What Would Jesus Burn?

Pastor Jones pondering, "What would Jesus burn?"

Religion is a tough gig.  You have to find the real men of God among all the fakes, flakes and frauds thumping a Bible and pushing an agenda.

Like  the Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Church in Gainesville, Florida whose contribution to making the world a better place is to hold a Koran-burning rally on Saturday’s ninth anniversary of 9/11.

“Our message is a message of warning to the radical element of Islam,” Jones  says.

The message being,  “We think the best ways to commemorate 9/11 is with another 9/11, so if you could accommodate us that would be great.”

I have a message for  Pastor Jones myself and here it is: You’re a Islamophobic idiot and so is everyone in your equally idiotic flock that listens to your hate-filled invective without a whisper of protest. I don’t know what word of God you’re speaking, but it’s not any word I want anything to do with.

By the way, Pastor. You’re a coward too. You’re afraid of Islam but you hide like a frightened child under the covers while you put American soldiers at risk with your cowardly, weak and irresponsible behavior. Shame on you and shame on the other cowards like you who cheer you on from the safety of their laptops and living rooms.

Nothing good can come out of it burning a Qur’an or a Bible or a flag. The only reason to do is because you are a hateful person and you have to show that hatred in some way, shape or fashion.

You are an embarrassment to your faith and a false prophet for fools. You should turn in that Bible you obviously don’t believe in and get into a line of work that better suits your talents like being a pimp or mucking out port-o-potties.

There will always be those like-minded cheerleaders who say, “Hey, it’s a quid pro quo. Muslims have disrespected Christians so they are only getting back what they have dished out.”

That’s a weak and fairly limp excuse to justify bigotry and intolerance. When did the best approach to evil become perpetuating more evil? If Western society isn’t at war with Islam, why do people cheer on actions that only heighten the tensions between Muslims and Christians?

This isn’t about religion and it’s not about free speech. Don’t try to sugarcoat it with lofty rhetoric about concepts and principles you have warped as much as Pastor Jones warps the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is about the hatred of an entire religion and everyone who practices it. This is my God can beat up your God.

If you support Pastor Jones’ act of religious dogmatism shame on you because you are every bit as much a bigot as he is. You should both be happy together as you pervert Christianity every bit as much as Al Qaeda perverts Islam.

When you burn their books they will burn yours next

I am ambivalent on the topic of religion.  I belong to no church thought I recognize and respect those who do.  Up to the point where they start persecuting and hating others who don’t believe as they do or worship the same god they do.   Is there an 11th commandment I missed that goes, “Thou shalt burn the holy books of other faiths that are not yours?” Instead of burning Korans wouldn’t it be closer to the Lord’s good work if Pastor Jones organized a clothing drive for the survivors of a flood or earthquake somewhere?

Jones is doing someone’s work but it sure doesn’t seem like any kind of loving God I’ve ever heard of.

Me and Jesus got an arrangement.  I believe in him and he keeps the lunatics that bastardize his teachings away from me.

Time to add the not-so-good Pastor Jones to that list.

2 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Burn?

  1. Jesus wouldn’t burn one thing. Thank you. Did you see that this guy’s own Church, the original one founded in Germany, disavowed his provocation? In addition, he apparently was kicked out of the Church for his fondness for tipping into the till to cover his expenses.


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