Antoine Dodson rules in the Year of the Fool.

"A damn fool? Why, yes I am, thank you very much."

Another year almost in the books and so many people had their 15 minutes of fame and used up every last second of it. Lawd have mercy, you must have loved fools. You made so many of them.

You have your professionals: Rush Limbaugh, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck. Ann Coulter, Bill O’ Reilly, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews. Sean Hannity.

You have your politicos: Rep. Joe Wilson. Rahm Emanuel, John McCain, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Sarah Palin, Rep. Joe Barton, Sharron Angle, Christine O’ Donnell, Alvin Greene, Rand Paul, Michael “fried chicken and potato salad” Steele, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Joe “this is a big fucking deal” Biden and some guy named “Barry Otero.”

You have a slew of others to choose from such as BP CEO Tony Hayward, Alvin Greene, Carl Paladino, Helen Thomas, Haley Barbour, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Kanye West, Andrew Breitbart, Charlie Rangel, Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Bernie “fuck my victims!” Madoff, Queen Birther Beeyotch Orly Taitz and my personal cringe-worthy favorite, Antoine “they rapin’ everyone” Dodson.

I’m not saying Antoine was worst than Christine O’ Donnell who was trying to bring her dumbness to the Senate or Sarah Palin, a member for life of the Biggest Twits in the World Society or the Hitler and Stalin ravings of a Glenn Beck.   Certainly Joe “You Lie!” Wilson takes White Men Behaving Badly to a new low.   It’s that Dodson’s brand of dickery was particularly offensive in how much effort and enthusiasm he put into looking stupid as hell.

If you’re not Black there is no way you can understand what an eye-adverting, skin crawling embarrassment to the race Antoine Dodson is.   Cashing in on attempted rape is really keeping it classy, Antoine, but hustlers gotta hustle.   By the way, where’s your sister’s Billboard hit?   She was nearly as ghetto as you.

It’s a personal call choice if you like Antoine’s antics. He plays a most convincing fool. Just like the way he played to the cameras in his over-the-top, buffoonish “ghetto fabulous” way.

Playing the fool for fun and profit and into the worst Black/gay stereotypes is quite an accomplishment. Flavor Flav must be sooooo jealous.

Dodson is just the You Tube version of what African-American TV reporters call the “hair roller Black folks.” Something happens, the TV news vans roll up and out jump the reporters who stick a mike under the mouth of the most ghetto, ignorant, mushmouth they can find standing there with pink hair rollers and droppin’ their “g’s” like mad.

Oh, I seen the whole thing. It was like, ‘DAMN, that one dude just was standin’ there and den this other dude rolled up and he shot the one dude in his face, like “BLAM!” and den he took off runnin’ and shootin’ and I was watchin’ House ’cause I loves House, he so funny and like dat and I was like “Holy Jesus! Holy Jesus! I can’ts believe it!

Every Black television reporter I know has had an Antoine Dodson moment and most try to avoid them like a sickness.

Dodson represents a hi-tech version of a played out meme: the Black buffoon who clowns himself for the amusement of others. It’s 21st century cooning.

All that’s missing is the burnt cork and ripe watermelon.

Props and respect to Monica Roberts for the idea of a Fool of the Year post.   Thanks, Monica!

The spiritual forefather of Antoine Dodson.

3 thoughts on “Antoine Dodson rules in the Year of the Fool.

  1. Hair roller black folks… I swear I’ve seen just as many hair roller white folks in trailer parks on the news as well. Lower class is lower class. When someone is reacting to a very serious event that just happened, sometimes they don’t have the time to put on a suit.

    I think you’re buying into the stereotypes with this post, Jeff. Part of demolishing the constraints that others (and ourselves) put on the ways black people are “allowed” and “expected” to behave is also to let some behave in stereotypical ways without that being reflected on the entire race, or to put the onus on that person – who is simply being themselves – to change themselves so that others won’t be able to use them as proof that the stereotypes are real. But it’s not like whites WOULDN’T have still believed the stereotypes had he come out in a suit for the camera. Let’s put the onus where it belongs – with the people who will jump at any example, with a healthy dose of confirmation bias, to prove their false belief that we are “all” like that. Is it really so far-fetched to consider that maybe he wasn’t hamming it up completely (ok, maybe just a little, I’ll give you that) but was a brother caught up in the moment of anger at a serious situation? With his 15 minutes of fame, Antoine has taken care of his business and got his family the hell out of dodge. I consider Antoine more of a man than the majority of black men in my area, that’s for damn sure. Gay, straight, or otherwise.

    I don’t find Antoine an embarrassment at all. And I think black people should be allowed to behave in goofy ways like every other group of human beings on the face of the planet without it being reflected on the entire group. Do you see white people up in arms with collective embarrassment about the collection of their trash that parade around on MTV or Jerry Springer? I think New Jersey got irritated that Snooki was from New York, but it was never a racial thing. It is others’ fault when they want to judge us based on a perceived few, and I really don’t think we should be aiming our guns at those few as well.


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