Nice Day for a White Folks Wedding

Bad taste is timeless.

Somebody who must not know me well (or at all) asked me since I work nights would I turn on the telly to watch the royal wedding?

My reply?

Not just “no”, but HELL no!

Why should a country that was founded on getting away from all this “royalty” crap care about some British blue bloods jumping the broom?

The person who does not know me well replied, “But it’s a fairytale and we could use a fairytale in these miserable times.”

Right. Just like the Charles and Diana fairytale before it imploded and the Andrew and Sarah fairytale before she started screwing around and letting some dude suck her toes.

I’m a grown-ass man and I never believed in fairy tales and I don’t care for sappy soap opera shit either.

The best line I read about the royal nuptials came on Twitter from author Colson Whitehead who tweeted, “A nation needs a princess, William. And an infusion of fresh DNA will help undo generations of inbreeding.


What best sums up my feelings for the sappy spectacle that don’t amount to a hill of beans?

Five little words.

The whole circle jerk is a fucking bore and if I’m negative about it, I reserve the right to resent this meaningless dog and pony show being shoved down the world’s collective throats as if to say, “Oh, isn’t this just so wonderful?”

No. it’s not.

People do love their sappy little soap operas so.

Two people fall in love and get married.  That’s terrific, but it ain’t special. It happens every day all around the world.    Garish spectacles like this reinforce the belief some of us matter more than the rest of us.
The difference is when the social elites do it that’s when it becomes a major news story with around-the-clock updates, in-depth analysis, experts speculating and pontificating and saturation coverage.

Love and marriage deserve celebration. Elitism does not.

If that makes me a “hater” I wear the label proudly.