…and how much did YOUR week suck?

Keep a stiff, upper lip, Mr. President

By any standard, this November sucked for Barack Obama. It started bad and it’s ending worse.

Isn’t it enough he had to wave “bye-bye” to his Democratic majority in the House and watched Republicans take 11 governorships obstructing his road map to a second term  and North Korea decided to act a fool and bomb a disputed territory in South Korea?   Even when the guy tries to relax with a game of pick-up basketball he catches an elbow in the mouth and ends up with 12 stitches.   I mean, damn, can’t this guy catch a break?

There’s been presidents whom have had a worse November than Obama, but few as personally painful.   I hope he had a good Thanksgiving dinner because the rest of his month sucked ass. 

The guy who did it is probably a G.O.P. ringer paid off by Sarah Palin in revenge for all those phone calls made from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that sent Bristol Palin tumbling to a third-place finish on Dancing With the Stars.

I don’t watch stuff like Dancing With the Stars (and I’m about as likely to watch Sarah Palin’s Alaska as she is Jeff Winbush’s Ohio)  and care less who wins or loses the competition.    I can’t stand Mr. and Mrs. Palin but I don’t have anything against the kids, so when daughter Bristol made a serious run at actually winning the thing,  it didn’t mean anything to me one way or another.  Maybe she actually can dance.  It’s not like I was going to watch the show to find out. 

So when she lost to Jennifer Grey, the chick from Dirty Dancing and her surgically altered mug, I couldn’t figure out why there was so much unrestrained glee over Bristol’s distant third-place finish.   I thought, “Damn, that’s kinda harsh.  Sure her mom’s an asshole, but why pick on her?   Who cares if she wants to be a reality TV star?”

That was before I found out conservative bloggers were rallying to Bristol’s defense after she said,   “Going out there and winning this would mean a lot. It would be like a big middle finger out there to all the people out there who hate my mom and hate me.”

Whoa.  “A big middle finger?”  Now I get where all the hate came from.   It might be asking too much to ask an unsophisticated unwed mother from Wasilla, Alaska to present herself with a bit of humility and dignity, but scheming to use a dumb-ass dancing competition as a way to settle scores with your mommy’s critics is petty,  deliberately antagonistic and coming off a bit of a evil bitch.    I can see the apple doesn’t roll too far in the Palin family tree.  

The Palins enjoy coming off as complete dicks as they revel in being crude, unsophisticated and playing the part of all-American White Trash and I welcome it.  The more people get to know this creepy clan the more they realize how stupid, petty and vindictive they are.     One day the Mama Grizzly Matriarch is starting feuds with Barbara Bush after Babs suggested she should stay in Alaska and the next she’s on Crazy Glenn Beck’s radio show proclaiming how America must stand with North Korea.    Unfortunately for Sarah, America is allied with South Korea.   Maybe she can’t see North Korea from her backdoor? 

Obama had a lousy month.   It’s going to be a lousy next two years for anyone throughly sick of the Wasilla Hillibillies. 

How high is watching a mama grizzly's cub dancing on your "Must Do" list?

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