Obama 2012: A Second Term for a Sellout?

Is this the first declared Republican for 2012?

Today the first Republican announced he was running for the presidency.  No teasing or messing around with any “exploratory committee” crap.  Barack Obama just stepped right up and said he’s in the race for 2012.

Wait.  You mean Obama isn’t a Republican?

Could have fooled me.   The way some on the Left are ripping the guy you might think he was finishing up George Bush’s third term.

Three years into any president’s term, there are always former true believers who feel the guy they voted for has been untrue and Obama is not exempt from this.   He has former admirers, supporters, and believers who neither admire, support or believe in him anymore.

Among those who voted for Obama in 2008 who will not vote for him again or are lukewarm on a second term for him, there’s an extra grievance for some of the president’s African-American supporters.   They claim Obama has heard and heeded the Jewish Agenda and the LGBT Agenda and the Hispanic Agenda and the Asian Agenda, but totally has blown off the Black Agenda.

I’ve heard for three years running how Obama has blown off “the Black agenda.” Could someone please tell me what IS the Black Agenda? Who crafted it? Who was in charge of delivering the Agenda to the Obama Administration? And most importantly, what’s in it for me? 40 acres, a mule and a coupon for Church’s chicken?

It’s a source of constant amazement to me how so many people act as if Obama walked into the White House on January 20, 2009 and into a perfect situation left by his predecessor instead of a perfect storm. Perhaps their disappointment today is driven by their own unrealistic expectations yesterday.

Then again, focusing on Obama’s failure to deliver relieves us of the responsibility of reconsidering our own misreading of political realities.

There are many critics of Obama I have mad respect for like Cornel West and Prof. Boyce Watkins, but my respect only goes so far,   I see substance to Obama, not just symbolism. But I will confess to being at times a bit confused about what Obama has actually accomplished.

The new boss same as the old boss?

As much as I have mad respect for Prof. Watkins, I see substance to Obama, not just symbolism. But I will confess to being at times a bit confused about what Obama has actually accomplished.

“What the heck has Obama done?” cry the disillusioned.  It’s a legitimate question.  Quite a bit is the answer e if they want to bother looking.

Obama’s critics blast his lack of action on “the Black agenda.” Okay, so what IS the Black Agenda? Who crafted it? Who was in charge of delivering the Agenda to the Obama Administration? What’s in it for me? 40 Acres and A Mule and a coupon for Church’s chicken?

Want to ding Obama?  Here’s a good reason to do so.  Unemployment dropped nationally to 8.8 percent with White unemployment going down to 7.9 percent.  That’s great if you’re a White guy looking for work.  Not so good if you’re Black because the unemployment rate rose to 15.5.  Now there’s a legitimately serious issue that cost Obama among his most devout bloc of voters.

Of course, McDonald’s announced they were hiring 50,000 new workers, so it’s not all bad.

Ready or not, it's about that time.

There needs to be more attention given over to the systemic problem of chronic Black unemployment. Do I really need to know who the president has in his NCAA basketball tournament bracket.  That’s a photo-op.  It’s not leadership when people are hurting and need jobs.   The president, the Congressional Black Caucus and others in positions of leadership in the Black community should be bold and take the lead on this dilemma. We are reaching critical mass as more young Black lives swirl down the drain without jobs, opportunity or hope.

The NAACP and National Urban League can issue reports and polls and white papers enough to wallpaper Texas Stadium.  Tavis Smiley can hold a State of the Black Union every day of the week and twice on Sunday, but words without deeds are a waste of time.    I’m damn tired of Black folks bumping their gums saying, “Wah!  Obama isn’t carrying out the Black Agenda.  THERE IS NO BLACK AGENDA AND EVEN IF THERE WAS ONE WHERE HAS IT BEEN FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS OR SO?

Instead of focusing on Chris Brown’s meltdowns, Charlie Sheen’s crack-ups, the NCAA Final Four, Libyan no-fly zones or who’s going to win ‘American Idol” , our so-called “leaders” have an opportunity to hold the president AND the Republicans in Washington truly ACCOUNTABLE.

Say you want a Black Agenda (but don’t have any clue about what should be on it)?  Here’s a couple of suggestions.  Get serious about the chronic unemployment dilemma facing Black America.   End the war on drugs and finish the forgotten war on poverty.   Break up the prison industrial complex where young Black men are warehoused, stigmatized, criminalized and disenfranchised.  Place a moratorium on housing foreclosures. Support initiatives that strengthen the family and encourage education and entrepreneurship instead of ignorance and dependency.

That’s a good start, though likely impossible in the current toxic political environment for the Black community.

Where was the Black Agenda when the first Black President, Bill Clinton was horn dogging chubby thong-wearing interns in the Oval Office?   Is the Black Agenda null and void in Republican administrations?   ‘Cause if it is not I sure hope y’all give President Palin  as much hell as you’re giving President Obama!

I do not believe for a single second, Jews, LGBT’s, Latinos, or Asians are so monolithic Orthodox and Reform Jews, lesbians and gays, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans, Koreans, Chinese and Japanese they magically transcend their genuine and at times conflicting interests.   Maybe they just do a better job of NOT airing their differences in public.

Obama will made it official today.  He’s running for a second term.  This means those who aren’t feeling the change have a decision to make.

1.  Vote for President Obama.
2.  Vote for the Republican of Your Choice.
3.  Vote for a third party candidate.
4.  Don’t vote.

Is Barack Obama a sellout?  Not to my way of thinking.   Those of you who think otherwise will have to decide if the lesser of two evils is more evil than an All-Republican, All the Time monopoly in Washington D.C.  It’s really quite that simple.


4 thoughts on “Obama 2012: A Second Term for a Sellout?

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Great post – except for the sporadically repeated paragraphs, but maybe you did that on purpose. Repetition has its place, after all. (I tried to click on “Like” but it didn’t take. Problem?)


  2. Totally agree w/your post.

    And if those folks who sat out the last election or voted Republican because they were mad at the President haven’t figured out the ramifications of a Republican in the White House, then there is little one can say to persuade them to vote for Mr. Obama.


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