It’s BP’s fault, but it’s our responsibility.

Trust in BP? No way.

This latest catastrophic oil spill has captured our attention in a way few man-made disasters have in the past.  This is one of those “teachable moments” President Obama likes to speak of.  Will we waste a perfectly terrible fiasco or will we learn the hard lessons being taught?

I found this video by The National Resources Defense Council featuring Robert Redford a simple, but compelling argument that we should be wary of trusting the oil companies to be the guardians of the environment.

The environment is too important to be left up to corporations.  It’s our planet.  WE are responsible for it.  It doesn’t belong to BP, Chevron or Exxon.   What we do to our water, air, wildlife and eco-system is too delicate, too finite and essential to leave up to any corporate profit and loss balance sheet.

The real tragedy of the oil spill in the Gulf will be if we wash our hands of taking responsibility for the care of our tiny green planet.   During his historic campaign  Barack Obama used the words of the poet June Jordan,  “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Only we can save our planet from those who want to make money from it.