The Silver Lining in the Slaughter

Congratulations, J.K. You the man now, dog!

Congratulations, to Gov-elect Kasich and all your Republicans buddies.

Seeing how the next governor is going to have to close  Ohio’s billion dollar budget deficit and Kasich has said he won’t raise taxes all that leaves is taking an axe and chopping fat, bone, arteries and vital organs out the budget.   Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

In other words I predict the next few years in Ohio will be Draconian budget cuts and no new jobs. Will the last person leaving the state please turn off the lights?

But even worse for the Democrats is they will have no input into how the lines are drawn when the Republicans redraw the electoral boundaries.  When you lose ALL of the state offices, you lose any clout you have. That sucks for the Democrats, but when you get smoked like they did tonight you have to deal with the unhappy consequences.

Looking for an upside in Tuesday’s Democratic debacle? Yes, there were some good progressives swept out, but there were also some bad Blue Dogs  that were put down too.
These 16 DINOs (Democrats in Name Only) voted against the most recent extension of unemployment benefits.   They are part of the 27 Blue Dogs Democrats who were swept out by the Republican tide.

John Adler, D-N.J.
Brian Baird, D-Wash.
Melissa Bean, D-Ill.
Marion Berry, Blue Dog-Ark.
Bobby Bright, Blue Dog-Ala.
Travis Childers, Blue Dog-Miss.
Jim Cooper, Blue Dog-Tenn.
Joe Donnelly, Blue Dog-Ind.
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Blue Dog-S.D.
Baron Hill, Blue Dog-Ind.
Frank Kratovil, Blue Dog-Md.
Betsy Markey, Blue Dog-Colo.
Jim Marshall, Blue Dog-Ga.
Walt Minnick, Blue Dog-Idaho
Glenn Nye, Blue Dog-Va.
Heath Shuler, Blue Dog-N.C.

Now with only Shuler, Cooper and Donnelly surviving to win their election (plus Berry and Baird retiring) the rest will be looking for a job.   Lotta luck, losers!

Good riddance to bad Democrats.   I’d rather have a real Republican than a fake Democrat. Better an enemy you know is against you than a “friend” who will turn on your when it’s politically expedient.

One analyst said the Democrats had two problems in this election.  One was Barack Obama who wasn’t on the ballot but plenty of older, White voters showed up to oppose him. The other problem was Barack Obama wasn’t on the ballot and didn’t bring out the young, Black and Latino voters who turned out in droves for him in 2008.

Nothing shocking is going to happen over the next two years. What did the GOP do when they last had control in both Houses of Congress? I’m sure the GOP will flex their muscles and slash the social safety net as much as possible to get their spending cuts and they will probably make good on their threat to defund NPR (which will make die-hard liberals spew their lattes) , but since they have already taken defense spending off the table and don’t have the stones to go after entitlements, there really aren’t many places for them go whacking away. They may posture and flex about curbing pork barrel spending through ending earmarks, but while that may what the Tea Party Republicans newbies are going to demand, the old school Republicans aren’t going to want to be denied their chance to feed at the troth.

"Let GO, Nancy! It's mine, dammit!"

I don’t profess to having any special insights into the workings of the incoming elephants, but I’m sure there will be some legislation introduced to weaken, water down or flat-out repeal healthcare reform, but Pelosi and Obama weren’t so stupid as to make it easy for a Republican Congress to turn around the train after it left the station. Their best hope is probably that John Roberts and the posse on the Supreme Court finds parts or all of healthcare reform unconstitutional.

Barring that, what I would expect is the Republicans to defund as much of healthcare as they can. They do control the power of the purse and they would be silly not to use it. If a few poor bastards die because they can’t get the treatment they would under Obama care, well, you can’t make a omlette without breaking some eggs, right?

Both the president and the Congress will make all the right noises about  trying to  “work together,” and finding “common ground” and of course, the dreaded “B” word, “bipartisan”  will be thrown around

Don’t believe any of it no matter who says it.

The 2012 election season starts in earnest next spring. NOTHING WILL GET DONE. The Republicans have no interest in doing Obama any favors that might get him reelected. Obama should know by now, the Republicans don’t want to make nice and his base is sick of him trying to work with Republicans.

As  Barack Obama found out, campaigning is easier than governing and now with victory comes responsibility for the Republicans to actually get things done. It’s not enough to win. Now the Republicans have to deliver on their agenda. Oh, sure they’ll make some procedural changes to how the House conducts its business and they will try to kill healthcare reform and they’re going to spend a lot of time launching pointless investigations for the sake of harassing the Obama Administration, but it’s all good.

Along with the opportunity to return to power comes an expectation the Republicans are going to get stuff DONE. As they say on the streets, “Shit just got real.”

In two years time, the sweetness of a smashing victory can turn into the bitterness of total defeat. Just ask Nancy Pelosi how it tastes.

The “X” Factor here is Obama. All the liberal pundits are saying he should pull a Clinton and move to the Right (or “the Center”). But that ignores the fact that 2010 is not 1996, Boehner is not as ideological as Gingrich, with Rahm Emanuel gone there is no Dick Morris type whispering in the president’s ear to “triangulate” and the GOP are not going to allow themselves to be used again as the springboard to Obama’s second term.

But no point in crying in your beer about it. They won, we lost. First rule of politics is if you can’t deal with a loss, you shouldn’t play the game.

I look for the opportunity in the adversity.   There may not seem to be one after this kind of ass-whipping, but trust me, it’s there.

A bummer for Obama.

4 thoughts on “The Silver Lining in the Slaughter

  1. The second rule of politics is to feed your base. A hungry animal will turn on you. This is something that Democrats neglected to do: They attempted a number of half-ass measures (health-care, and wall street, reform), while dissing a few, for one, DADT.

    The third rule: Don’t capitulate to the opposition without first making it a fight–the Democrats surrendered the public option, and they weren’t even asked to. Already Obama is signaling that he will compromise on the Bush Tax cuts, and the negotiations haven’t even begun in earnest.

    What’s with that?

    Obama needs a crash course in the art of negotiating. But with this new crop there’s no need for it: They’re the ones making demands, using what they see as a mandate from the people, as leverage.

    The Tea Party is coming with pistols drawn, and cocked, prepared to blast through any opposition standing in front of them, whether it comes from Democrats or Republicans.

    I’m loaded up on popcorn. The show is about to begin!


  2. Progressive, lol. When people name themselves “progressive” must like when communists claim to be on behalf of the “people”, you know you’re being conned. This is the type of progress that the left have inflicted upon our nation for the past 50 years.

    The democrats didn’t suffer enough in this election because they still have most of the media in their pocket plus the corruption on the ground and ballot stuffing in NV, IL, WA, and elsewhere. They should have all been thrown out for the past 2 years of utterly irresponsible governance. $3T in additional debt in 18 months? Impending hyperinflation? A 20% reduction in the value of the dollar? A quagmire in Afghanistan and a 22% increase in government spending? This is madness. The only rational explanation is that Obama and his far left radical administration WANT our nation to fail so that they can replace it with the left wing one world government bullsh*t and enslave us all. If they keep pushing that, we’ll have a civil war. And the end result won’t be pretty for anyone involved.


    • You still wearing the tin foil hats and squatting in your basement with a rifle and surrounded by jugs of water?

      I’m not even going to waste my time swatting these lazy pop flies you’re throwing. Let’s just remember who were the assholes who dragged America into Afghanistan in the first place and then left the job unfinished while they started an illegal and immoral war and that was your asshole buddies, Dick Cheney and the sock puppet, George Bush.

      Selective memory must be how you right-wingers live with yourselves.


      • Wwho dragged America into Afghanistan in the first place? The Bush administration with massive democrat bi-partisan support. Want to talk selective memory? Lets ignore Afghanistan and just stick with the more unpopular Iraq. Who voted for that war? Lets see… the current VP, Secretary of State, Senate Majority Leader, and VP of the democrat’s 2000 ticket and the entire ticket of their losing 2004 team (i.e, Hair Pair). And, do you recall that during the 2004 DNC primaries that Kerry attacked Dean for his “irresponsible” opposition to the Iraq war that Kerry supported.

        These wars were started on a bi-partisan basis with UN resolutions backing them up. Plus, 70%+ of the people were behind them too. Selective memory? It’s the spineless democrat politicians who voted to send out troops into harm’s way and then who cowardly turned sides when the “going got tough”.

        Left the job unfinished? Well, if you were concerned, you should have voted for McCain since he would have kept the effort going in an intelligent way.

        And why aren’t the troops home, Jeff? Obama’s had two years. Why haven’t the wars become more important to this punk than golf, vacations, lavish overseas trips, music nights at the WH, picking basketball brackets, raising money, and (of course!) giving ultra-partisan political speeches??? Obama, when he was fighting Hillary and her responsible statements that the troops would have to be there for a while (she was clearly correct), argued that NO, they should come home immediately! Why did Obama lie about that (and dozens of other things)??

        And where are the anti war protesters now that Obama has escalated the unwinnable war in Afghanistan and at the same time saddled our troops with idiotic rules of engagement that are getting them killed in record numbers? Does he even CARE about the troops or is it all about HIM? Clearly it is when it comes to that immature, thin-skinned, self obsessed narcissistic wanna-be.

        But, you did get one thing right about where I post from. My basement. It’s a walk out that has a nice view out to the lake I live on in Michigan. I’ve enjoyed some great Fall views, many swans, geese, and ducks, and other assorted wildlife. And, my rifles are where they belong, in the safe.

        But thanks for exhibiting your knee jerk personal attack on me… rather than debating the issues at hand. It is what the left wing “does” these days. I attack Obama and you attack… me.


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