is bore and annoy with some of the most obvious rip-offs of Madonna and Lady Gaga ever seen.   If you watch the video for God’s sake, turn off the sound and soak in the  Weak Sauce.   Ooh,  Mommy’s wearing bondage gear!  Mommy’s playing lezzie!  Mommy’s having an orgy’s at the church.   Mommy sit yo’ tired ass down!  My God, how many ways does this video completely blow, suck and swallow?  You’re embarrassing yourself.

I know why you’re Not Myself Tonight, Christina.  You’re trying to be Lady Gaga.  STOP TRYING!

"Madonna? Lady GaGa?" Total fakes. I'm the real deal."

Venus Williams has won 20 Grand Slam titles, seven in women’s singles, 11 in women’s doubles and two in mixed doubles.  Her 20 Grand Slams are second only to little sister Serena.    The Williams Sisters run women’s tennis.  They dominate it, but it’s not enough.   Venus and Serena don’t get the commercial endorsement, the sponsorships or the spotlight many of their White counterparts enjoy.   Why?  I don’t know, but it seems they spend a lot of time engaging in some of the most obvious and blatant self-promotion I’ve ever seen.

Christina Aquilera is in a competitive field where you’re only as hot as your last hit.  Biting off of old Madonna and young Lady Gaga videos aren’t going to help her cause.  You can never be as dirty as you want people to think you are.  You can never go as far as you want to imply you’re going to go.   When you’re playing catch-up and all you can do is imitate because you can’t innovate, you end up like Aquilera.

Venus shouldn’t have that problem.  She’s at the top of her game, unlike Christina Aquilera.  She doesn’t need to pander for attention to be paid.   When you’ve accomplished as much in your sport as she has, do you really need to flash your tits n’ ass to get some face time on ESPN?    The willingness to trade on one’s sexuality does work in the short-term.  Serena has posed in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue and posed nude for ESPN the Magazine though Playboy hasn’t come calling.   Big booty Black girls must scare Hugh Hefner.

Venus can wear whatever she wants and whatever the tennis officials will tolerate.  It could be argued she’s just a young Black woman who is supremely confident and comfortable in her skin.   She enjoys being sexy and showing her well-toned body.   I have no problem with this.

What I do have a problem is what is the message Venus thinks she’s sending?    Her skimpy outfit isn’t affecting her play one bit.  She’s worn the lace n’ lingerie gear at The French Open for two matches and won them both going away.   When asked about her eye-raising clothing Venus explained, “Lace has never been done before in tennis and I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time.  The illusion of just having bare skin is definitely for me a lot more beautiful.”

Booty–I mean beauty–is in the eye of the beholder.    The tennis court as a catwalk?  If that’s where she does her job, I guess that’s where Venus struts her stuff.

Some of us are paying attention to Venus Williams now.  For all the wrong reasons, but she got what she wanted.  I had thought one day I needed to write a blog lauding the Williams Sisters for being so great.  I never got around to writing it.  Good for you, Venus.  I’m paying attention now.   Just not for the right reason.

Media manipulation.  It’s not just for dinner anymore.

Remember kids, Crack kills.

One thought on “One Hot Mess in Paris

  1. OK – When I saw that picture my first response was “What the F**K?”

    This was a sad statement on what people find appropriate. I would’ve been in favor of the people at the French Open telling her to put on some shorts or get the f off the court. Better yet, have a couple of gendarmes escort her back to the locker room to put something on.

    The outfit was dumb enough (I’m glad that Wimbledon has a dress code) but to go out like that.

    Truly horrible. And unprofessional.


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