Barack’s Black Woman Problem

Give up a fist bump for the sistas, Barack.

WANTED: A few good Black men who will stand up and defend Black women whenever and however they are under attack.  We all came from a Black woman.  When are we going to give something back if nothing more than a little love and respect?

I think Barack has a Black Woman problem.

Yes, I know Barack didn’t come from a Black woman and wasn’t raised by a Black woman.  That might explain a lot in how he’s acting now, but let’s not do the amateur psychologist thing.

Yes, I know Barack is married to a beautiful Black woman and is raising two little Black women of his own.  That’s great, but this problem goes beyond his immediate family.

He could have chosen several qualified sistas for positions in his Cabinet. He didn’t.   He could have chosen several qualified sistas to replace John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court.  He didn’t.  He should have been on top of this Shirley Sherrod situation.  He didn’t.

Two days after Mrs. Sherrod was served up as a sacrifice by a scum bag right-winger named Andrew Breitbart, the President of the United States finally took time out of his day to apologize to her.   I understand there’s not enough minutes in the day for everything you gotta do, Barack, but seriously brother, that is weak.

Barack is so busy trying to avoid being seen as “the Black President” and just a President who is Black, that he runs like a scalded dog from anything remotely resembling race after the Skip Gates situation blew up in his face.

The great Greg Tate,  journalist supreme and one of best brothers out there writing, fightin’ and holdin’ it down said on Facebook,  “The flagrant unka tommery seen in the Shirley Sherrod saga reminded why i still gotta kinda love hiphop–where none will ever be snookered into disowning The People for allegedly embarrassing the bourgeoisie. One day they’ll learn–stop trying to prove Africans are human to mufuhs who hate Africans. ‘You don’t catch hell because you’re a Democrat or a Republican’….”

Barack can’t play the Angry Black Man.  I get that.  But if he can’t be the point man on race, neither can he be a conscientious objector standing on the sidelines watching the parade go by.   A  Black woman was lynched by the Right-Wing media machine and while the Obama Administration did not string Shirley Sherrod up, they sure  helped hold the rope.

Treating Black women badly is a game politicians, athletes, rappers and politicians learn how to play early on.   Now the haters on the Right wanna get in on the fun.

Barack is both liberated and imprisoned by his race.   But he can never escape race and I don’t know why he keeps trying to rise above it.  He needs to do right by the Black women that did right by him.

Yo, brutha, let me pull your coat for a minute.  Let me tell you something.  These people who are working 24-7 to make your life hell don’t just “disagree” with you.  They HATE you, man.  That’s Hate with a capital “H”.    You can’t reason with them.  You can’t fix this  with them over a beer.  They don’t want any part of any “hope and change.”    They want things the way they were and they want your black ass OUT.

When you can’t be loved, you have to settle for respect–or fear.  Give them a reason, a really good reason to fear you, Barack and make them respect you.    The next time Fox News or Rush Limbaugh or  the Republicans  start barking at you, give ’em a good swift kick where it counts.   Stop trying to appease people whose  rooting  interest from the time they go to bed to the first thing they think when they wake up is, “How can I mess up Barack Obama’s life today?”

The O-man meets the O-woman.

Oh, and pretty please with sugar on top, stop listening to Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod or whomever is giving you this horrible advice to dummy up for two days while a good Black woman is torn apart, spat on and dragged through the mud for the entertainment of mouth-breathing idiots.

Black women love you Barack.  They really do.  The bruthas are justifiably proud of you, but it’s the sistas—-the super Pro-Black, got your back, hold up half the sky, get no respect and taken for granted SISTAS who deserve  better from you.   You let them down when you passed on a chance to put the first Black woman on the Supreme Court.   You let them down again when you sent your spokespersons and Cabinet secretaries to say what you should have said a lot sooner to Mrs. Sherrod.    Black women love you, Barack.    How about giving them some back?

STAND UP for Black women, Barack because God knows they have stood up for you even when you haven’t given them much reason to.

11 thoughts on “Barack’s Black Woman Problem

  1. Every wants this dude to do so much. He should change his name to ‘Captin Save-a-ho’ or the ‘The Hook Up Man’ because that is what he is now seen as and is disappointing in that aspect terribly. I been a black women WAAAAAYYYY before Obama became president. I don’t expect him or any black man to save me.

    If black women love him, it’s only because they ain’t gotta man at home and find hope that he…. with the highest office in the land… has a dark skinned sister on his arm. Dam… it’s interesting what a little dreaming can do…. that you’d put all your hopes and dreams in a man that ain’t yours just because he’s married to someone that looks like you.

    ‘He needs to do right by the Black women that did right by him.’

    Ah… yeah… HIS WIFE! That’s about the only black woman he really owes something too. What makes other black women so speshul? They voted for him? Big deal, so did a lotta white folks. I guess he needs to ‘do right’ by them too.

    And it’s not going to happen because guess who control Warsh? LOBBYIST.


  2. @ Those Who Need To Know: Right on!!!! Loved your comment. you spat the truth, he owes me nothing as a black woman…. as an american who happens to be black and a woman who voted for him, he only owes me the best job he can do and to be the best president he can be. I didn’t vote for him bc he was black so I don’t expext for him to be the Black Savior


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  4. Why doesn’t he just pick the best person that he can find for the job rather than follow a pattern of racial and gender set-asides? Are you claiming that “black women” are offended because he hasn’t picked any “sistas”? That outlook is just racist… .and sexist.

    Actually, Obama *has* followed this form of racist selection process. Just look at his appointments. Are you telling me that Sotomayer was the best and brightest legal mind out there? She makes Harriet Meirs look sharp. But she is a “latino” and that trumped all other consideration. And Kagen? She’s a lesbo and part of his Harvard mafia. Two points in her favor. Obama knows that black women will vote for him no matter what he does just like they supported OJ in spite of his double homicide. He’s more worried about losing gay and hispanic votes in 2012, thus his giveaway to his favorite “groups”.

    In any event, it’s probably all for naught since he’s already lost the one demographic who put him into office in the first place; white moderates. As such, I wouldn’t be shocked that if out of the blue in 2012, he starts talking up his white mother and the white grand parents who actually raised little Barry after his black father abandoned him when he was only 2 years old. I’d put nothing past the community-organizer-in-chief.


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  6. “Obama knows that black women will vote for him no matter what he does just like they supported OJ in spite of his double homicide.”

    Mike, I find THAT outlook just racist… and sexist.

    I’m going to be the one black female who is going to say that I AM disappointed in his lack of support for black women for all the reasons Jeff listed. As someone who will NOT be voting for Obama a second time (and really only did so the first time to avoid McCain and *shudder* Palin), I knew from the get-go that he was going to have to avoid showing any real support for “black” issues due to the ridiculous hyper-paranoia of non-blacks (and let’s not be disingenuous – there ARE issues that disproportionately affect blacks and many that pretty much ONLY affect blacks, so none of this “let him support issues that help EVERYBODY” b.s.), but there is a such thing as going too far in the opposite direction, and he can’t seem to find that middle ground. My reasons for not voting for him again have nothing to do with his race-related actions and words – even during the primaries I felt like he really just did not “get it” with regards to race with his “post-racial” attitude – but they certainly didn’t help his case.


    • I’m as disappointed in Obama as you are Courtney because he’s not as progressive, aggressive and forward thinking as I had hoped he would be. But I’m not ready to go so far as to say I wouldn’t vote for him again. Do you see any Republican running you’d rather be making appointments to the Supreme Court? Do you think Mitt Romney or Sarah Palin will look out for the interests of Black people better than Barack. I think it’s more likely we can fix what’s wrong with Obama than we can ever begin to reach this current breed of Republicans.


  7. I never thought he was particularly liberal at all, so count me as one of the few who WASN’T disappointed by that aspect. However, I have yet to see – in my lifetime, at least, an admittedly young 24 years – Democrats come close to ever doing anything with their power like Republicans do they they are in office. Republicans – for all their dirty tactics – they CHANGE things. They GET SHIT DONE. I cannot for the life of me understand why Democrats cannot do the same, and it’s annoying me to the point of no return. What’s the point of voting for the lesser of two evils when you’re not really going to be remotely satisfied? Democrats get in office and pussyfoot around and pass legislation with barely any balls because they want the Republican bullies to be friends with them. Republicans take no prisoners. There’s no Republican I want to see appointing Justices, but on the other hand, I think we get the America we deserve. I’m not gonna see a cent of a 401k or Social Security, and China is going to be kicking our asses for decades, if not centuries to come. I think change can only happen if there’s enough people around to let it – and I don’t see that today. I see more people I agree with on the Democrat side of the aisle, but I believe our way of politicking is too deeply flawed at the core – financially driven (and corporately influenced) – for things to really change.

    I will voice my support for a liberal third party or no-chance-in-hell Democratic candidate who I believe in, in the hopes that eventually they will either get elected, or Democrats will wake up and realize we don’t want a liberal-lite to fight the conservative-heavy. Sometimes the only way to get the pendulum to swing far enough in the direction you want it is to let it go far enough the other way.


    • Courtney, I get where you’re coming from and the more I think about it, maybe you’re right. Maybe we DO need to get the America we deserve. There hasn’t been a lot of real hardcore Democrats in Washington for years now. Mostly what we jave are watered down, middle of the road, go-along to get along pussies and punks who curl up in the fetal position and suck their collective thumbs (or whatever else is stuck in their mouths) when Limbaugh, Fox News and the GOP Congress starts questioning their patriotism, intestinal fortitude or their relationship with their mamas.

      I think you’ve give me the germ of an idea. Let me see if I can fan it into a post. I’ll drop you a line when I do.


  8. Courtney, let me suggest why the democrats “can’t get shit done”.

    The left is the party of protest. They aren’t capable of running anything except their mouths. All of their power and their attraction to their base is based on , finding fault, pointing fingers, and “protesting” the established order of things. Barack Hussein Obama is no exception. He’s almost 2 years in, with a near veto proof congressional majority (something Bush never came close to having) and what does he spend most of his time doing (outside of endless vacations, golf and fund-raising)? He spends his time and energy blaming President Bush for the predicament that “he” is in as though he never was in the US Senate (along with Biden) doing his best to contribute to the current situation.

    Conservatives, in contrast, “run” things. They “make” things. They “produce” goods, services and wealth that the left then lay confiscatory claim to and/or complain about the process used to run, create, and produce. I sure hope that the left turn away from Obama and go for some third party kook. It’ll make my life, as a republican, a lot easier and turn our nation back to reason, common sense, and the preservation of our civilization. Obama’s support will dwindle from the barely 40% he has now to 15-20% where it should be. Obama’s proven to be anything but post-partisan and post-racial and a “new” sort of politician. Instead, he’s turned out to be an ultra-partisan, race-baiting Chicago hack. Obama burned all bridges to the GOP with his partisanship and blind arrogance (acutely displayed during the health care debate) and has rapidly alienated the political center with his tone-deaf approach to a variety of issues. What’s left? A coalition of naive young people, African Americans, and union goons? That’s not going to win anything. Thank God. 4 years is enough of this failed experiment. Time to send Obama golfing for good!


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