Feeling the love, enjoying the hate.

This isn’t so much as just another in an ongoing series of blog posts as this is a victory lap.

It’s been a minute since the last time I had an article published in The Root. Okay—more like, it’s been five months since I had an article published in The Root. I’ve been on this losing streak  for so long that when I submitted my Sarah Palin: Graceless Under Pressure post, I wasn’t expecting anything but yet another, “Sorry, not for us.”

Only this time it was and the response was to put it mildly, pretty good.

How good?   The essay was selected as the “most popular” and most “e-mailed” story on the site.   There were almost 300 comments and another 1,588 “likes” on Facebook  plus an untold number of page views, but no doubt it’s a big number.

None of which will hurt my chances the next time I pitch a story to my editor.  Editors like a lot of traffic on their websites.   The fact I get paid for it too does not suck at all.

Apparently, I struck a nerve.  Then again when the subject is Sarah Barracuda and the stupid shit she spews out with clockwork regularity, readers don’t straddle the fence.  They love her intensely and hate her with the same degree of intensity.

They aren’t shy about sharing their feelings about ye olde wordsmith either.   Some of them were too good to keep them to myself.

Mr. Winbush is lying when claims he implies that Sarah Palin’s use of the term “blood libel” is anti-Semitic. It is the false accusation that Jews were complicit in the murder of children, which the term describes, that is anti-Semitic. Ms. Palin used it because she was herself falsely accused of complicity in murder. Not too hard to understand, even for a dimwitted Leftist.

Mr Winbush also lies when he describes Rabbi Hirschfield’s piece, to which he links, as explaining “why many Jews took offense at Palin’s use of the phrase.” In fact the rabbi said “I have no particular problem with people, including gentiles, analogizing their own woes to that of Jews”. What a dishonest creep Winbush is.


If Sarah Palin said Hi, how are you? she would be criticized. This article is doing the same thing that Obama criticized by it’s attack on Palin. It is incorrect about the use of blood libel which is commonly used to express serious libel against someone. Originally it referred to libel against the jews that was prevalent eons ago. However, it is not a jewish phrase nor is it anti-jew. There is no doubt that Palin has been attacked and deserves to make a response and call the attack exactly what it is. This slanted incorrect article is the same type of rhetoric that is causing dissention in this country and it is an attempt to prevent Palin’s free speech.

I am astounded about your remarks here. I live in rural America and I feel that some of you who spend your lives within the concrete cities must have no idea what life is like in the real world. Out here where most of us live we are bound by constitutional law and we expect same from our government. We are the sons and parents and grandparents who have fought the wars against communism like those who live in the cities have. America, “land of the free home of the brave” is not just rhetoric to me, it is a way of life. In this slow economy while my business is slow I find much time to “TARGET” socialist politicians for replacement by far sighted, conservative representatives to fill the job of public servant in Washington DC. I am a horse that is tired of being dragged around by the cart. Truth is Sarah Palin is a conservative Wife, Mother, Grandmother and her roots are vary American. If you listen real American values issue forth from her mouth when she speaks.

If you are tired of this sort of back stabbing journalism please comment. It is important that this sort of thing is met with overwhelming rejection.

Oh good F#%^ greif!!! You stupid moron! She was responding to you RABID liberals who were accusing her of inciting this violence. Her quote of R. Reagan was exactly right! But you moron on the left are too friggin stupid to be able to see what the average American see as plain as the nose on Jimmy Durante’s face!


I don’t know who Jeffrey Winbush is, but his criticisms of Sarah Palin are complete nonsense. I suspect that Mr. Winbush is young, a strong Obama supporter, and either a socialist or a communist. Socialism and communism are nothing new. They have been tried by totalitarian regimes in numerous countries around the world. The people that have suffered and lived under these regimes do not recommend them. –Just ask anyone that lived in the former Soviet Union. –Just ask the twenty million souls that died in the Soviet labor camps under Comrade Stalin. –Just ask the hundreds of people that have died under socialized medicine in Great Britain and Western Europe. Maybe Mr. Winbush should have a conversation with some of the first generation of Cuban refugees still living in Miami. I suspect Mr. Winbush received his journalistic education from liberal professors that have never operated a business or missed a meal. He criticizes Sarah Palin because he has no real understanding of history, and even less of American conservatism. He bases his criticism on the term “blood libel.” He knows full well that Palin was not referencing the medieval use of the term. Winbush is looking for any flimsy excuse to defile the stature of Palin in the eyes of the public. I am seventy-one years old, and in a few years I will be dead. When I consider the generation that will soon be in charge of things, death doesn’t look so bad. Good Luck Mr. Winbush. I too was once young and ignorant.

As opposed to being old and still ignorant?   How else would you describe  some guy who accuses someone he doesn’t even know of being a “socialist or communist?”

Sarah Palin groupies crack me up.  A bunch of  conservative White guys holding out hope their wet dreams of fucking her will one day come true.

I hate writing about Palin but I love my haters.   They reassure me I’m not wasting my time even while they’re juicing up my page hits.

Hey, Palin groupies! This what you REALLY want?

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