Whitewashing Reagan’s Racist Past.

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I usually don’t cover the same topic in consecutive posts, but this latest example in whitewashing Ronald Reagan’s troublesome racial past was so far out there I couldn’t let it go without a  comment.

Check this out from Michael Reagan, one of dear dead Dutch’s brats writing  at Townhall.com:

Who was the first black president?

Two decades before the election of Barack Obama, novelist Toni Morrison dubbed Bill Clinton “our first black President.” She even said that Clinton was “blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime.”

Well, I could make an even stronger case for my father, Ronald Reagan, as “our first black president” — but I won’t make that claim. I don’t want to diminish the justifiable pride African-Americans take in having a president who is genetically and culturally black. Our first black president is Barack Obama.

But the past two years have made one thing clear: Ronald Reagan was a far better friend to black Americans than Barack Obama has been. Just compare the Reagan and Obama records. Under Obama, black unemployment rose from 12.6 percent in January 2009 to 16.0 percent today. This means that black unemployment has increased by more than one-fourth since Obama took office.

On this anniversary of Dr. King’s birthday, less than a month before the hundredth birthday of Ronald Reagan, it’s fitting to note that Ronald Reagan did more to improve the lives of African-Americans than any other president since Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately, we have to acknowledge that America’s first black president has made life worse for us all — and especially for black Americans.

History does not judge presidents by the color of their skin, but by the content of their policies.

This is more than just another brain-dead commentary.  It’s a bald-faced lie and  even reposting it makes me feel like I’m validating it, but to let rank stupidity go unaddressed allows a lie to live and thrive when it’s picked up on repeated again and again.

Michael Reagan’s selective memory recall conveniently ignores President Obama inherited from the son of Reagan’s vice-president an economy in shambles and massive unemployment and housing foreclosures.

Sonny boy Mike also ignores how his daddy chose Philadelphia, Mississippi, where three Civil Rights workers were pursued and murdered by racists, to give the first major speech of his successful bid to unseat Jimmy Carter and professed his support of “state rights,” a phrase that has meant backing segregation.

Reagan personally was probably not a racist, but he surely did not mind providing aid and comfort to those who were such as the South Africa government and the sinister  system of White supremacy known as apartheid.   Reagan was real likable to the likes of P.W. Botha and the other bigots in Pretoria. For Nelson Mandela and the millions of Black South Africans suffering under the boot heel of the White minority? Probably not so much.

Reagan went so far as to veto The Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 which banned all new U.S. trade and investment in South Africa and imposed sanctions against the regime. His veto was overridden by the Senate 78 to 21 and the House by 313 to 83. Congress handed Reagan a history-making rebuke as it marked the first time in the 20th century a foreign policy veto had been overridden.

Reagan could be on the wrong side of history and do it with a big ol’ smile and convince his followers it was all sunshine and rainbows.

It takes a special politician to pull off that kind of trick.   It takes the greatest Jedi mind trick of all time to rewrite history to make  Ronald Reagan a better friend to the Black community than Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.  Michael Reagan attempt to do so should me rightly ridiculed as the  whitewashing of his daddy’s nod-and-winking embrace of racism and discrimination.

Ronnie: "Mommy, is there a strange Negro in the room?" Nancy: "Yes, there is. Ignore him and maybe he will go away."

2 thoughts on “Whitewashing Reagan’s Racist Past.

  1. Thanks. Someone had to say it, and you said it well. Michael Reagan has an audience for this kind of history-bending claptrap. Let’s see how many of them speak up and cry foul.


  2. They didn’t call him the teflon president for nothing. I interviewed the guy four times back in the day, and what pissed me off was that even when I got a good answer out of him about Blacks and poverty…my editors deemed it not important enough to make the newscast…He had help disguising his real persona back then as well as today…

    Good post!


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