In the days after the devil died…

Three Presidents and the one terrorist that united them.

If I were unlucky enough to be a member of the Pakistan government or military I would be sleeping rather badly worrying about what exactly Osama had on his hard drive.

Obama’s National Security Adviser says bin Laden may have been holed up in the mansion for SIX YEARS!!! Kind of makes you wonder what all those billions of dollars funneled into Pakistan bought the U.S. for their bucks. I’m sure there will be lots of senators and representatives on Capitol Hill who will want answers to these questions and more.

Osama is dead, but he might continue to make the lives of others pretty miserable.

Some commentators say the Obama Administration shouldn’t have revealed they confiscated information from bin Laden’s crib and they may have tipped their hand to Al Qaeda.

That’s one way of looking at it. Another is to make Al Qaeda think U.S. intelligence has found a treasure trove of info on names, addresses and what side of the bed they sleep on.

If Osama was playing house in his gilded palace of sin for six years and this entire ops was over within 40 minutes, do you really think the SEALs and CIA were able to snatch up everything of value? I know I don’t. But you can bet your buns the Pakistan intelligence services have snatched up whatever was left behind by now.

Additionally, information gathered today does not immediately translate into plots foiled and bad guys killed tomorrow. Whatever information Khalid Sheikh Muhammad provided by being water boarded by the Bush Administration, it didn’t turn into feasible intelligence until May 1, 2011.

This is not a game of checkers. It’s chess, and a lot of moves remaining to be made and strategies implemented before a final champion is determined.

The Obama Administration has played this smart for a while now. I doubt they suddenly got stupid by telling the world and the terrorists anything they did not want them to know.

I understand the heated response, but Pakistan is a nuclear power with over 100 missiles, a weak central government, a powerful and corrupt intelligence agency and some of the most rabidly anti-American fundamentalist Islāmic extremists who would make Osama look like a sell-out.

The U.S. can’t even pacify a backwater hole like Afghanistan. But that’s a walk in the park compared to going to war against Pakistan. There has to be some serious and fundamental examining of the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan, but if you think they’re just going to roll over and beg, you’re more than angry, you’re kidding yourself.

Team Obama on the job.

Do we really want to take out Pakistan and try to sell that as not declaring war on all Muslims too?

The reluctance (and outright refusal) by some conservatives to give President Obama his just due (like a certain clownish ex-governor who thanked his predecessor by name, but pointedly not him) exhibits an appalling degree of graceless on their part.

That, and they’re just a bunch of dicks.

Obama should have put on a Top Gun flight suit and landed on an aircraft carrier with a big ass “MISSION (FINALLY) ACCOMPLISHED” banner behind him as he took a victory lap.

Stay classy guys.

Al Qaeda wasn’t created as an a liberation struggle or to overthrow oppressive regimes and replace it with a system of governing more to Osama bin Laden’s liking.

It was a cult. A death cult of personality fueled by one hate-filled man’s evil wish to set the Muslim world at war with the West and he damn near made it happen.

Don’t try to tell me Al Qaeda was fighting for any kind of freedom. They feared and hated freedom and wanted no part it.

I appreciate the ability of some to intellectualize the deaths of nearly 3,000 people as if it can be written off as “Well, there’s two sides to the story,” but it really doesn’t carry any weight outside of discussion boards and on to the man and woman in the street that are predominantly pretty happy to be living in a world without Osama bin Laden in it.

The truth is not a pie that is sliced evenly in half or quarters. Sometimes the truth is one side is right and the other side is wrong and there is no divvying it up in equal slices.

Was there too much celebration? Were you expecting tears instead?

Osama bin Laden was wrong. He lived wrong, he died wrong and he believed in all the wrong things.

People who are displeased by how he met his demise and the passionate reactions to it are perfectly justified to express their disapproval. However, they should restrain themselves from sugar-coating what bin Laden stood for and tampering with history to suit their own narratives

When you send in the Navy SEALs it’s not to deliver a pizza.

They should have killed him about 3,000 times and it still would only be a good start.

The next great debate is whether or not to release the grisly photographs of Osama’s dead body (shot twice in the left eye and apparently once in the chest) and the video of his burial at sea. Not that any of this will dissuade the conspiracy theorists who prefer the cozy comfort of their unprovable fantasies to cold reality.

As a journalist, I believe in full disclosure, but only to the point it does not harm the national security interests of the U.S. or put our troops, diplomats and citizens at greater risk.

The terrorists have wanted to kill Americans whenever they could get the chance to. That hasn’t changed and I doubt they need any more motivation than they already have.

Yet, I’m hard pressed to argue the greater public good is served by putting a picture of Osama bin Laden with half his head blown away on the front page of the morning papers. It might be “news” but is it really “newsworthy?”

If it were my call, I don’t think I’d publish the photo.

What exactly is it I need to see here?   Osama’s head still smoking from the two bullets the SEALS put in it?  A bloody hole where his left eye was?  I’m not one of those freaks who cruise the Internet looking for the most graphic and repulsive images of dead bodies.

The president has decided not to release the photos and I totally agree with the decision.   There is nothing good that can come from the world seeing bin Laden in his dying moments.   He’s dead and he’s gone and that’s enough for me.

His fanatical supporters have already been denied a shrine. Why give them an image for a t-shirt?

It's all over but the paperwork