Democrats stagger while Republicans swagger.

Will Pelosi still be applauding in November?

The Labor Day holiday marks the unofficial end of summer and the might as well be official start of the fall political campaigns.  All signs are pointing to this November being very cruel to Democratic prospects of retaining control of Congress and statehouses across the country.

There’s one hard and fast rule to the game of politics and that’s don’t play if you can’t stand losing. Sooner or later you’re going to and at times badly.  This feels like one of those times.  All the polls say it.  All the experts are predicting it.  The things that could save the Democrats, falling unemployment and an improving economy aren’t happening.

The Democrats are going down in November.  I know it, they know it and the Republicans definitely know it. The only question is how hard and far the fall will be and if it translates into control of possibly 30 governorships and both houses of Congress.   Barring some serious shifts in the prevailing trends, things are not going to get a lot better for Democrats than they are now (and right now things look pretty lousy).

But even in the bleakness of the impending carnage for the Dems there’s a possible upside.   I vote Democratic out of neccessity but I’m not particularly in love  with these particular Democrats.  Too many of them are too moderate, too cautious and too beholding to corporations and special interests.   If the Dems crash and burn as they seem to be on the verge of doing  what might crawl from the wreckage is a more vigorous and committed Democratic Party.   I would gladly lose control of the House and the Senate if it  means getting rid of some of these  cowardly “Blue Dog Democrats.”   These  Republicans in Democratic drag  are largely  responsible for the watering down of healthcare reform.   Purging the party of these gutless sell-outs  is a trade-off I heartily endorse.

41 reasons to vote Republican

If the GOP does as well as projected, I’m looking forward to giving my conservative colleagues a hearty “congratulations” and “welcome back” to the business of actually participating in the legislative process instead of obstructing it and trying to screw President Obama at every turn.

Not that I expect anything good to come from more Republicans and less Democrats than even more gridlock.  The Republicans have made it clear once in power they intend to launch a series of investigations against the Obama Administration.   It’s going to be ugly,  but at least the GOP loses the “Hey, we’re out of power. Don’t blame us” excuse.

The Tea Party, even if they are successful in getting some of their candidates elected to Congress,  look to be  less like barbarians at the gate trying to shake up the status quo than simply an even more conservative breed of Republican trying to join the status quo.  I think there is very little hope that once elected they too won’t be successfully sucked into the sphere of influence of the only permanent power center in the Beltway, the K Street lobbyists.

As the Tea Party demands ideological purity from  the Republicans it also drags them further from the middle ground to the extreme.  It’s already cost the GOP two incumbent senators (Robert Bennett in Utah and Sarah Palin’s nemesis, Lisa Murkowski in Alaska) and forced  several supposed “moderates” such as John McCain to tack to the Right to survive a primary fight to keep his seat.  McCain, hoping for a repeat of 1996, has suggested the GOP needs a second Contract On…(sorry, Freudian slip)…With America.

This close to the election, there’s no time to come up with one and as far as the GOP is concerned, not much a need to start getting specific about what exactly it is they will do differently once they’re back in control.

Oh sure, we’ll see renewed efforts in making the Bush tax cuts made permanent and maybe even some attempts at rolling back parts of health care reform, but the best thing the Republicans have going for them (and maybe the only thing) is they aren’t Democrats.

If things play out the way our friends in the GOP and Tea Party expect they will in November, we will see if they have anything in mind beyond witch hunts, score settling and turning the clock backward. If that’s all they have on the agenda (and I think it is), I can’t think of what would better re-energize Democrats and turn off independents than a sharp and hard right turn with the intention of greasing the skids for a President Palin in 2012.

The Dems are on their way to a humbling in the fall or a major blood-letting, but they could be on their way to returning to relevance if the Republicans overreach. The unpopularity of the Democrats shouldn’t be confused as a rekindled romance with the Republican Party. 2010 looks like a vote against one group of politicians and not for another.

The best hope Democrats have for a rebound in 2012 could be the Republicans reminding voters why they threw them out in the first place.   The political winds that appear to be blowing the Dems out of power could just as easily shift and blow them back in if the Republicans expend their energies in bedeviling Obama instead of solving problems.

The Boner smells Democratic blood.

63 thoughts on “Democrats stagger while Republicans swagger.

  1. Let’s see what America gets when it has that ugly orange boner as Speaker of the House.

    I hope you’re right. I see the Dem Party as apathetic both inside and out. Renergizing would be great but I read Gibbs’ Professional Left comments as having purpose ie: blaming them for the loses, allowing the party to tack right. Hopefully, I am wrong because if I am right, the party’s problems are endemic. They have a very tin ear as to its main constituency.


  2. I am Swiss, and so my idea of things there in the US are sketchy, yet wouldn’t it be possible for Obama to give up and for the next elections leave his post to Clinton or Biden?

    Now there is not almost anybody anymore to defend him, and at times he looks unhappy and shrunken or even wrinkled. I have started to feel sorry for him. After all, it is not just his fault that he so misunderstood the nature of that job, since the most competent and famous people around him who got to know him personally seem to have thought that he was the right man for the job.


  3. the primary election numbers dont lie …read the writing on the wall …the majority of the house will be
    democratic this november with the tea bag party, Sarah Palin, John McCain the republican party has put on quite a display.of fanaticism, ugly slanderous rhetoric, brownshirt tactics, in order to distract the public from the fact that they orchestrated the worst economic meltdown in our country ‘s history why would we give them the power to fix it.americans are just fed up, we’re not as gullible as repulicans would like to think. the silent majority will once again decide whats best for our country.


    • I have to agree with U.S. Victim. People are acting like the election has already happened (including many Democratic voters). I do not claim to be any type of expert in politics, but I’ve observed several things that work in the Democratic Party’s favor this election cycle.

      1. The Republicans have no credible message. The constant swirling vortex of fear and hate mongering the Republicans have counted on, I believe, will only reach the voters they already had in their pocket. For the rest of us, it is an ugly and glaring vacuum of anything resembling a plan for our future. Americans’ want real solutions to our very real problems.

      2. I realize economics will have an impact, but I do not see it as being inherently beneficial for Republicans. How do they get 8 years (or at least 6, depending on how you view it) to run our country into the ground financially, while the Democrats only get two years to fix it? This assumes, in my view, that the American public has a really short memory or that they are not that bright. While I sometimes feel that one (or both) of these are true to an extent, I am not ready to accept it as fact.

      3. Quote polls all day but I believe that telephone polls are increasingly inaccurate. They reach only landlines which, increasingly, only the older generation continues to carry. Granted, this group is also the most likely to vote, but the young vote that turned out for the 2008 election… well, I do not believe that anyone is tapping into their plans for November.

      4. Two words: Tea Party. Their holding the Republican Party hostage can only be bad for the party as a whole. Moderate and, frankly, reasonable Republicans are alienated are likely to not vote or even switch parties – all gains that Republicans made in the Latino population in 2004 are flushed down the toilet. In fact, all the groups being demonized by the tea partiers (and there are quite a few) will only be motivated to vote against not only the tea party candidates but all Republicans who seem beholden to them. I personally think that their main impact will be to either weed moderate thinkers from the party or cause a fission within it.

      5. Finally, the corporate media is hardly an accurate barometer for the American populace. Much of the “impact” of the tea party and the anti-incumbency fervor is mostly manufactured fluff. U.S. Victim is correct that the anti-incumbency fervor just didn’t play out in the primaries. Granted, I believe there is a lot of frustration with the Democratic party. I feel it myself. Yet, this does not inherently translate into votes gained for the Republicans…. unless Democratic voters withdraw their votes and stay home.

      So, though I am anxious about November, I think its jumping the gun a bit to “know” the Democrats are going down in flames. If they do, I am convinced that it will only be because Democratic voters withhold their blessing.


      • There is to much in your post to waste time responding to, but your I am convinced that it will only be because Democratic voters withhold their blessing. shows the Democrats that stay home are voting by not voting because the disagree with the current rogue Democratic Party.


      • @David: And yet you “bothered” to respond, but you did not bother to answer. So exactly what do you have to contribute? It’s easier to take jabs at people than to put your own intellect out there for critique which is exactly my main complaint with Republican tactics.


  4. You know what baffles me the most about all of this? It’s that Democrats and Republicans and all of their masses seem genuinely surprised when this happens every election. “Oh my goodness! The OTHER party won more than we did!” And then they have re-strategizing meetings, and the press writes articles about “Is Such-and-Such Party OUT OF TOUCH?!” and all seems lost for them. Then two years later the pendulum swings the other way and it’s the same BS except the tables have turned. Again.

    I’m only 30 years old and I’ve noticed this since Bush One was elected. I think we’ll all be better off once we realize that American politics is nothing but a turf war, and the two gangs in control are only interested in their own image. Despite what any one liberal or any one conservative would say, all that happens when ONE party is in power is they try to mess things up in the eyes of the other party, and those on their side sing for joy. And while the other party tries to stop it, the party in control says to everyone, “Look at how all they’re doing is trying to impede our PROGRESS!” and lament as they lose ground come the election. For as much time as they spend trying to tell us how different they are, they’re awfully the same.


    • I can add that another “amusing” aspect of all of this is how the party about to RE-GAIN some power gloats as if things are going to go their way from now on. “Don’t worry, we’re going to fix everything! Everyone will remember how great we are and America will never switch back to that OTHER party!”


    • Amongst all of the fake political “debate” our country is engaged in, coached by our pathetic excuses for “news media”, I’m far more worried about the fundamental similarities between our two ruling parties than the supposed differences – which merely present us with Wrong vs. Wrong. I think you and I are making some similar points here.


    • bradenbost, you’ve made some very good observations and points. Each party complains about each other and even themselves. The Republicans bellyache about their RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) as the Democrats bemoan their own DINOs (Democrats In Name Only). Both parties are less concerned with ideology than they are with the image they project to the electorate.

      The Republicans have tried to carry the mantle of being the party of conservatism and limited government. At the same time the Democrats have been beating the drum about how they are the party of the common people, progressive thought and personal freedom. Both parties fall well short of achieving of what they advertise when each is in control of the government.

      The existing 2 party system may very well be an “illusion”.


      • The two party system is a false dichotomy. It sets up a ridiculous “red state, blue state” mentality and a government that is inherently divided into “us vs. them.”


      • The politics of political parties will continue as long as our elected representatives are ignorant of the U.S. Constitution. Everyone elected to office should be REQUIRED to pass a test on what the U.S. constitution actually says and know the provisions and prohibitions of such by heart. If they don’t, they should be DISQUALIFIED from serving. The U.S. Constitution is the ruling document in our Republic. In this way, we could very well eliminate party loyalties for Constitutional loyalties – which politicians pledge to uphold!

        But I can hear it now (from the politically correct buffoons): “It’s not fair. Some don’t have the education to shoulder that burden and it would be wrong to make them read, much less understand, the Constitution.”

        However, I say, if they’re too ignorant to read, or understand, the Constitution, they don’t deserve to lead this great people. There are always openings for jobs that require a little less intelligence.


      • I wonder how many stances one party takes on an issue are only because the other party already took the opposite stance.


  5. Things look a little bleak for Team Blue this November, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that it doesn’t translate into any long-term gain for Team Red. I’m not exactly sure which group of criminals – er – which party will emerge victorious in this year’s political Olympics, but there’s one thing I am very sadly sure of: American voters on both teams will once again get it painfully wrong, and we’ll continue on the sharp decline we’ve been on for the last century. The only potential benefit I can see is that voters may start actually debating from substantive ideological positions, rather than cheerleading for their respective teams of immoral political opportunists. I enjoyed reading your post. Whether I agree or disagree with a person’s political ideas, it’s so rare and refreshing to converse with people who actually have lucid convictions, rather than the half-baked beliefs they’re handed by their chosen media outlets.


  6. All those white men and a few strong women and what do you get? Same old, same old…I didn’t think a born again Mormon and a loud mouth, drug taking, fat boy from Missouri could be speaking for so-called Mid America, but somehow they do. Does it have something to do with fear? This is juicy and fun–what respect we have with our so called decision makers…Grand Novella it is.


  7. I’m not certain of anything yet. But let’s suppose you (and the pundits) are correct, what we will get is a complete shutdown of legislative gov’t. This is a very bad thing for an economy deep in recession, teetering on depression. We will most likely move into FULL depression, however not inflationary as per definition. We do not manufacture anything within this nation (U.S.) to inflate. The price of goods are totally out of the US Governments control and in the hands of China.

    Realistically, we are at a tipping point; we will either emerge as a more socialistic nation (as the rest of the world) or we will become a quasi- “third world nation” if we do not adopt publicly-run institutions to support our livlihoods and infrastructure.

    The “Tea Party” are comprised of aging adults (baby boomers) that simply do not understand macro-economics and are thus guided by corporate funding. The entitlement programs that most subsist on are the very ones they are fighting to dissolve. The ‘greatest generation’ produced a spawn of mostly lazy, selfish “child-adults” that never really understood what their parents and grandparents struggled with to bring about progressive policies. This is the final chapter in the Reagan Revolution; total wealth disparities.


  8. The signs are clear and without question. The greatest of world-wide depressions will be shortly ahead, for us all. Compared to the depression of the 30’s, our current United States generation will suffer greatly in the coming years. Within a short period, the market will fall below six thousand, catching hundreds of thousands of investors, unaware, after returning to the market. In spite of governement efforts to prevent the crash with stop orders, and the several stops in the halting of trading, total destruction of many middle class families’ investments and savings, will be wiped out.

    Unemployment rates beyond twenty-five precent will be accepted as the norm. Crime of all kinds will double. The values of world-wide real estate will fall into unbelievable levels in history, when the foreclosure market in commercial real estate is finally revealed.

    Considering that the average family today is thirty days away from being totally broke, the only survivors of this forthcoming “Darkest of Depressions” will be those who are cash asset heavy, with enough funds to carry them through this depression for several years. Marshal law will declared throughout our land in order to control the outright violence and looting by those who have gone months without additional government handouts for food and housing. Many of the individuals contributing to this violence, will be part of the illegal population that fills this country.

    What elements will have brought forth this catastrophe before us? First it was the Clinton administration that opened the doors to financial empires having the ability to rip us all off. This approach left behind thousands of multi-millionaires, rich in their stock market schemes. A majority of these individuals have yet to be prosecued, nor will they ever be prosecuted by this administration, since they are funding this administration. Next, it is our current President and his administration, bankrupting our economony entirely, forming our country into a possible fourth world economy.

    What hope remains to turn back this great crash upon us? The only hope that remains is the thrashing of the entire Democrat control of our government this coming November. Without action on our parts in the voting booths, the edge of the greatest cliff in our history is just before us.


    • I take extreme exception to your assertions, sir. Rules were relaxed during the Clinton Administration, true, but those relaxations were passed at the behest of the Republican-controlled Congress. In their eyes, at least, the stock markets were being “stifled” by what they saw as government “over-regulation”. They saw the holy free-enterprise market self-regulating, that nobody would take the types of chances that lead to the stock market diving off the deep end of an empty pool. It didn’t work though, did it, and now they plan to bring all those same ideas, and even more wrong-headed concepts, into fruition if they can just “eliminate” (a term I believe their high priest Rush used) the Democrats.
      Will the Democrats take a beating come November? I don’t know, to be honest,.Seeing as how the only polls I really trust are the ones that take place on the first Tuesday in November, I think I will go to the poll, vote to get rid of my Congressman ( a waste-of-space hard-core conservative Republican) and see how the votes roll in.


  9. I can see a substantial influx of Republicans for sure. After that, it will only be a matter of time before the voters are reminded why they voted in a Democratic majority some months ago. Too bad everyone gets amnesia.


  10. I would be in favor of a “shared” government, except I think that Republicans will just obstruct everything the President wants to do and start investigations. I really wish our politicians were less interested in power and more interested in serving the populous.


  11. I really don’t get the author to this piece’s assertion that the Blue Dog Democrats
    are the problem, and this will be an an oppurunity to purge them from their ranks.
    Every measureable poll shows that the MAJORITY of the electorate to be somewhere
    middle right. So then why wouldn’t these Blue Dogs be seen as mainstream, then?

    I think since the Democrats seized control of Congress in 2006, and coupled
    with the election of Obama in 2008, has only served to empower the Liberal Progressive
    Wing. Their failure, to me, seems to be that in their zeal to please everyone
    they have ended up pleasing no one. If history repeats itself this Administration’s
    failing has been its inability to gauge the hearts, souls and PULSE of the
    American people.

    I really take offense to the posting of Williambarryroberts, who accused “us” baby boomers
    of being:
    mostly lazy, selfish “child-adults” that never really understood what their parents and grandparents struggled with to bring about progressive policies. This is the final chapter in the Reagan Revolution; total wealth disparities.

    This I say to you, Mr. progressives thinking Liberal pants. I am a baby boomer and a registered
    Democrat. I was raised by working class parents of the greatest generation that you spoke
    about. My father was a WWII Veteran, as well as Korean War. They both survived the
    Great Depression. My late brother served
    in Viet Nam. My mother, who is now 86 had an expression that I have managed to use
    help me become motivated to perservere and succeed, and that is “poor little
    old me never did anything. You see she is a TOB (tough old bird)

    The Democratic Party, my party, has become the Party of Poor Little Old Me.
    As in poor little old me, I don’t have health care. Poor little old me I haven’t
    been able to find a job in two years, and I need more checks. Poor little old
    me, some creep got me pregnant and my family can’t or won’t support
    me and I need an abortion or welfare. Poor little old me, they want to
    check to see if I am working here legally in Arizona, Poor Little Old
    Me I have been living over my head and I can’t pay my credit card debt.
    Poor little old me I can’t pay off my 500K McMansion on my salary
    of 50K/yr.

    I listened to my mom, and never used PLOM as an excuse. I struggled
    early on in my career I went to school day and night, and finished
    when I was thirty. I took jobs that required shift work, and working
    week ends and hollidays, untill I landed my “dream job”. I bought
    a house that was a handy man special, and over the years managed
    to fix it up and pay off an AFFORDABLE mortgage.

    Now I am retired. I have an ample pension, Social Security, and health
    care benefits for life w/prescription drug plan. I worked for over
    forty years to EARN what I have now. My children were all
    put through college and have incurred no debt. They are now
    working and have careers and homes and benefits. Just like
    me they learned from my mom about the perils of “poor
    little old meism”. They played by the rules and lived within
    their means.

    Maybe I am Conservative and boring. I am not stupid or racist or
    dangerous. Just enlightened to the terrible tyranny of the pitfalls
    of poor little old me. I celebrate my success and what I have
    managed to achieve. I never bitch about what I don’t
    or should have.

    I say whoever says stop writing checks to everybody for everything
    has my vote in the mid terms. As of today, September 7, 2010,
    no way is that looking like the Party of Poor Little Old me.


    • Couldn’t have said it better, Harry! I too have not been seduced by the “tyranny of poor little old me” syndrome. And by the grace of God, I will pass this on to my children as well (whom our inane politicians have saddled with future massive debt). Thanks for the great thoughts. You have given me hope that there is hope for Democrats!


    • My mother, a babyboomer, made a similar comment to me when were debating a national healthcare system. She made a similar comment to me: “It’s not the government place to take care of people.” A few months later, she just signed up for Medicare. And you note that you have done the same and that you enjoy all of these benefits but never seem to consider where they came from.

      My question to you, as it is to my mother and all other baby boomers who make a similar argument – is it not a bit hypocritical to enjoy the hard won government benefits fought for by your forebears, while saying that you “earned” it? Is it not also hypocritical to enjoy such benefits while denying them to others?

      As a Gen-Xer, I find the “poor little me” argument quaint, but dangerous. Its not a new argument, certainly – it at least dates back to the the Hamiltonian and Jeffersonian debates. You assume that as long as everyone works hard they can make it. This assumes that everyone starts at the same point and that their success is only a measurement of their hard work. This has never been true, not now and not when your mother was growing up. It is, in effect, Social Darwinism (Corning, “The Evolution of Medicare… From Idea Into Law,” 1969,

      If you take a look at history (say, circa 1890s), there were riots in the streets because people could not find work (but were willing and able to) while “robber barrons” chased the bottom dollar. In the early 1930s, the political mindset was to say that people were just lazy – this just wasn’t true. People were blamed for their own starvation. It’s like the Pharisees saying that the blind man deserved to be blind – corporatists wash their hands of any responsibility of contributing to the betterment of their fellow citizens by saying, “well, it’s their fault they are poor.”

      I consider myself very blessed. I have a job. I live in a nice home. And I had insurance (which every year covers less and less but costs more) until recently when I took a hiatus to finish my education. But my own fortunes do not make me blind to the rampant greed, profit at all expense. Corporations care nothing about the community or the people in it. For instance, currently, economist Joshua Holland points to the fact that corporations are sitting on massive profits but will not hire. Why? They want people to be unemployed so as to affect political change in their favor, to maintain their tax breaks and loopholes. They care nothing about the workers who built their profits in the first place.

      I think it is a moral obligation to help others out. Jesus instructed such in the Bible. So, you may see Americans helping other Americans as entitlement or “whinny,” but I see it as a moral responsibility that baby boomers, in large numbers, shirk.


      • Thank you Humblydefiant for putting into words EXACTLY what I felt but didn’t know how to express. I, like you, am fortunate. I am not a Gen-Xer but Baby Boomer-ish, I am on the tail end as I am turning 50 this year, who has benefited mightily, as a well-educated White woman, from all that this country has to offer. I have made very good money over the years. I come from what others would consider to be a very well-off family with all the attendant benefits – a good education, travel, opportunity, social mobility.

        YET, I do not forget that all of these benefits are GIFTS that not everyone has free access to. It is my MORAL and ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY to help those less fortunate than myself.

        It is no burden to me to pay my fair share of taxes. I probably have paid much more than most Americans because I am single and have no deductions other than my home making an income well over the average for a family in America. Yet, I feel so incredibly bless while all of you feel like someone has stolen from you. I don’t understand why this is the case.

        I believe in the adage, despite no being religious in any way, I am my brother’s keeper. And I LOVE this quote because it clearly expresses my idea of the role of government in our lives: “I believe that, as long as there is plenty, poverty is evil. Government belongs wherever evil needs an adversary and there are people in distress who cannot help themselves.” — Robert F. Kennedy, May 6, 1961


      • Thank you, Christine. Actually, I think you put it quite well. And I’m glad you brought up the idea of being a keeper for your brother. We should be keepers of each other, that is what a community is. Christ threw out the money changers and never charged a copay for his healing – so why do Christians today so embrace unbridled greed??? It has been difficult for me to reconcile the example of Jesus and the example of the fundamentalist Christian culture I grew up in.


  12. Sales Tax
    Hotel Tax
    School Tax
    Liquor Tax
    Luxury Tax
    Excise Taxes
    Property Tax
    Cigarette Tax
    Medicare Tax
    Inventory Tax
    Car Rental Tax
    Real Estate Tax
    Well Permit Tax
    Fuel Permit Tax
    Inheritance Tax
    Road Usage Tax
    CDL license Tax
    Dog License Tax
    State Income Tax
    Food License Tax
    Vehicle Sales Tax
    Gross Receipts Tax
    Social Security Tax
    Service Charge Tax
    Fishing License Tax
    Federal Income Tax
    Building Permit Tax
    IRS Interest Charges
    Hunting License Tax
    Marriage License Tax
    Corporate Income Tax
    Personal Property Tax
    Accounts Receivable Tax
    Recreational Vehicle Tax
    Workers Compensation Tax
    Watercraft Registration Tax
    Telephone Usage Charge Tax
    Telephone Federal Excise Tax
    Telephone State and Local Tax
    IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
    State Unemployment Tax (SUTA)
    Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA)
    Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
    Telephone Federal Universal Service FeeTax
    Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)
    Utility Taxes Vehicle License Registration Tax
    Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
    Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
    Capital Gains Tax
    Ticket Tax, you know the one you go to court for not using turn signals Ect…
    Not one of these taxes existed 100 years ago, & our nation was the most prosperous in the world. We had absolutely no national debt, had the largest middle class in the world, and Mom stayed home to raise the kids. We also were A Common Law Country!


    • A hundred years ago there was a middle class in a America? Are you kidding? There was no real middle class in America until the 1950’s, at least the middle class as we presently understand it – money for education, opportunities to advance, access to capital, LEISURE TIME, etc.

      The income disparity was high and taxes were in place. Here’s a graphical illustration of the income differences and the difference in tax rates paid by the wealty – 23% in 2006 and 65% in 1944 and a few years after.

      Would you say quality of life for Middle Class Americans was better in the 1940s to 50s or now ?


    • And your idea of a good middle class is women at home raising kids? Now, it is true, many women work because they have to AND BECAUSE THEY WANT TO!! Get that, women want to work.


    • Sharef, sorry … If you need “elaboration” on his policies that are the undoing of this great Republic, you don’t need an explanation, you need a brain!


      • That’s not an answer. Many of us are waiting with baited breath while you explain in context of the mess left him by Bush. Bush got 8 years to destroy this Nation, Obama is expected to fix it all in two? Take a deep look at some of the economic numbers, some are getting better. If you harp on the deficit then my head is going to explode because that is just one thing and many economists are mixed on whether it is even an issue because of the current state of the economy ie: you need to spend to keep the economy afloat.

        Don’t tell me healthcare is going to cost until you explain the drain of our Military on our economy. Don’t harp on taxes when tax cuts enacted by Bush only helped the wealthy.

        So, please, tell me exactly how horrible President Obama is.


      • @Christine: Well said. It is very difficult to engage conservatives. Most (not all) make a quick jab, insult, then disappear. No interest in conversation or dialogue. And the word “context” has no meaning. So, I always make it a point to call them on it.


    • The same reason they have had it in for every Bilderberg shill since JFK. They represent the Bankers and elites who have been thrusting global governance and one world order down your throats. Whilst they destroy the constitution, american soveriegnty and the will of the people, they have the koolaid drinkers from both the red and blue teams thinking they are on your side. They are on the side of the international banking combine and elites, have been and always will.

      This is nothing but a hybrid monopoly/risk game being played by wizards behind your emerald city on the hill. Big Corp vs Big Govt racing to a new world order that either way will make you a slave to the state. If you doubt you are an asset of the bankers then I ask you to review your birth certificate, licence and contracts.

      Money is just a tool like you. Keep jumping throught the hoops and drinking the punch and the two corrupt wings of this Phoenix will eventually cash you in. The day you wake up is the day you are immancipated. You may not live, but you will know the truth and that is freedom.

      Turn off the brainwashing MSM, stop eating the GMO, Fluoride and PhRMA and ask yourself why after a hundred years the FED has never been audited? Your decider Barry Soetoro like GW, Billyboy, Papa Smurf and the rest are Bilderbergers bidders for the Banks. Dumbed down is no way to go through life but certainly the Empires plan for you.

      Barry Soetoro ius no different with the exception of being the first groomed puppet who was not even born in the nation he was groomed to tank. When the slinky effect comes in November, remember that it’s just a back and forth swing for the traitors and criminals infesting the nation. Like a slinky, it swings left and right but in reality it just keeps moving down the stairs into the black hole known as one world order. Good luck to all the lemmings who have swallowed the red or blue pills.


  13. Pingback: Defeat The Summer

  14. I agree. I think Mr obama committed many mistakes especially in international politics. In homeland, the obamacare seems not to be enough and he must solve migration problems. I dont like Reps, as they suck, but arebetter in communicating. Middle class usually supports them


  15. I do believe there are differences in the parties but marketing and trying to find the nuance that will attract voters while keeping corporate interest satisfied are what makes them both too weak to fight against the control that undermines America’s middle class, poor and under privileged.

    I am also coming to the conclusion that Democrats are just as greedy for those donations and are not likely to launch a serious campaign to repeal the recent Supreme Court decision cementing the concept of corporate personhood and according them first amendment protections. I believe that this decision will have the most insidious and corrupting influence on our political system than anything that has come down the pike in quite a long time.

    The Democrats will claim that there are vast differences between them and Republicans, and on the whole there are very fundamental differences in the eyes of their constituency, but party hacks will only govern incrementally lest they lose access to those precious dollars that give them jobs while in office or out.

    While, as a Democrat, I do lay some blame at the feet of Clinton the problems we are encountering now but on the whole they go back to Reagan and then some. Even Stockman believes Reagan’s economic policies are a failure. To point to Clinton and Obama alone without looking at the onslaught of spending brought on by Bush with his immoral war against a nation that did not attack us. This war has bankrupted this nation not only in lucre but standing and respect. Bush’s spend, spend policies are well-noted among Conservatives as well as his Democratic critics. He also cut taxes for the wealthy at a time of deep crisis in this Nation. If one were to blame anyone of being selfish, self involved with sense of entitlement I would have to look at Bush and his crew.


      • Gallantecology: if the “protests” are about returning America to the Constitution, then protest is good. After all, Americans were “protesting” as a “group” against England’s tyrannical rule and they won and gave us the greatest experiment in human government the world has ever known!!!


  16. Although I am far from viewing the results of this election as a foregone conclusion, I hope that your optimistic analysis of such an outcome is correct. I think Republicans getting back in power will be disastrous. They will focus on witch hunts and further obstructionism and this country simply cannot afford that right now. It may indeed re-energize the Democratic party, but at what cost? And why does it always take failure to energize Democrats???


  17. While I would love to see Democrats lose power in both the House and the Senate, I hesitate to assume they are going to lose, and lose big time. Especially based on polls two months before the election. Anything can change between now and November.

    We need to stop swaggering and be humble. We need to be true to ourselves and to the people. We need to stop playing games and start eliminating corruption in our own lives. Changing the nation from a D to an R won’t fix any of the problems. It will just change who is whining about what. Reach change starts with ourselves.


  18. You are very right, nmontague. Changing American from D to R won’t fix any of the problems. Big government is the problem! I agree with you “real [sic] change starts with ourselves.” The founding fathers understood that the Constitution could only work if America remained a moral people. Seeing that progressive ideas have only led us to more wickedness in ethics, sexuality, money and power, the Constitution seems less and less of a workable idea for such an immoral people. God help us to return from the “corruption in our own lives.” Thanks for the thoughts!


    • Danny, you should look into the private lives of our Founding Fathers. I wonder if you would consider them moral. Some were debauched skirt chasers. Some were father children with their slaves while married. In public they didn’t give the right to vote to women, they believed in slavery, etc. How moral is that?

      The document they forged while not be “exactly moral” in the sense of granting rights to large pockets of the population, was formed in a way that it could change with the times and be amended. So now women and blacks vote.

      That piece of it and many other things enshrined in the Constitution are what make it moral not the Founding Fathers.


      • Christine, the age old question of who and what is moral has been asked
        and answered differently throughout all the ages.

        I submit to you, that in the final analysis it is successfull results that will ultimately be
        the benchmark that will be judged. In the beginning of the 20th Century, Henry Ford
        had this idea that he could build a car that he could sell and make
        a profit on, that would be affordable for the AVERAGE American
        family. He tinkered around in his garage and figured out how to do
        it. Then with the help of financing, and business friendly laws, developed mass production
        techniques that made that dream a reality. Today there is MORE than one car owned by the
        average family. He was also known to have some radical
        right wing ideas, and was said to have had a picture of Hitler in his bedroom.

        My point is who cares how people think and how we got to where
        we are? Unless, that point of view is forced on us, and face it
        redistribution of wealth is not very popular right now, who cares? Who
        did Bill Gates or Steve Jobs vote for last time? I don’t care.
        Is there a guy tinkering in his garage right now that will
        come up with a technology that will get us off oil dependance?
        I hope so. And if he listens to Rush Limbaugh or watches
        Keith Olberman or has a picture of Chavez in his bedroom.
        I DON’T CARE.

        The former governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, perhaps more known
        for his eloquence than his administrtative prowess said it best:
        “Its not the things about us that are different that count the most,


      • Harry Elliot,

        Your point is well taken and it was that idea I was alluding to in response to Danny. The decision over who is moral or not is very personal. I took Danny’s comment as an allusion to the good old days without his understanding exactly what was going on in the good old days.

        I also alluded to the moral goodness of the Founding Fathers was that they forged a document that could be amended to change with the times to allow universal sufferage.

        As a woman I consider it a moral outrage that women and men had to fight tooth and nail just so I could have a voice in the ballot box.

        I do not consider it a moral outrage that people are fighting for Gay men and women to have the right to vote.

        I took umbrage with the implication that Progressives are responsible for the so-called moral decline of our age.

        I think the moral decline is not sexuality or permissiveness but an over developed sense of entitlement on the part of EVERYONE, rich or poor, to have what they want without consideration for others. Progressive values, in my mind, are about being on the side of the voiceless in our society, usually the poor, uneducated and minorities.

        I commented on Danny’s pointing back to the Founding Fathers as examples of morality rather than the document they created, the wonderful, inspiring, gift to our Nation, the Constitution.

        Thanks for your comments.


  19. D-D-D-D-Don’t believe the (news pundit’s media) HYPE! as a Hip Hop song goes. Nope, we’ve moved past this kind of electioneering, and most of the current “silent majority” will speak at the ballot box and NOT put the Obstuctplicans back in control of the House nor the Senate because THEN, we would have gridlock again and NOTHING will get done for “we the people”. The Obstrctplicans created the deficit and the wars and the runination of the country. Which reminds me of another song lyric, “How Soon We Forget” (Colonel Abrams)….
    The Achilliad will weigh-in on President Obama again whe the time is right, but it is not right NOW (September) – I still like him, perceptions aside…the “double-standard” lives. Time for an overseas vacation.


  20. The Democrats should remain in office. You must remember that the huge deficit that t he Republicans keep moaning about was placed in Obama’s lap when he got in office. Although the Republicans are extremely diligent about pointing out Obama’s failures, they can never seem to come up with any comprehensive solutions.


  21. Everybody plays the blame game. Oh it’s the republicans fault. I inherited this failing economy. Boo hoo boo hoo. Nobody wants to hear all this crying. Stop blamming and start improving. All presidents inherit unfinished buisness from their predicessors. Has Obama done anything that has worked? Spend, spend and spend some more. He wants the economy to fail so that we need government. It’s all about power and his social agenda. Obama has done nothing to improve the economy. He has made it worse and has come pretty close to destroying it. He has only pushed his unpopular agenda. We don’t want universal healthcare. It doesn’t work. This community organizer doesn’t know how to run this country. He has sent this country spiraling downward ever since he took office. His speeches are full of unkept promises and lies. And of course,”I inherited this failing economy.” Stop beating that dead horse. It’s dead! Maybe he could try listening to the American people. Does he really care what they want?


    • Can you back up your comments with facts other than that President Obama has spent money? There are stats out there showing improvement in our economy particularly in the number of jobs lost. More were lost during Bush’s regime than during Obama’s. Manufacturing is up, slightly, but up. The auto industry is doing better. Unfortunately, because it is likely at the expense of everyday Americans, banks/investment companies are doing very nicely.

      And while you want to brush off the 8 years of damage inflicted on this nation by Bush, you can’t. You just can’t. It took 8 years to get us here yet you expect Obama to wave a wand and make it all better? Have you ever seen a cruise ship try to turn around? Well, magnify that by a few thousand times and there you have the economy. Try turning that around overnight.

      And as for listening to people, what people? The $arah Paylin’s of the world, Boehner? I think he is not listening too intently to me, the person who voted him into office. However, I also understand that my impatience comes with patience and some comprehension about what it takes to run this Nation with a Congress of Naysayers and the Party of No waiting in the wings to wrest this nation to a grounding halt while it . . .what are the Republicans poised to do when they “take back” Congress? All I’ve heard is investigate this and investigate that,. No plans, no ideas, no solution other than to call out-of-work Americans lazy, to seize Social Security, to enact tax cuts for the wealthy, take back health insurance, repeal the 14th Amendment, call for 2nd Amendment remedies, encourage racism, Islamaphopism, homophobism, etc. Are any of these solutions?


  22. That is what is so great about our country and system of government — the pendulum tends to swing to the right and left, and the system balances itself. Call me an ignorant optimist, but I have faith that it all works out in the end and the country rights itself. Thanks to the founders of our constitution!


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