Thinking With the Little Head Instead

Hope she was worth it John, because it cost you plenty.

I’ve inhaled. I’ve gotten puking drunk and blacked out. I’ve interviewed porn stars. I’m Facebook friends with escorts. I’ve danced in gay bars. I did an interview with Vanessa Del Rio that a decade later is still ranking high Google searches. 

Do I have some shady things in my past?  Sure I do, but I’m why should I overshare for no good reason?

I’m ashamed of none of it. I’ve done things that makes Anthony Weiner look like a wimp and I believe in asking for forgiveness instead of permission.

But I’m not the one tweeting pics of my junk. I’m not the one who has publicly embarrassed and disgraced himself. it doesn’t really matter if taking pictures of your little wiener and sending it around for folks to gaze upon with wonder and admiration rises to the level of criminality.

I told myself I wasn’t going to write about this.  I really don’t give a damn what anybody does in their private sex lives as long as it doesn’t involve children, pets or home appliances.   But my buddy Denise Clay, the Mad Political Scientist, got me going on the topic, so what the hell?

Perception is the public’s reality. The perception that this guy is a lying, manipulative, deceitful sex weasel is out there and he can’t just blow it off with a half-assed mea culpa.

This may be the dumbest “controversy” ever. Of all the things to get hyped about this is so far down the priorities list it doesn’t even register.  Seriously, unless you’re a constituent of Weiner, what difference does it make?  There’s no victim here.  There’s not even really much sex!  He tweeted pics of his little wiener to women.  That’s tasteless and a little creepy, but I’m not aware of any laws being broken here.

It’s a gift from the gods to the joke writers of Jay Leno and the Republican Party, but the only thing I find interesting is how we have yet horny White guy crushing on Black women. No cure for the Jungle Fever.

Otherwise, it’s a great big “who gives a shit?”

The Weiner Speaks!

That said, Weiner should take his wiener and resign.

Regarding the recently indicted and former presidential candidate, John Edwards, he’s even less deserving of sympathy that the Weiner.

Weiner is a tough and pugnacious Congressman who was putting some considerable heat on Clarence Thomas to disclose his financial records.   The trouble he’s in now may likely be part of a right-wing hit job courtesy of the slimy smearmeister, Andrew Breitbart.

But even if it, Weiner was still clumsy enough to give his enemies something to make him look like a fool.  There was nothing accidental with how Edwards screwed up.  He tried to plan and control this all the way but found he couldn’t.

Wealthy men often do stupid things when the little head is doing all the thinking and not the big one.

Edwards wanted to cover up his affair and love child with Rielle Hunter and if he had to chisel the dough out of supporters such as the 100-year-old Bunny Mellon, then that’s what he was going to do.

Money and risks to one’s reputation means little when sex is involved. Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dominque Strauss-Kahn for corroboration if you need it.

It’s worth remembering this is a Justice Department run by a Democrat attorney general, Eric Holder, who was appointed by a Democrat president, Barack Obama, to prosecute a Democrat he ran against in 2008. When Edwards withdrew from the race he was hoping (and angling) behind the scenes to be selected by Obama as either his vice-president or attorney general.

Whether or not you can stand Obama, this country owes him and Hillary Clinton a huge debt of gratitude for keeping this unscrupulous asshole out of the White House. Imagine a President Edwards and his baby mama installed as the First Lady just as soon as Elizabeth kicks off from her cancer. The scandal that would have emerged would have wrecked the Democratic Party for a decade.

Dick move of the year?

The only thing I really liked about Edwards was he was one of the few presidential candidates who would speak repeatedly about poverty in America. However, when you tell as many lies as Edwards told, there’s no reason to believe he was sincere about that either.   Edwards could have been a Southern-fried version of John and Bobby Kennedy in terms of his liberalism.  Instead the only part he got right was the Kennedy weakness for infidelity.

So yeah, pretty much fuck this guy.

Will Edwards be successfully prosecuted and go to jail?  What do you think?   No way does he do any hard time.

Which is fine by me.  Just so long as I never have to see or hear from Edwards again for the remainder of my or his days above ground, I can count myself as a happy man.  Politically, he’s finished.  He’ll spend his days in disgrace and loathed by the American people he wanted to lead.

Keeping him far, far away from national politics won’t purify it but he won’t be sliming it up any more than it already is.  Nodding and winking at the bad behavior of politicians because we agree with their policies is just dumb.   Character should still count for something.

Here’s some free advice for Edwards and Weiner:  Keep your shit screwed down tight if you absolutely must mess around. A man that clumsy and inept in his private business is not to be trusted to administer the public’s business.

The Left can’t ding the Right for the foibles of Larry Craig and Mark Foley and say “It’s no big deal” for a Anthony Weiner and John Edwards.

It’s either right or its wrong. I don’t condemn human beings for being sexual creatures, but Weiner is an idiot and whomever is advising him how to handle this mess knows nothing about crisis management.   But I don’t think he’s a bad guy.  He’s just kind of pathetic and sad.

Americans hold their politicians in low esteem. John Edwards is a good reason they should.

John Edwards could have been a contender instead of a bum.

4 thoughts on “Thinking With the Little Head Instead

    • He was squinting at her with his bad third eye.

      But why is it powerful men have to fiend after fugly chicks? I mean, I know Maria Shriver started looking like Skeletor, but Ah-nuld ain’t no romantic daydream either. As for the chica he hit how’d that happen? She walk in his office one day and say, “I clean up now, okay Mr. Arnold?” And he took one look at her gazongas and jumped on her screaming “YAAAAARGHH!!!!” Probably something real romantic and sexy like that. Yep.


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