The Blood on Terry Jones’s Hands

God needs to call down a lightning bolt on this guy's head.

On April Fool’s Day, a mob of Afghans attacked a U.N. compound in northern Afghanistan and killed seven of the staffers.   The Afghans were angered by Pastor Terry Jones and the small congregation of Dove World Outreach Center on March 20 putting the Quran on “trial” and after finding the holy book “guilty” setting it on fire.

The last time Jones slithered out from his rock he was threatening to destroy the holy book on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.   Jones backed off the threat after a chorus of bipartisan disapproval rained down on him including one directly from President Obama.

Yet Jones said on ABC’s Nightline, he bears no responsibility for fanning the flames that consumed the lives of seven people.  “We wanted to raise awareness of this dangerous religion and dangerous element,” he said, “I think [the Afghanistan attack] proves there is a radical element of Islam.”

I’m just as frightened by the “dangerous religion and dangerous element” represented by hate-filled sickos like Jones.

A Christian fundamentalist asshole started this shitstorm because he says God told him to “hold Islam accountable.” Another group of Islāmic fundamentalist assholes killed innocent people who had nothing to do with the irresponsible actions of the first asshole.   I keep finding new reasons to believe in God and doubt those who proclaim how much they love him.

Jones says he has received over 300 death threats since the killing of the U.N. workers.  Police are protecting the Gainesville, Fla., church property (but not too hard I hope),

Jones is offering up the typical defense cowards always duck behind when their ignorant deeds and words go so dreadfully wrong:  it’s my Constitutional right to say whatever I want, Even if people get killed behind it.   The gives the  “all speech must be protected” crowd the opportunity to say, “Yeah, he’s slime, but he’s AMERICAN slime,” so we havet to have his back on this.”

I am not suggesting Jones doesn’t have the freedom of speech to say whatever stupid thing he wants to.  He certainly does.

But does the right to say what you want come without any obligation to be responsible for that speech?

I don’t consider Jones as any sort of victim here.  He didn’t pull the trigger, but he loaded the pistol and provided the target. He just knew safe and secure in the good old U.S.A. where you can engage in hateful, insulting and provocative speech and action and hide behind your First Amendment, he could wipe his ass with the Koran and someone would just shrug and say, “Oh well. It’s his right.”

I don’t feel lsorry for Jones about the death threats he’s received.  That’s his fault.   I  feel sorry for the people who died for his right to be a fool.  The next time some radical Islāmic cleric teaches the students of his madrassa how America is the Great Satan and Allah will smile upon anyone who smites the infidels, I certainly hope no one defending Jones today stars yelling and screaming about “religious bigotry” tomorrow

Maybe we should all pass the collection plate so the pastor can hop a flight to Afghanistan armed with a stack of Bibles so he can teach those godless heathens the error of their ways.

I’ve got an extra dollar of two I’m not using for anything better now. Don’t drop bombs on the Afghans. Drop Terry Jones.

They don't just hate us for our freedoms. They hate us because we burn their holy book.

As far as threats on his this worthless bag of skin’s life go, I take a Blade Runner approach to it: Painful to live in fear, isn’t it?

God really needs to tighten up on the minimum requirements to join the club. There are too many dummies pissing in the Holy Water.It also confirms what I’ve always suspected was true: God has some real assholes representing Her.

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