Mark Halperin’s Dick Move

Mark Halperin is a snappy dresser.

What happens when you say the President of the United States is acting like “a dick?”

Not much if you’re a smart-ass political analyst with a big mouth. a small brain and a forum to air your stupidity.   Mark Halperin of TIME magazine and regular contributor to MSNBC’s Morning Joe rolled a verbal  hand grenade in the general direction of President Obama in response to his press conference this week.

Halperin: “Do we have the seven-second delay today? I want to characterize how I thought the President behaved?”

Brzezinski: “We have it. [To producer] We can use it, right?”

Scarborough: “Yeah, sure, come one, take a chance. Have faith.”

Brzezinski: “Let’s see what happens.”

Scarborough: “I’m behind you. You fall down. I’m gonna catch you.”

Brzezinski:” And the precedent has been set on the show, so you’re good”, [referring to his 2008 F-bomb on the air, which resulted in MSNBC instituting the seven second delay].

Halperin: “I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday.”

Scarborough: “Oh my God. Delay that! Delay that! What are you doing? I can’t believe you. I was joking! Don’t do that! Did we delay that?”

Next we get the same old weak apologies and the same old weak banishment to the time-out corner.  It’s just all soooooo predictable.

It’s doesn’t go far enough. Halperin has appeared on television many times and if he doesn’t know how to regulate his brain before something crude and ignorant slips out of his pie hole then he’s the real dick here.

TIME should fire his dumb ass. NOW

It’s not a giant leap forward in racial equality when some idiot goes on a morning show and says the President of the United States is acting like “a dick.”

How does a dick act anyway? Limp? Drooping? Rigid? Firm?

Walter Cronkite never had to be taken off the air for insulting the president. Good and professional journalists never had to be suspended for such boorish behavior.  Now its expected and usually shrugged off as no big deal.   Standards fall and it seems if anyone points out how far and fast they have fallen, they are told they are the one with the problem.

It’s not much of a punishment to tell a talking head he’s been punished by not being paid to talk. Examples need to be made and MSNBC has a high recidivism rate of offenders who do this crap repeatedly..

"I LIKE dicks!"

Halperin placed in the Number Two spot on Salon’s hack pundits list last year. Does he have his heart set on grabbing the top spot in 2011?

When you have a wacky “cocktail party” morning show where “anything can happen,” sometimes what will happen — especially if your guest list features a lot of useless tools like Mark Halperin — is that someone will call the president a “dick” because he thinks it’s endearingly naughty. There was even a big, smirky buildup to Halperin calling the president a “dick.” It didn’t just slip out. Everyone got really excited that Halperin was about to use a bad word, because these people are children, and Halperin looked very pleased with himself after he said the bad word on the TV. Chuckle chuckle chuckle! Faux-outrage! Fun and high jinks! High-quality political analysis, everyone.

I don’t care what Halperin calls Barack Obama. But for the record, President Obama did not really act like a dick yesterday, which is unsurprising, because Mark Halperin is a horrible political analyst who is wrong about everything. (Also for the record, it takes one to know one.)

This is a great excuse for MSNBC to fire Halperin, though! I mean if they won’t fire him for being incompetent at understanding and explaining politics they now have an opportunity to fire him for being disrespectful and vulgar. (Ed Schultz was suspended over as much.)

Being a professional observer of the “horse race” is bad enough, but Halperin doesn’t even understand the horse-race element of politics. He fails at being a hack. He’s too dumb to correctly parrot conventional wisdom. He is pretty sure Sarah Palin and Donald Trump are 2012 front-runners. He thought “suspending his campaign” to fix the economy and not knowing how many houses he has were both huge messaging victories for John McCain. He wrote a book about how to win in 2008 that predicted everything Hillary did, but in his world it all worked. He thought Bush’s political comeback would come any day now throughout the entirety of the years 2006-2008. He can’t interpret polls or see through the spin of GOP consultants who are much smarter than he. If I were revising the Hack list I’d put him above No. 1.

This wasn’t just a dumb comment.  It was a deliberate comment. Halperin measured the depth, stuck a toe in the water, practically asked for permission and dove in head first.

Hey, whaddya want? It's a dull show with dull people.

And what got Halperin’s panties in a wad?  He didn’t like President Obama telling the Republicans at his press conference to come correct and get serious about doing the jobs they were elected to do.   Halperin didn’t seem nearly so offended when Minority Leader Eric Cantor made a big production number of walking out of the budget negotiations.  Is it blasphemy to suggest the Republicans in Washington stop dicking around instead of pulling stunts like Cantor?

That’s not handling the people’s business. That’s grandstanding and its a dick move.

MSNBC can handle Halperin’s dickery any way they please.  It would please me to never see his stupid face on their programs.

The suspension is not appropriate. A suspension is some weak shit. A firing is appropriate. Let a few dicks like Halperin lose their job and the message gets through quick, fast and in one damn hurry: Act like a professional. Don’t be a dick.

If TIME won’t do it, MSNBC definitely should.  Halperin can take his dick moves to Fox and Friends.  He can also eat a bag of dicks.

Halperin is a lousy pundit and his act is tired. He should be retired from Morning Joe and all these other wack yakfests and their sniggering nudge-nudge/wink-wink attempts at being “edgy.”

This is not edgy. This is idiocy. Learn the difference.

Why SlutWalk? Because Rape Is Wrong.

WELLINGTON/NEW ZEALAND (AFP)Nearly 1,000 people, many of them scantily clad women, joined New Zealand’s “SlutWalk” marches Saturday protesting that victims were not responsible for rape.

About 500 marched through the streets of Wellington and more than 400 in Auckland carrying signs that read “Real men take no for an answer” and “A kiss does not equal consent”, reports said.

The “SlutWalk” phenomenon, which has spread around the world, was sparked by a Toronto police officer saying women could avoid being raped by not dressing like “sluts”.

Wellington organiser Maria-Jane Scannell said the same attitude existed in New Zealand and it placed the blame on the victim rather than the rapist.

“We?re all here because we agree that rape and sexual assault are never the fault of the victim,” she yelled through a megaphone.

Natalie Thorburn, 21, told Fairfax Media she joined the walk because she wanted to change the culture of blame.

“We want to make a statement to say we can wear whatever we want,” she said.

In Auckland, the crowd marched through the central city chanting: “Yes means yes, no means no, whatever we do, wherever we go.”

Rape survivor advocate Louise Nicholas said young girls going out late at night did not deserve to be raped.

“Nobody ever deserves to be subjected to such a heinous crime and that?s exactly what rape is,” she said.

Nothing troubles some people so much as having to think. Not just read a post, click a link and then press “reload” and reinforce your already held opinions, but to think.  They’re just recycling whatever vapid little thought is floating around in their head.

Because if you actually think in a sober, rational, reasoned and critical way, you might have to do something human beings hate to do: change their minds about something.

And once you know something you didn’t know before you might actually have to do something about it. Like marching in a slut walk.

It might be giving Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti a bit too much credit for giving feminism a jump-start, but protest demonstrations have been fueled by less provocative words than the ones he made to a group of law students.   Sanguinetti said, “You know, I think we’re beating around the bush here.  I’ve been told I’m not supposed to say this–however women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.”

With those words SlutWalk was born.  Marches have been held in Canada, the United States, England and many other places around the globe.

Of course there are always creeps who think rape is all one big joke.

Everybody knows rape is wrong and you shouldn’t do it, right? No. Everybody doesn’t know that. All around the world you see example after example of a woman being raped. A child being raped. A grandmother being raped. A mass rape in the Sudan or some other war-torn place. If everybody knows rape is wrong why is there so much raping going on?

My daughter has large breasts and she’s not yet 16. Some kids bloom faster than others. Hey, it happens. I tell her all the time, “Cover up. You’re showing too much cleavage.” Now am I telling her that because I think she should dress a little more modestly (good luck telling a teenage girl something like that) or because I’m afraid some guy will see her walking down the street, cruise along behind her and go beyond just checking her out?

The other day she morning waiting at the bus stop to get to summer school.  The bus rolled by without stopping.  She decided to walk instead.

She had almost reached the school when a young man began following her.  He started asking for her name and phone number.   She ignored him and kept walking.   He said, “Wait a minute,” and grabbed her by the arm.   She kicked in the ankle and he backed off.

That was a scary situation.  Both for her as a young woman and for my wife and I as concerned parents.   You might think a girl should be able to walk wherever she likes without some asshole putting his dirty hands on her.  You might think that, but it wouldn’t be true.

My daughter is tall and mature looking beyond her years.  She is not a slut and she does not deserve to be treated like one.

Who gets to decide when a woman is dressed “slutty?”

Who gets to choose what’s right for a woman to wear?

Rape happens. But it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. “I accidentally raped her” is not a defense. And how a woman is dressed doesn’t have a goddamned thing to do with it. That’s shifting the blame in a way that is obscene. Yeah, I raped her, but she shouldn’t have turned me on. It’s her fault she got raped.

Will protests stop rape? Of course they won’t, but that’s no reason not to do it or support it. If only one man learns not to put his penis somewhere it hasn’t been invited to go, it’s worth it.

In a perfect world there would be no need for a SlutWalk. There would be no such word as a “slut” or “whore” and rape would be an alien concept. It simply would cease to exist.

But this is far from a perfect world. So the detractors of the SlutWalk who think it’s just a staged stunt and ultimately worthless are right about one thing; there should be no women participating in the slut walk. Women aren’t the ones putting their private parts where they don’t belong. MEN rape WOMEN.

The SlutWalk should be done by men exclusively and they should swear they won’t rape, encourage rape, tolerate rape or nod and wink at rape culture, jokes and attitudes.

That would solve the problem right there.

Who’s Afraid of Michele Bachmann?

Michele Bachmann is now officially in the race for the Republican nomination for president.  Early polling in Iowa has its native daughter running second behind front-runner Mitt Romney just one point behind and breathing down Romney’s neck.

Oh snap!  Did the sun rise in the West today?  Lemme go check!

Nope.  Situation normal.  World did not end.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

I understand the proclivity to look at the most extreme candidates climbing out of the Republican clown car, see which one has the thousand mile death stare and starts eating their own foot and declare, “Okay, THAT’S the craziest one.”

One right-wing extremist Congresswoman from Minnesota who practices a scary brand of polarizing politics has so terrified liberals that they have turned in a monster of Godzilla size proportions..  However, while Bachmann is not a total lightweight, she’s not unbeatable either.

Is Bachmann a contender?  Maybe in the primaries because she has name recognition and can raise cash, but she’s far out to ever attract the independents and crossover Democrats she would need to win in a general election. Here’s the thing: the American voter does not like extremists from either end of the political spectrum.

Bachmann will raise sand during the primaries for a while, but at the end of the day the GOP will choose a much more mainstream candidate who better suits the voters palate. Will Bachmann raise a little commotion until she flames out? Sure she will, but the smallest rocks make a big noise when they’re rattling around in a can.

Could Bachmann end up as someone’s vice-president? Sure, if someone like Mitt Romney who is weak with evangelicals and the Tea Party gets the nomination, but that’s not a guarantee. I can’t figure out why everyone seems to have made Bachmann the Antichrist Superstar who sends down fire and damnation upon all the goddless libs when she takes office. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Michele Bachmann is unelectable. I’m not a Republican, but I know the Republicans want to build on their 2010 momentum. They have the House, the Senate is within their grasp and they only need to put up a credible and mainstream candidate to run the table and take the White House back too. Bachmann is great to whip up interest and excitement in the conservative base for 2012, but she is toxic to any hope of beating Obama.

Americans don’t like extremists and you don’t get much more extreme that Bachmann. They may find her entertaining, but there aren’t enough evangelicals and Tea Partiers to push her all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Obama could be a one-term president.  Yet, along with all the drawbacks of being the incumbent, there’s all the perks as well. His challengers are reactive and can only talk about what has happened and how they would do the job if they had it. Obama can be proactive and has the opportunity to make things happen.

"John Wayne Gacy's America is the one I want to live in."

Conservatism is all alive and well and this is a far more conservative country than a liberal one. A conservative is more likely to win the presidency than a liberal. The Democrats haven’t nominated a hardcore liberal since George McGovern in 1972 and he got slaughtered by Tricky Dick Nixon.

But America is even more centrist than it is conservative.  A serious candidate for the presidency has to present themselves as a reasonable moderate who can straddle the middle and reach across the aisle to the opposing side. Americans eat this “bipartisan” stuff up with a spoon.

Bachmann can’t do that. She’s too far out to even attempt to pull off that kind of act. You’d have a better chance of getting Snooki to play Lady Macbeth than Bachmann play a moderate.

If Obama can’t get the unemployment figures down under 10 percent he will probably end up joining them and maybe he should. It’s not entirely his fault the economy is so lousy, but he’s the one who would get the credit if it turns around and he’ll deserve the blame if it doesn’t.

But Bachmann being Obama?  Please.  Right now she looks formidable because she is defining herself. But when the other candidates start breaking out the sharper knives there will be blood.   The longer she keeps shooting her herself in the foot trying to praise John Wayne but ends up praising notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy instead, the easier she makes the job of an opposition researcher.

Never forget that whatever else he may be, Barack Obama is an excellent campaigner.

Obama is beatable. But he won’t be beaten by Michele Bachmann.

Jon Huntsman: John McCain, Version 2.0

"I'm running for the one guy in Iowa who knows who the hell I am!"

Jon Huntsman is a former governor of Utah and President Obama’s former ambassador to China.  He is also part of a dying breed; a moderate Republican who doesn’t see government as the enemy of all that’s holy and favors civil unions for gays.  This week Huntsman announced he was running to replace his former boss as a candidate for the presidency.

TIME called Huntsman “the candidate the Democrats most fear.”

Huntsman is smart, charismatic, a deep thinker and believes in civility instead of confrontation.  The national media loves the guy, but they can’t make him the Republican nominee for president.   The voters in the Republican primaries next year can, but as most of them have never even heard of Jon Huntsman it remains to be seen if they will.

My best guess is they won’t.

Huntsman would be a formidable challenger for President Obama.   If he were running as a Democrat. But he’s not and it is unlikely he will ever get a chance to running as a Republican.

How does a moderate Republican who worked in the Obama Administration become the presidential candidate of a far Right GOP? I don’t see Huntsman’s path to the presidency. Reading a story in the Washington Post by Dana Milbank and it’s clear to me he’s a decent enough guy, but no way are the Tea Party types and other red meat Republicans going to get behind this guy.

"You're doing a remarkable job, boss, but I could do it better."

“Huntsman, who was until recently President Obama’s ambassador to China and yet who notably didn’t mention Obama by name in his kickoff speech, made a plea for “civility, humanity and respect” — the very qualities our political system seems to abhor.

I wish Huntsman luck in this noble pursuit, but the high road almost always leads to political oblivion. For Huntsman to maintain his course all the way to the Republican presidential nomination would turn politics on its head. More likely, he will join other decent men — Richard Lugar, Orrin Hatch — whose presidential campaigns were quickly forgotten.

Early signs suggest Huntsman will do no better. Polls show upward of six in 10 Republicans don’t know enough about him to form an opinion. In Iowa, where Huntsman has said he will not compete, one poll found total support for Huntsman of one — not 1 percent, but one person.”

It would be hard not to be viable when compared to some of the nitwits and dimwits and half-wits already splashing around in the GOP presidential pool. But electable? I’m not convinced yet. If Huntsman is skipping Iowa and depending on New Hampshire or South Carolina to make him a player, chances are he’ll just be a trivial contest question soon.

Huntsman is the media’s favorite Republican. The ability to sound like a rational and sane adult in a race full of Bachmanns, Cains and Santorums is easy..  It’s his decision to skip the Iowa caucuses that bafflles me.  You might think if Huntsman is so darn charismatic and likable that would play well in Iowa where retail politics can turn an unknown into a contender.

Will he take New Hampshire away from Mitt Romney? I guess that’s possible if he camps out there for x amount of months, but that’s a place where he won’t be favored. South Carolina? Fuhgeddaboutit. His kind of moderation won’t play well there.

Huntsman seems to be pinning his hopes on open primary states such as New Hampshire and Florida where Democrats and independents can cast a vote for him.   The question is why would they?   Simply because the New York Times thinks Huntsman is the kind of cool conservative who isn’t mean or a whack job doesn’t mean people are going to turn out in large enough numbers to deny Romney or some other red meat right-winger the GOP nomination.

No matter how little conservatives like Romney or the Mormon faith he and Huntsman share, they will hold their noses and back him before they do a former Obama appointee that has gone rogue.

Huntsman is a decent guy, but does he have a decent shot at the nomination?

Florida is where Huntsman has planted his campaign flag.  Then, so did another “moderate” in 2008,  Rudy Giuliani, and we saw how that played out.

Huntsman’s main constituency is the press. He’s become the latest version of “the liberal media’s favorite Republican.” This is a position that has been occupied by such folks as John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christine Todd Whitman. Now it’s Huntsman’s turn to be adored by the media for his moderation and most likely rejected by his party for it.

Huntsman will be the gentlest of the Republicans in his criticisms of the president, but the letter he wrote calling Obama “a remarkable leader” is something Huntsman will be slammed with in every debate he shows up for. . I’m just not seeing how he wins the nomination and I haven’t seen a scenario presented that convinces me there is one.

Jon Huntsman is John McCain 2.0 but even less likely to get a chance at beating his former employer.

A Little Off-Color Humor, Anyone?

"Damn glad to meetcha. Hey...WHAT THE...????"

Since President Obama is usually on the receiving end of their scorn, when the Republicans gathered in New Orleans  last week for a conference someone must have thought it might be a nice change to mock him instead.   So some genius decided to hire a Obama imitator named Reggie Brown to do a send up of America’s first Black president.

Things didn’t quite turn out the way the Repubs might have hoped.  Brown spoke to The Atlantic about what happened when his routine was cut short:

Was a Republican political conference different from the stuff you usually do?

I normally do corporate comedy, so I’ll travel around and do everything from medical associations to lawyer groups, things of that nature. This was the first major political event I’ve ever been invited to, so I was real excited to get up and perform my material. I thought it was cool that a lot of the people in my act–the candidates–were going to be there. Because my latest material is based on the 2012 candidates, and for them to all be there, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make ’em laugh and poke a little fun at them. I thought that showed a lot for the Republican sense of humor.

Did the organizers give you any guidance about what type of humor they were looking for?

No, no guidance was given prior to the show. They booked me to come down based on my website and the links my manager forwarded them of my recent work. I was booked to do my routine.

What was your intention going in? Seemed like you tried to kind of hit every target, Democrat and Republican.

Oh yeah. Our show is designed to be fair and balanced. If we hit the Republicans we hit the Democrats, and then the Tea Party. We want to make it accessible to everyone, and let everyone have a good time.

So walk me through what happened out there on stage? What was your point of view?

"Stop me if you've heard this one. Two Republicans walk into a bar..."

So I came out and was going through my material. I was loving it, the audience was loving it–great energy. We’re feeding off each other. And I started to get into my set about their candidates for 2012, and the Mitt Romney joke drew a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs,’ but also a lot of applause and laughter. I delivered a couple more on Pawlenty and Gingrich, and then as I started into my Michele Bachmann joke and her PowerPoint slide came up on the screen, the music came up. I thought it was a technical error, because we do occasionally experience a glitch with the PowerPoint. Then the mike cut out, and the gentleman came on stage and told me my time was up.

Did they indicate that they were unhappy with your performance? What did he say?

No, not at all. He just came out and said, ‘Sorry, your time’s up.’ I thanked the audience, went backstage, and a few of the organizers were saying, great job, very well done, we’re all excited for you. I left the stage feeling like I’d done a great job. It was awesome, it was great.

There have always been comedians who imitate presidents. White comedians from Rich Little to Dana Carvey have been well paid to do impressions of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton and both Bush presidents.  Now we got a problem because a brother is trying to make a buck off of doing Obama?

Maybe Brown isn’t that funny and he isn’t. His jokes are a little on the lame side, but there’s a difference between not being funny and catering to White racism. As long as he doesn’t cross that line, I got no problem with Brown.

Whether or not Brown’s hustle is making White conservatives laugh about a Black conservative, that doesn’t mean he’s standing up there with a bucket of KFC extra crispy and a .40 ounce pretending he’s the president.

Whenever it is said you can’t make fun of President Obama because he’s the first Black president, we are saying he has to be treated “special.”  Politicians are subject to be mocked and Obama is a politician.  He can take a joke and so should everybody else as long as it’s not malicious or pandering to bigots.

Comedians have always made fun of politicians and they always should.  The screw-ups of puffed-up politicians are a fertile gold mine for jokers.

Contrast that with Herman Cain whining like a little beeyotch because Jon Stewart made fun of him after Cain said as president he wouldn’t sign any bill longer than three pages.

"Five chicken dinners? Over here, buddy!"

Cain said,  “I am an American. Black. Conservative.  I don’t use African American, because I’m American, I’m black and I’m conservative. I don’t like people trying to label me. African American is socially acceptable for some people, but I am not some people.”

I love it when Black conservatives play the race card.  Their hypocrisy is so delicious.

The Herminator needs to get a X-ray for his funny bone. It’s Jon Stewart for Godfather pizza’s sake! He didn’t make fun of Cain because he’s a Black conservative. He made fun of Cain because he’s a fool that happens to be Black.

Getting a giggle out the screw ups is what a comedian does. Cain should realize Stewart is an equal opportunity offender so come on Herman.  Put on your big boy Pull-Ups and get over yourself.

Somewhere in America there’s a brother working on his humorless Herman Cain impression.  Maybe Reggie Brown is looking for a partner?

Bill O’ vs. Lupe: Clash of the Pinheads

America's newest political analyst.

It’s been a week or two since Bill O’ Reilly dumped on rappers.   Lupe Fiasco has a new album out.  It’s 2011.  Who buys albums?  That’s so 1980.

Bill needs ratings.  Lupe needs buzz.   Lupe calls President Obama a “terrorist.”   Bill O’ uncharacteristically leaps to the president’s defense.  He calls Lupe a “pinhead.”

Oh, it’s on now, bitch!

Lupe and Bill decide to take it to The O’ Reilly Factor.   Will they discuss and resolve their differences in a reasoned and rational way?

How much cable TV have you watched?

O’ Reilly’s beef with rap goes back years.  He’s ripped Ludacris, Nas, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Camron and of course, Common when he recently appeared at a poetry slam at the White House hosted by Michele Obama.

There may be an alternative motive for O’ Reilly’s hatin’ on hip hop.  It seems his wife used to kick it with Flavor Flav.

Flavor Flav???  Now that’s a reason to hate!

"Wanna see some video of your wife, Bill?"

Here’s the thing though.   Fiasco and O’ Reilly have history together.   They even share some of the same beliefs.

Their bromance goes back to last January when O’ Reilly riffed about the Haiti earthquake and compared the conditions there to the South Side of Chicago.

“I’m seeing a guy [President Obama] who’s very, very committed to the government.  The government’s going to solve the problems, and I’m going, I don’t know, how’s that possible? If you’ve ever been to the South Side of Chicago, I mean, it’s a disaster, all right? It’s like Haiti, it’s like — I’ve been to Haiti a couple of times. I support some charities there, but Haiti just never gets better, no matter how much money you put in there because they don’t have a system. And I said the government can’t do it, but Obama really believes the government can do it.”

For reasons known only to him, Fiasco chimed in and co-signed.

“There’s a certain level of concurrence. “Not now. There’s no toppled buildings, unless you want to count the projects. But pre-earthquake Haiti … When I went to Africa, when I was in Tanzania, it was weird because there was this extreme poverty and extreme corruption and it looked so much like the West Side of Chicago. In [the documentary I shot over there] you’ll see me say that. There’s no grass, there’s a barbershop, there’s a sneaker store, there’s a liquor store and a bunch of Coca-Cola everywhere.

“I don’t want to be pointed out as supporting Bill O’Reilly in any way because he can be on the garbage sometimes. When you’re comparing certain areas in the U.S. that are predominantly African-American or Latino, it’s very easy to compare it to the Third World.  Just in the amount of violence that’s there, the corruption that’s there, the gang activity that’s there. It’s prevalent and dominant in Haiti. The corruption of the local politicians, the abject, corporate exploitation that takes place there, loan sharking, all that stuff. I think you can make the comparison to a lot of places in the U.S. Oakland [California], Detroit. Detroit’s got abandoned buildings. On that note, he’s definitely not out of the ballpark. There’s a credible argument there. I agree with that in some aspects.”

Lord, what a hot mess! This was not one,but two idiots who don’t know dick about foreign policy talking over each other and demonstrating both of their ignorance about Afghanistan.

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius observed, “The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.”  Trim it down to two and that’s what these five minutes of funk were all about. Nothing was illuminated.  No one learned a damn thing by this (dare I say it) fiasco.

Who “wins” in a meeting of two mediocre minds?  Not Fiasco because his fans don’t watch The O’ Reilly Factor.   Not O’ Reilly because his fans hate rap as much as he does.  If anyone was expecting a showdown of epic proportions they went away disappointed.   They pawed at each other and threw a few half-hearted jabs, but there were no fireworks, only a dull fizzle.

Yet again we are reminded being a celebrity doesn’t make your opinion important.  It doesn’t even mean you know what you’re talking about.   Lupe Fiasco is not an expert on terrorism, foreign relations, or how to wage a war.

He’s a rapper.   Does anyone live or die on what Lupe Fiasco thinks?

He’s just a rapper and a second-string rapper at that.  Bill’s a big mouth and a pervert who pays off women he’s sexually harassed to stay quiet.  Yet he loves to sit there and puffed up and pontificating like a big Irish bullfrog that learned how to talk.   The thing is he’s got no room to talk about anybody.

When it comes to backwards and sexist attitudes toward women, Bill and rappers have more in common than he could imagine.

A Father, Not A “Baby Daddy.”

The father who made my Father's Days possible.

This is my father Truman Winbush Sr.  He passed away four years ago and I don’t  recall him saying he loved me or any of my siblings.  Not once.  I knew he did love us, but he was not a man who would readily admit to it.

That was a mistake on his part and one I have not repeated with my own kids.

Not every lesson you learn from your father is always a positive one.

You know something?  There are plenty of songs written about mothers.  There’s not a lot of good songs about being a father.   I can think of a few, but “Daddy, Don’t You Run So Fast” really doesn’t get it.   Then  I rummaged through the dusty back pages of my memory banks, I remembered an obscure little song, “I Think I’ll Color Him Father” by a one-hit wonder named The Winstons.   It’s a little corny (okay, it’s a LOT corny), but it’s saying something positive about being a daddy and we Black fathers deserve a break at least one day a year.

There’s a man at my house he’s so big and strong
He goes to work each day, stays all day long
He comes home each night looking tired and beat
He sits down at the dinner table and has a bite to eat
Never a frown always a smile
When he says to me how’s my child
I’ve been studying hard all day in school
Tryin to understand the golden rule

Think I’ll color this man father
I think I’ll color him love
Said I’m gonna color him father
I think I’ll color the man love, yes I will

He says education is the thing if you wanna compete
Because without it son, life ain’t very sweet
I love this man I don’t know why
Except I’ll need his strength till the day that I die
My mother loves him and I can tell
By the way she looks at him when he holds my little sister Nell
I heard her say just the other day
That if it hadn’t been for him she wouldn’t have found her way
My real old man he got killed in the war
And she knows she and seven kids couldn’t of got very far
She said she thought that she could never love again
And then there he stood with that big wide grin
He married my mother and he took us in
And now we belong to the man with that big wide grin

Think I’ll color this man father
I think I’ll color him love
Said I’m gonna color him father
I think I’ll color the man love, yes I will

The flip side of Father’s Day is there are too many men who will not, can not or don’t know how to be a father.   The theme song for them is “Papa Was A Rolling Stone,” the greatest “you ain’t handling your bizness” putdown ever recorded.

Nobody said it was easy and it can be harder than a frozen Slim Jim in the Arctic, but there are too many kids growing up with no daddies in their lives.  So grow up, man up and step up.

Being a father is much cooler than being a baby daddy.

That’s one of the lessons my father taught me that was a positive one.

So for all you Daddies holding it down and handling your business enjoy your big piece of chicken.  You got it coming..

Bush’s Wars Are Obama’s Wars Now

Obama stands alone

I consider myself a supporter of the president, but I don’t support his attack on Libya and the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Which is why it troubles me to learn President Obama ignored legal advice that he did not have the authority to wage air strikes against Libya without the authorization of Congress.  The president’s insistence he does not need their approval has angered Congress and found both Republicans and Democrats demanding answers from the White House or they may decided to end the funding of the wars in three Muslim countries.

Maybe this time John Boehner and Dennis Kucinich are right.  Congress should pull the financial plug on these endless wars.

The president should either get Congressional approval of the war in Libya (and make no mistake, it IS a war even without ground troops being involved) or get out.  The same thing applies for Afghanistan and Iraq.   End the war.  Bring the troops home.

The U.S. has been in Afghanistan for ten years and for what?  Osama bin Laden is dead and most of what’s left of Al Qaeda is holed up in Pakistan beyond the reach of a drone attack.  Iraq can handle its own affairs  Why is the U.S. maintaining four PERMANENT bases there?

There is only one answer.  The U.S. plans to stay in Iraq.  Just the same way the U.S. has stayed in Germany, Japan and South Korea long after the wars there ended.

Like I said, I am a supporter of President Obama, but I’m not so blind I can’t recognize there are some things he has NO power to change and the imperialistic nature the U.S. has to occupy and keep up military forces wherever we are is one of those things.  It is a manifestation of this country’s wish to put its footprint on the entire globe.

America is one of the world’s superpowers and trying desperately to keep China from overtaking it.   Failing to fend them off economically, the decision seems to have been made to keep the military option strong and a counter-balance to China’s globe-spanning plans.

Especially when they run counter to America’s own plans for global superiority.

In geo-political games of power and dominance even the President of the United States can be a manipulated pawn of forces beyond him.

The president has drawn down the number of troops in Iraq, but he’s not talking about dissembling the bases built there.  Those will stay and that means U.S. troops will continue to remain in Iraq to occupy those bases. I imagine Israel must be pleased by that prospect.

Afghanistan isn’t a lost cause.  There was never a cause in the first place.   Karzai is as crooked as a dog’s back leg and only controls a small part of that ungovernable country.  The rest is run by the Taliban and warlords.  Nobody can impose order on the chaos there and many other nations have tried before the U.S. and failed dismally.  Afghanistan is a trap.  All it does is bleed money and lives.

As for Libya, Qaddafi is a madman AND a racist, but he’s not America’s problem.  This is a civil war and it should left up to Libyans to depose Gaddafi or not.   After all this time, the superior strength of NATO hasn’t brought the dictator to his knees.   What’s the upside of continuing to pour money down a rat hole to kill one particularly tenacious rat?.

I think its possible to both support the president and still criticize him when he makes mistakes (and he has made his share of them like everyone else).

Going the route of a Cornel West or Lupe Fiasco is going too far because they make the criticisms personal.   I don’t believe Obama is a bad guy because he has done some bad things.  I’ll take him on his worst day compared to any of the Republican challengers on their best.

But waging wars in three Muslim countries is a lousy way to win them over and it wont get gasoline under $4 bucks a gallon either.

Three years ago it was possible to say Obama inherited the wars George Bush started.  You can’t say that anymore.  These are Obama’s wars now and he owns them.   It’s up to him to end them.

But these wars are bleeding America dry as the costs run into the millions daily and billions yearly.  We cannot continue to throw good money after bad to do little more than kill a few terrorists and a lot of civilians.

It’s time for the president to earn that Nobel Peace Prize.  He knows how to.  He has to decide he wants to.