The Black Elitists vs the Black President

See? He's eating greens. That PROVES Obama is Black!

“I can’t pass laws that say I’m just helping black folks. I’m the president of the United States. What I can do is make sure that I am passing laws that help all people, particularly those who are most vulnerable and most in need. That in turn is going to help lift up the African-American community.”

~ President Barack Obama

The day after formally announcing he was running for a second term, President Obama traveled to New York City to speak at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention and both parties benefit from the association.   Obama gets to show his concern for issues of particular interest to African-Americans and Sharpton gets to rub shoulders with the President of the United States and gets to stand a bit taller among the ranks of unelected Black leadership.

Of course that didn’t go down well with some of Obama’s critics/haters.  Tavis Smiley and Cornel West are rapidly becoming the Cheech and Chong of angry Negro “intellectuals” and their latest comedy act takes both Obama and Sharpton to task.

Smiley: The President knows his base in Black America is shaky. You can’t play that history card more than one time.

West: Sharpton is wrong to provide cover to Obama given the level of Black suffering and misery.

I get why Tavis has a bug up his nose about Obama.  He got mad when Obama wouldn’t come off the campaign trail to show up for the 2008 State of the Black Union pajama party.  Then he got irked when Obama offered to send Michelle instead and just generally showed his ass about it.   He griped how the president did an interview with Bill O’Reilly during Super Bowl Sunday, but not one with him.  (Maybe blowing off the guy about to be president’s wife wasn’t the smartest thing you could have done, Tavis)  Then there’s the displeasing fact Smiley wrote a Obama-bashing book Accountable that flopped hard because people weren’t hearing that noise.

The rise of Obama’s star has come at the price of Smiley’s falling. Tavis has not taken the change in popularity well.  His jealousy and wounded ego means his opinion of the president’s job performance is completely tainted.   Smiley’s criticism of Obama are about as valid as what could be expected from Rush Limbaugh.

Dr. West’s problem with Obama is he has to back his boy, Tavis and that’s understandable.   Loyalty is a beautiful thing.  But the way the good doctor ignores the harsh realities and problems President Obama has had to face and the entrenched and sustained racism from the Republican Party, the right-wing media machine, billionaires like the Koch Bros. and their Tea Party foot soldiers assembled against the president’s agenda undercuts West’s credibility as a political commentator.

Or maybe Obama said something nasty about the good doctor’s acting in The Matrix Reloaded?

Maybe intellectuals such as West envisioned a bigger role as an adviser to Obama and when they weren’t invited into the tent he decided to take a giant leak on it instead.  There might be a deeper, more complex and complicated reason, but the mundane, petty and trivial reasons can’t always be dismissed.

What’s next for “Cheech” Smiley and “Chong” West?   Going the birther route and hoping Donald Trump scratches them a check?

Two crabs thinking up ways to pull Obama back into the barrel.

8 thoughts on “The Black Elitists vs the Black President

  1. Hmm….Mischief-makers (or am I supposed to say “foot soldiers?) on the Left have been cashing George Soros’ checks for YEARS, so what EXACTLY is wrong with those on the opposite side of the ideological spectrum cashing checks written by the Koch Brothers?


    • The Koch brothers aren’t exactly pro-America, that’s why. Unless you’re fond of busting unions, dismantling the EPA and other federal regulators of corporate excess, exempting corporations from paying taxes, reducing the tax burden of the uber-rich so that they pay no more than the poor, shipping jobs overseas under the guise of free-market adherence, putting guns into the hands of terrorists and psychopaths, fostering child labor, repealing the minimum wage, telling gays and lesbians who to marry, and coming between women and their doctors.


    • When you can give me examples of George Soros going beyond simply trying to elect his favorite politicians to actually benefiting directly from legislation passed by the Wisconsin governor and legislation, I’ll agree with your point Mr. Barbour. Right now, I’m afraid I don’t. The Kochs are more than fat cats writing fat checks to the Republican Party. They are also the money men behind Americans For Prosperity and other astroturf groups who are leading the Tea Party protestors around by their noses. It’s not remotely the same thing.


      • Don’t be partisan about systemic corruption. Soros very much benefits from non-existent financial enforcement, Free trade agreements, and geopolitical warfare. Pretty much every corporatist policy Obama advocates for, and lets be serious, we wouldn’t be so anti-hillery if he went down fighting…. like he promised us he would. So yea, naivete and stuff, sure all true. However you have no right to protect him from his record, only from unequal standards.


      • O, and to get more honest…. Soros is who’s leading us by the nose, so please don’t get offended when lesser evil is still horrifyingly evil.


  2. Tavis and Cornel are acting like 13 year old mean girls – it is truly sad to watch them both succomb to this petty behavior…oh well…here’s their theme song:

    We’re brothers!
    We’re petty and we’re bitter and we’re colored!

    Gimme a HI-FIVE!


  3. “Going the birther route and hoping Donald Trump scratches them a check? ”

    If they do they’re hoping Meredith Viera and not Bill O’Reilly will do the interviewing.

    You know I can’t figure out why Tavis just didn’t accept Michelle attending the conference and say something like how pleased he was to be surrounded by a couple of attractive intelligent women. Case closed. Instead he’s still smoldering over it and West instead of telling him to let it go keeps fanning the flames.

    BTW don’t insult Cheech and Chong like that.


    • Tavis’s Godzilla sized ego would not allow him to accept anything less than Obama at his pajama party. After all, Hillary showed up. How dare Bams try to pass off his old lady on something as monumentally important as the State of the Black Forum sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, your leader in sub-prime loans. To your point about Michelle, I wonder if Tavis even likes attractive, intelligent women or any other kind. Has anyone ever peeped Tavis with any women not named Dr. Julianne Malvauex or Mary Francis Berry?

      I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin.

      As Cornel West, as another prominent Black intellectual and professor asked, “Does he even teach anymore? Seems like the only thing West does is run his mouth.”


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