H.K. Edgerton is one happy House Negro.

This image is of one Mr. H.K. Edgerton of Ashville, North Carolina.  Mr. Edgerton, a former head of the local NAACP, describes himself as a “southern heritage activist”  and for fun he likes to dress up in Confederate drag, grab a rebel flag and march around proclaiming how there was a “sense of family” between the Black and White folks back in the good old days of slavery.

No.  Seriously.  You can’t make this stuff up.  Well, you can, but nobody would believe it.

In a 2000 interview with the Southern Poverty Law Center, Edgerton expounded that we Negroes didn’t know how good we had it.

In an interview with the Intelligence Report, he insisted that he’s doing his part to “correct the lies” when he suggests that “it was better to be an African in the Southland as a slave than to be free in Africa.” He’s speaking as a “favored son of the South,” he said, when he addresses Confederate flag rallies from North Carolina to Georgia to Texas.

For his part, Edgerton manages to remain unfazed when white supremacists show their support at various flag rallies — despite an incident two years ago in which two Klansmen shot up his cousin’s house.

“It’s highly offensive to me for any member of my family or any member of this community to face that kind of terrorism,” Edgerton said after that attack, expressing concern that his relatives might have been targeted because of his position at the NAACP.

But Edgerton still has good things to say about the Klansmen with whom he chatted at a recent flag rally in Stone Mountain, Ga. — the place where the Klan was reborn in the 1920s — although he didn’t know then they were Klan members.

“They were willing to shake my hand,” he explains.

Well, kind of. At the Stone Mountain event, Edgerton reportedly invited a white woman onto the stage after speaking and gave her a kiss. Not long after, that infamous kiss was being relived on AlaReb, an invitation-only Internet discussion group for neo-Confederates.

“This is what happens when we choose to be inclusionists and integrationists,” a woman named Dianne wrote. “If we ask Negroes to support our cause they will expect certain perks, one of which may be the privilege of hugging and kissing the white females in attendance at these events.”

A posting signed by David Cooksey, current member and former chairman of the Tuscaloosa County (Ala.) chapter of the purportedly nonracist League of the South  is blunter.

“35 years ago, H.K. would not have even thought of such a disgraceful thing,” the posting said in a response to Dianne, “for he would have known that the men would not put up with this violation of a Southern White female! He would have never been seen or heard from again.”

H.K. had better recognize, that there are limits to just how far even he can go when it comes to coonin’ it up.Oh, hell to the naw! H.K. had better watch his ass. That rebel flag and Confederate gear he’s rockin’ won’t do him much good if his true agenda is exposed.

Fiendin’ on some of that White stank!

This is taking Jungle Fever way too far.

First, it starts with a little smooch and then it’s dancing and it ends up with H.K. getting his freak on with some innocent flower of Southern femininity and that awful word…MISCEGENATION..rears its ugly head.

When he’s not making a complete fool of himself with chubby old White men at Civil War reenactments, Edgerton likes to hang out with teenage girls protesting they should be allowed to sport the traitorous flag of the Confederacy at school.

There’s probably a Holocaust survivor who feels just awful about the trauma some poor Nazi guard went through from loading all those Jews into cattle cars and forcing them into the showers that weren’t showers at all.

Odds are there has to be at least one woman who’s been raped who figures she probably had it coming because she wore something too tight and revealing and got the poor guy all hot and bothered.

A Black man cheerleading for the Confederacy is as sick as a Native American saying how much better life was for them after all their land was stolen so they could go live on a reservation.

I respect his right to say what he likes about whatever it is he likes, but I have the right to say, “You must be out your damn mind.”    Following the flap over Virginia governor Bob McDonnell’s Confederate History Month proclamation  Edgerton showed up on  CNN to run his rap.  Check out Don Lemon struggling not to lose his cool while listening to Edgerton’s nonsense.

I’m not opposed to unorthodox thinkers who go beyond the conventional wisdom and espouse viewpoints that may be disturbing, radical and daring.  Outside of the box thinking and following the beat of one own drummer doesn’t frighten me.

What does bug me are either fools or educated fools who seem to think a controversial idea is the same thing as a brilliant one.   What does bug me is advocating an approach that moves Black people back into bondage and not out of it.  What does bug me are grown men suckling at the malignant, festering teat of White supremacy.

There are certain things that are absolutes is this world. Child pornography is evil. Rape is evil. The Spanish Inquisition, the Nazi Holocaust and American slavery were evil. In the way I live my life there is no room in an intelligent debate that these things are not evil. If that makes me close minded and intolerant then I plead guilty.

Edgerton and Sowell enjoy a snack.

I don’t know H.K. Edgerton’s education, but I do know he’s not alone in his perspective. The favorite House Negro of White conservatives, Thomas Sowell, has also pounded the drum of “slavery got a bad rap” when he said, “The people made worse off by slavery were those who were enslaved. Their descendants would have been worse off today if born in Africa instead of America. Put differently, the terrible fate of their ancestors benefitted them.”

Romanticizing the Confederacy and slavery is a perverse bastardization of history and it doesn’t escape my notice that the Black folks who heart slavery were never slaves themselves so they really don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. They may have studied history but they studied it badly.

So calling such Negro foolishness “coonin’ it up” seems eminently fair. I take great offense at Black men who prostrate themselves before White people hoping for their approval (and maybe to snatch a kiss from Miss Ann). Lorraine Hansberry warned of the threat posed by “assimilationist Negroes” in her play, A Raisin In the Sun and these two fools are exactly who she was talking about. The only thing missing from Edgerton and Sowell’s bullshit eye-rollin’ and shufflin’ is a big ol’ slice of watermelon.

As my friend at The Field Negro blogspot  says,  THE JIGGING MUST STOP!