Pedophiles: The Ultimate Thief

Evil wears a bland, blank face.

It’s this sort of evil that makes me want to give up on human beings as a species.  First thing though it makes me want to throw up.

Fla. police: Toddler raped at SeaWorld

Suspect saved photos of assault on cell phone, sent pictures to e-mail account, cops say

ORLANDO, Fla. — Florida authorities say a 26-year-old man raped a 2-year-old girl at SeaWorld Orlando and saved pictures of the crime on his cell phone, local media reported Friday.

Michael Grzybowicz of Cocoa Beach, Fla., has been held without bail in the Brevard County Jail since Saturday, Orange County sheriff’s deputies said.

Grzybowicz is accused of raping the child on Feb. 17 after her mother had asked him to briefly watch the toddler inside the theme park, according to Orlando TV station WESH.

Pictures of the alleged rape were found on Grzybowicz’ phone and sent to his e-mail account, the sheriff’s office said.

Records state that four photographs in the phone’s memory chip showed the violation of the youngster wearing a diaper and a yellow sun dress while she rode in a dark blue stroller, according to The Orlando Sentinel.

Grzybowicz told investigators that he didn’t know how the photos got onto his cell phone, according to media reports

I’m a man with a great deal of imagination, but I cannot think of a punishment worse enough to make this monster suffer well enough.

Oh, but how I would enjoy trying.

All the “he’s innocent until proven guilty” crap aside (What’s his defense going to be? “Heck, your honor. She looked at least five. She came on to me.”) It should take about 15 minutes to convict this creep. I predict a brief, unhappy, terrifying and hopefully an excruciatingly painful prison experience for Mr. Gryzbowicz.

In prison, fellow inmates derisively call pedophiles “chesters,” “tree jumpers” and “short eyes.”

Prison can be a menacing place for child molesters like the former Roman Catholic priest John Geoghan, who was killed in his cell Saturday — or for other alleged pedophile priests working their way through the criminal justice system.

“If you take out a sex offender like this former priest in Massachusetts, maybe the person who took him out thought he’d make a name of himself,” said Margot Bach, a spokeswoman for California Department of Corrections. “Taking [a pedophile] out would gain [the killer] a lot more respect among the other inmates.”

In fact, Geoghan’s accused killer, Joseph Druce, “looked upon Father Geoghan as a prize,” and plotted his killing for a month, John Conte, district attorney for Worcester County, Mass., told reporters Monday.

Though prison officials in some Northeastern states question the idea of an automatic social hierarchy among prisoners based solely upon their offenses, most agree that if there is one, child molesters and informants — derided as “snitches” — occupy the lowest rungs.

Such offenders, including Geoghan, often are placed into protective custody with other prisoners seen to be under a threat.

“Once their crime has become known, they usually don’t make it” without protective custody, said Lt. Ken Lewis, a corrections officer and spokesman at California’s Los Angeles County State Prison. “There’s a lot of [pedophiles] that can successfully make it … as long as they don’t brag about their offense.”

If they do talk, “they’ll get beat up,” Lewis added. “In some places he may even get his throat cut.”

That potentially could mean a lot of inmates at risk. At the end of 2001, about 83,000 state prison inmates, or about 6.8 percent, were male sex offenders who had committed a rape or sexual assault against a minor under age 18, according to Allen Beck, chief of corrections statistics for the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Just 56 state and federal prisoners out of a population of about 1.3 million were actually killed by other inmates during the yearlong period between July 1999 and June 2000, and it was unknown how many were pedophiles, Beck said.

But unpopular prisoners also can be harassed in other ways.

“[Child sex offenders] are at risk of being murdered, having their food taken, having their cells defecated and urinated in,” said Leslie Walker, a prisoner’s rights activist with the Massachusetts Correctional Legal Society. “Their life is truly a living hell.”

‘Scuse me while I wipe away a tear or two for the poor put-upon pedophiles.

Prisoners, many of whom are fathers, have no regard for this kind of low lives.  The same thing goes for the guards. You think they give a rat’s ass about some scumbag baby rapist screaming bloody murder while he gets gutted like a fish in the shower?  I sure wouldn’t.

The living hell is occupied by the children.  The hope is the child is “too young to remember.”  I have doubts this is the kind of thing even a child’s mind totally forgets happened.

This feeling of undiluted rage is a not very forgiving, but natural reaction to this kind of outrage.  I know I would never do the terrible things I’d like to think I’d do this slime. There is no punishment conceivable for someone who would sexually assault a 2-year-old.   I am only venting in equal parts anguish and frustration because the sad reality is you can’t shame a pedophile.  You can only try to stop them.    .

I can only take some cold comfort in the high likelihood this guy never walk the streets again breathing air as a free man and quite possibly not long as an imprisoned one either.   So please enjoy what I hope will be a relatively short rest of your worthless life, Mr. Gryzbocwicz. I pray your victim heals from both the physical trauma and possibly the mental anguish that may come. I have no such prayers for you.

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