Are Black Babies Hollywood’s Hot New Accessory?


There are few people in the world that annoy the hell out of my daughter more than Angelina Jolie.   It’s not that she dislikes Jolie’s movies, envies her looks or her relationship with Brad Pitt.  No, what makes my daughter grind her teeth is when she sees Jolie and her Rainbow Coalition of racially mixed kids the actress has adopted from Cambodia, Ethiopia and Vietnam.

Along with Madonna, Jolie has led the way in the current wave of White stars adopting Black children.

Another day and another “celebrity” flies off to Africa to adopt a Black baby. I know it’s better for any child to have a parent(s) than to go it alone and unloved, but with Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Madonna and other White women adopting these kids, isn’t it beginning to look a bit like “everybody else is doing it so I want to do it too?”

Now its Jillian Michaels, celebrity trainer to the stars and star of The Biggest Loser getting in on the act and declaring she intends to adopt a child from the Congo.  Michaels explained in an interview with Women’s Health she doesn’t want to get pregnant to produce her own prodigy saying, “I can’t handle doing that to my body.   Also, when you rescue something, it’s like rescuing a part of yourself.”

Black kids: Every Hollywood home should have one.

Why a woman whose life’s work is whipping people’s bodies into shape dreads pregnancy and worries it will wreck her body is one thing, but as journalist and educator Denise Clay  observed, “If I’m not misunderstanding here, she’s not looking for a kid, she’s looking for a pet.  You rescue pets.”

When I read how Michaels is doing this because what pregnancy might do to her body it makes me wonder if she isn’t adopting for the right reasons. She sounds like the type once she gets bored with the kid, she’ll farm it out to a nanny and go about her merry way.

And must Michaels, Madonna, Jolie, Mary Louise-Parker go shopping overseas to shop for a kid? They can’t find any Black orphans Made in America?   According to an ABC News story Black children make up 15 percent of the population, but 32 percent of those in foster care.  There does not seem to be any evidence that Black children adopted by celebrities has spurred trans-racial adoption.

Ever notice you never see it the other way around?  What’s stopping Beyoncé and Jay-Z or Will and Jada from adopting a needy White kid in Bulgaria?

One group that definitely dislikes this phenomenon are White supremacists who seriously bent about it.  They’ve noticed it and don’t much like it.  Take this tender little tidbit from the racist website following Law and Order: SVU star Mariska Hargitay’s adoption of a Black child.

So, just like millions of other brainwashed white women like her, Mariska wasted the prime years of her life pursuing vanity and fame of Hollywood. And then, she finally does decide to have kids, only to find out that her plumbing doesn’t function anymore. But no fear, just like many other white libtards who have come before and (sadly) will keep coming after her, she’s more than happy to be a good cuckold and raise Bonquisha the hood rat’s and Tyrone the sperm donor du jour’s unplanned, unwanted and unaborted baby.

Good to know the mouth breathers keep up with current events.  I’m surprised to find one that can actually read.

I’m not zero tolerance to the idea of White celebrities adopting Black kids and I can’t agree with the position the National Association of Black Social Workers which blasted trans-racial adoption as “cultural genocide.”   That takes things too far.  Kids need to be in a loving home with a loving parent(s).   Nobody is better off going unwanted and unloved until they age out of the system.

That said, Hollywood is a place where if something is popular, everyone lines up to be part of the hot thing of the moment.   The bull market in Black babies could be driven by the genuine urge of celebrities to give a child a better life.   Unfortunately, too often it looks like buying a Black baby is Hollywood’s newest fashion accessory.

The Material Mama and one of her proud possessions.