Grumpy Old White and Black Men

Cindy laughed when John forgot to tape his face on.

I’ve been backed up trying to finish some other long-simmering writing projects and had to put the blogging on the back-burner, but that hardly means I don’t have some thoughts on two grown-ass men acting like little spoiled brats because they aren’t getting their way.    One has his nose permanently out of joint because Barack Obama beat his butt and the other because Obama doesn’t kiss his butt.

John McCain: “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and I Don’t Care.”

WASHINGTON – Gay troops can serve openly in the armed forces without harming the military’s ability to fight, the Pentagon’s top leaders declared Tuesday, calling for the 17-year-old “don’t ask, don’t tell” ban to be scrapped and pointing to a new survey to show most troops won’t mind.

Looks like the only reason left for gays not to serve in the military is homophobia.

I thought DADT was a bad idea from the jump. I was in the service and I got hit on by a gay soldier, and while it freaked me out at the moment, I don’t have any problem with gays serving in the military. Now will someone tell that homophobe John McCain to get his liver-spotted ass the hell out of the way?  It’s high time for that old soldier to fade away.

McCain has dug his heels in presenting one weak excuse after another why DADT should not be repealed.   For the longest time the excuse was we needed to wait until the results of the survey of the troops were in.   Now they are and a clear majority has said in effect, serving with an openly gay soldier is a  “your problem” to the Senator, not a “our problem.”

Not that he’s going to wave any white flags anytime soon.   On CNN, accompanied by his oh-so-not-gay BFF, Sen. Lindsay Graham, McCain made it clear he wasn’t down for getting rid of DADT and demonstrated yet again how much of a sore loser he still is when he said, “The fact is, this was a political promise made by an inexperienced President or candidate for Presidency of the United States.”

Bitter much, Johnny?

The Republicans opposition to repealing a clearly discriminatory policy is based upon one thing and one thing only:  a deep and enduring fear and  hatred of gays and lesbians.   Every other possible reason has been debunked, discredited and should be discarded, but just because the 2010 election is over, it’s not too early to think about the 2012 election and feeding the  biases and prejudices of the Republican base is a never-ending task.   This is what happens when demonizing one group of Americans to appeal to another is the only successful game plan in your playbook.

Any thought that Maverick McCain the mainstream media slobbered over might return after Obama handed him his ass should be over and done.   What we have now is an increasingly, cranky senior citizen who looks more like he has an open mind and interested in reasoned debate than he’s pissed these busy body reporters refuse to take his word as gospel.

Time to up Johnnie’s meds again?

Cornel West puts President Obama on blast–again.

Cornel West, a card-carrying of the semi-permanent Black aristocracy and a homey of Tavis “Accountable” Smiley appeared on Democracy Now to assert there’s really not a dime’s worth of difference between the way George W. Bush and Barack Obama deal with Black America.

Gonzalez had asked Prof. West to comment on Kanye West’s assertion that “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people;” but the professor diverted into criticism of the current Administration. He said he thinks neither Bush nor Obama acts out of “racist motivation and intention,” but that both Administrations inflict(ed) “racist effect and consequence” on people of color, and that their policies have “generated levels of misery among Black people, Brown people, Red people, but especially among the working class poor.”

Cornel West echoed Kanye West in rebuking Obama: “… He doesn’t care about the Black poor: The evidence is overwhelming! … His policies [a]re racist in effect and consequence and especially classist in terms of generating misery among poor people, disproportionately Black and Brown. … The Obama Administration seems to have very little concern about poor people and their social misery: Look at the policies vis-à-vis Wall Street – downplaying Main Street; look at the policies of Black Farmers – a settlement already in place but they don’t want to execute it because they don’t want to be associated with Black folk too explicitly; look at the policies of dilapidated housing; we can go right across the board – look at the policies of the new Jim Crow – the Prison-Industrial Complex.”

I’m pretty familiar with West’s act by now and it’s about as tired as Kanye’s.   Maybe the good doctor thought he’d have a limo shuttling him to the White House when the president needed his special insights into what the Black intelligentsia are thinking today.   Alas, for West it hasn’t turned out that way and he seems a little put out by Obama’s inability to carry out the smoke and mirrors “policies”  of the illusionary “Black Agenda”  he and Smiley have pushed in their corporate underwritten State of Black America” circle jerks.

I have the utmost respect for what Dr. West contributes to the culture and the political discourse,  but he’s acting like his oversized ego has been bruised by the president’s lack of interest in catering to it.    This is the same man who complained  bitterly last year how “his dear brother” treated him like “a Cub Scout.”

If he were asking me for advice I’d tell Dr. West he needs to chill, get off of the radio and back in the classroom and that it’s time to either bust down the ‘fro or at least put some conditioner in it.

Ask yo’ boy Tavis to loan you a dab of some Afro-Sheen.

Now Barack, It's like this: "Put ya hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care."

2 thoughts on “Grumpy Old White and Black Men

  1. And by the way doesn’t West have anything else to wear aside from that SAME DAMN BLACK SUIT all the time? And what’s the thing around his neck he wears all the time as well? Still recovering from a car accident 15 years ago or what?

    His schtick is now as tired as Blockhead’s…. OOPS I meant Travisty Smily


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