A Liberal In the Right-Wing Lion’s Den

Jesse Lee Peterson: on a mission to out-right wing the Whitest right-winger.

When I went on The Jesse Lee Peterson radio show, the last thing I was expecting was anything remotely resembling an intelligent and reasoned debate.   I knew I would try to  hold up my end, but I had no illusions Peterson, an ardent right-winger and frequent guest on Sean Hannity “let’s bash Obama” television show would do his part.   Conservative talk radio thrives on conflict instead of consensus and ranting at each other instead of reasoning together.

Peterson, an Atlanta-based preacher and right-wing radio host made his dubious claim to fame by saying crazy crap like, “Barack Obama hates White people, especially White men” and “A majority of Whites supported Obama to prove that they’re not racists.   And ninety-six percent of Blacks voted for him because of his race.   More and more Americans, both Black and White are beginning to realize the truth about Obama’s massive welfare plan and his desire to punish the producers in this country.  People are feeling let down by the “Messiah’ and regret voting for this supremely corrupt individual.”

Jesse Lee also says if White folks ever leave the United States and leave it to Blacks to run the country, “they would turn America into a ghetto within ten years.”    He also has thanked Whites for slavery and compared conditions on slave ships to “being on a crowded airplane.”   Peterson is regurgitating the  same old right-wing revisionist bullshit, but this time  in Blackface, but he’s got the microphone, not me.   Smooching White conservative ass has its benefits.

I was invited to appear on the morning radio show following my Sarah Palin article on The Root.   I didn’t expect to be challenged by the host or his callers and I wasn’t.   It was more like a series of jabbing and feinting as we circled around the issues throwing out  talking points.   I’ve done radio and television shows many times over the years and been attacked from the Left as a sell-out “Sambo,” so being ripped from the Right is nothing new.

Jesse Lee and I rapped for a while about the article with him blowing big sloppy kisses to the favorite MILF’s of the middle-aged conservative male, Palin and fellow nutcase, Michelle Bachmann.   What is it about these guys?   Do they need to update their porn collections or what?   I was expecting to spend no more than 15 minutes or so, but I ended up doing the entire hour.  He opened up the phones to the listeners and I sparred with three callers.   The first was more interested in yapping about how the media is trying to silence conservatives (zzzzzzz) and calling me a “piranha” who how I was “feeding on the blood and flesh of conservatives.”

I prefer a ham-and-cheese omelet from IHOP in the morning  to  chunks of bloody conservative flesh, but I wasn’t taking this seriously anyway, so I shrugged it off.   You have to respect someone to be offended by them and this goof was only interested in the sound of his own voice.   He certainly wasn’t interested in anything I had to say.

Brown shoes don't make it.

The next caller was at least polite enough to make his point and allow me to respond.   It was the last caller who almost pissed me off.   He hadn’t read the article.  All he needed to know was I was an eeeeeeevil liberal who was out to destroy America.    I don’t mind a radio show’s callers disagreeing with me.   I know I’m a visitor to his house and I’ve got to deal with his rules.

What I don’t like is some punk calling up and because there are thousands of miles between you and them, grows a pair and talks shit.    “Paul” said I was a “coward” who “ought to be ashamed for trying to lead Black people back into slavery.”  He went off about how Democrats have never done anything good for this country and were the party of racists.    Like every Black conservative who goes on that “racist Democrat” tirade, Paul fell back on listing a few Southern crackers (George Wallace, Bull Connor, Lester Maddox) who each and every one of them were long dead, buried, worm droppings.   Can’t these guys update the list to include a Democrat who hasn’t been dead for 20 years?

A battle of wits with a guy shooting blanks is boring,  so Jesse Lee asked me if I agreed with Evil Dick Cheney’s prediction that Obama would be a one-term president.    I replied how I agreed with Colin Powell when he said about Obama, “we elected a man, not a superman” and how Evil Dick  had been America’s worst vice-president who should have been indicted as a war criminal.

Two can play that “throw ’em some red meat and watch ’em come running ” game.   Jesse Lee went off on how Powell was a traitor to the Republican Party by supporting Obama over John McCain and how he had only voted for Obama because he was Black.   That argument never made sense because the flip side to it is even if Blacks did vote for Obama out of misguided race loyalty, the same  holds true for Whites voting for McCain, but you hear it all the time.

Before we could dialogue further,  the show ended abruptly without so much as a “thanks for coming on”  Jesse Lee had probably run too long or too close to the top of the hour break.  I wasn’t sweating it.  He had treated me fine, pronounced my last name right and allowed me to plug my website (though there has been a disappointing lack of hate mail).   Maybe Paul hasn’t learned how to write?   I hadn’t done anything to embarrass myself.  At least anything more embarrassing than having done the show in the first place.

I did tell Jesse Lee one bald-faced lie.   I said I’d be glad to do his show .   He immediately asked me to come back the next morning to discuss “the Messiah’s” State of the Union address.   Turning down the invitation wasn’t hard.  Whatever minimal entertainment value I had hoped to get from the experience fell far short of my meager expectations.    The show’s  producer sent me an e-mail and blew up my cell with a message  gushing  how Jesse Lee had appreciated me standing up for my tin foil hat, far out,  America hating, Obama loving socialist principles.   How would I like to be on the show again?

Um….No.   I wasn’t expecting Meet the Press, but I had rolled out of bed, done the show in my bathrobe and defended myself from a few grumpy conservatives.   It wasn’t much fun and it certainly wasn’t any sort of intellectual challenge.   .

Talking to Jesse Lee Peterson and the three stooges that make up his audience was like getting a bad blow job:  an experience worth remembering, but not worth repeating.

4 thoughts on “A Liberal In the Right-Wing Lion’s Den

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  2. You gave no thoughts or insights in this article. All you did was insult Jesse & other conservatives. I find over & over that liberals have nothing to offer but insults. And you have as your picture Colin K, who is a Mus lim that h8s American. His whole refusal to stand is due to his “Palestinian” Mus lim gf.

    But you probably love “Palestinian” A rabs; & h8 Israel as much as you do USA. No doubt you love that Tlaib called Trump a Motherfkr; & that her main goal is to drum up h8red against Israel so A rabs can take a 23rd country for their own.

    No doubt you love the A rab Mus lim Linda Sarsour, buddy of Mus lim Tlaib, Mus lim Omar, “socialist” Cortez, & Mus lim Farakhan. She’s an A rab who also h8s J ews, Israel, & whites. She’s such an honest person, isn’t she?

    No doubt you also can’t wait until A rabs, & their genocidal Apocalyptic death cult rules USA. Too bad that Chrstian blacks will be slaughtered along with all the whites & J ews, huh? At least we can become just like EU is now, with the millions & millions of Mus lims invading. I bet you think nothing is wrong in EU, right? Your Musl im buddies tell you that? Or about all the “racism” trying to stop their religion from r aping, beating, & k illing all the whites?


    Liberals have nothing but insults. They have no knowledge of the world, of reality. They are bullies, who push Is lam’s agenda without bothering to look past the lie that it is “the same as the other Abrahamic religions.” Bullying & lying are your tools. You’re pawns of Is lam; & you will be slaughtered by them when you’re no longer of use.



    • Hey, I’m really glad you hated the Jesse Peterson story! I thought he was a lunatic who hates his own skin color and everyone else who is Black. If he’s your idea of a credible, serious thinker, you’re welcome to J.P. And yes, Colin Kaepernick is my avatar of the moment. I prefer Black men who stand up to racism, brutality and discrimination instead of fools like Peterson who suck up to White bigots. As for the rest of your babbling about Muslims and Islam and Palestine and blah-blah-blah, you sound like a pretty frightened person. Maybe you should stay off the internet or at least away from all those mind-rotting right-wing web sites and blogs you linked to. They’re bullshit and its bad for ya.

      Thanks for your own insults, bullying and lying. I hope to give you more reasons to lose your mind over. Peace out!


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